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    To Create an account and post jobs with the TML Career Center

    (Texas cities that are members of TML can post for free)

Go to

    Click on the TML Career Center (Post Ads)” link

    In the TML Member Cities section, click on HERE.

Click on Log in/Register.

    Click on Click Here under the “New Employer” section.

    Company Name: City of …. .

    Account Abbreviation: Your city name (Doesn’t have to be abbreviated).

    Mailing Address, City, State, Zip, Phone.

    Your Name, title, e-mail and password.

    Click the check box for Terms and Conditions.

    Click REGISTER.

    It will take about a minute for the registration to be processed.

You can now post a job.

Job Title: Title of job being posted.

    P.O.#/Requisition: Optional. This can be the job code if you want to use it.

    City, Region, Area: Include your city, the largest city near you, county, etc. (used for searching). State and Zip:

    Full Time, Part Time, Seasonal:

    Compensation/Benefits: (500 character limit) Optional.

    Repost Automatically: NO - After 25 days you will be notified that your job will close in the next 5 days. ***If you choose to YES to REPOST AUTOMATICALLY, your job will continue to repost every 30 days. You will need to log in to the TML Career Center and manually close the job, so you will want to

    mark your calendar.

    Job Category: Choose the best category for your job.

    Job Description: (4000 Character limit) Optional. The first 200 characters are viewable to the job seekers.

    Job Requirements: (2500 Character limit) Optional.

    Job Flash E-Newsletter Summary: Ignore this section. It is not used by the TML Career Center.

    The Application Options and Instructions section will not be seen by the Job Seekers unless they have an account and have logged in.

    *At least one of the following options must be chosen:

     *Apply Online: Sends Job Seeker’s Profile to the e-mail listed. The profile will also be stored in your city’s Job Applications section. If your city has its own Online Process, you may want to choose NO.

     *Apply by E-mail: This lets the Job Seeker send an e-mail with whatever information they want.

     *Contact Info: This provides information for the Job Seekers on how to apply, whether by e-mail, web site, phone, fax, or in person.

    Applicant Screening: Optional. This allows you to ask questions that require a YES/NO response and/or a written response. This can be used with the Apply Online option.


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SAVE or CANCEL.”Save” will post the job instantly or allow you to save it until later (Pending). If you

    Post it now, please be patient. It will take about a minute for the job to be processed. You will get a message that your job is now posted.

    WARNING: The Career Center will time out if you are inactive for 15 minutes. If you are in the middle of posting a job and you take a break for lunch, answers, etc. then even though you click SAVE, you will lose your job. If you DO NOT get a message that your job was posted, then the Career Center timed out. It is recommended that you click SAVE then choose SAVE ONY so you don’t have to start over again

    Your job posting will be listed on job search engines like and by the next day and widely used by job seekers as well as employment agencies like the TX Workforce Commission. All jobs posted are “pushed” out to job seekers based on their own job opening requests.

After your job is posted:

    You can always log back in to see how many times your job has been viewed. With your job being picked up by various sources (job banks, job search engines), you will see a lot more activity that you would with the TML Classifieds (previous version).

Click on JOBS to edit your current job or close your job posting.


    Double click on the job you want to edit.

    Click on the EDIT button near the top left.

    When you’ve finished your edits, click on the SAVE button near the bottom left.


    Click on the check box next to the job you want to close.

    Click on the CLOSE tab.


    Click on the check box next to the job you want to delete (don’t delete the job if there are plans to repost

    later on).

    Click on the CLOSE tab.

    Click on the DELETE tab. You must CLOSE before you can DELETE.


    Click on the check box next to the job you want to repost.

    Click on the POST tab.

Other sections to visit

    Job Applications: Applications for those posting online (these are also sent to the e-mail listed in the job posting).

    Resumes: Search for possible job candidates (you’ll want to use Keywords to narrow your results).


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    Account Information: Add additional users so they can post jobs. Any account related e-mails (job closes in 5 days, etc) go to the Account Contact.

    Company Profile: Add a web page or logo to be seen next to your ad. C:\convert\temp\594767961.doc

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