2broke girls

By Theresa Dixon,2014-10-18 21:25
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2broke girls2bro

2 Broke Girls S01E01

    Being honest does not mean you go on and on about your obnoxious ex or yourpassionate one night stand years ago.

     damn dude,she burned you.

     piss off your dad.put it out not to complain//be4 me vs right be4 me.//mustard color

    this mustard color really doesn't go with my skin tone,neither do the mustard stains

    clam chowder,immune system,meth addict,fall out.mob.relentlessly you r really judgemental you know that?

    don't get attached.

    clientele used to be estern bloc criminals and crack whores but then he took it over and ruined it.

    i dont hav the heart to tell him.

    im on it.

    i may have enhanced my resume.

    my trust fund was taken for legal fees,

    rip off .forze the assets.nailed it.

    i m really fast learner.

    we split the tips. you did better than i thought you would. they ve totally underestimated the price point on those red velvet cupcakes.

    asking pricepocket the differencenew informationtaserrapediva

    nothing about that sounds wrong to you

    wellat least i know you r not adopted

    so howd you even end up in brooklyn

    our townhouse was taken and bolted up by the bank is this where i m supposed to feel sorry for you

    but just so you knowa well-adjust people would i m dead inside----you make that pretty obvious i can cross that off my bucket list

    it didnt feel pink

    thats not what rape feels like。,lmao

    stress outdiapernannyroom temperature waterstabrag!“jersey shore

    motherhood is for reals

    you should twit that

    motherhood has really opened me up emotionally let outcuff linkpublicistadvertising executivemuleself-esteem let me put it to you this wayyou got screwed

    whatd you see in that guy anyway

    hear me out

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