it was a beautiful midday

By Gloria Henderson,2014-12-31 20:03
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it was a beautiful midday

    It was a beautiful midday, I went home alone to go to bed as usual, for my parents were busy working in our outlet. At that time, my family was poor, so we lived in a large courtyard with several neighbors who also ran outlets. I always came home alone to enjoy sweet dreams at midday. But, it needs great courage for a little girl to sleep alone. Unexpectedly, things went different on that day.

    After 20 minutes sleeping, I was awaken by noise. It sounded like someone was breaking the window. I jumped up with terror for not knowing what was happening. Then I ran to the door quietly and listened carefully at the rear door. Quickly I saw that several thieves broke into our courtyard and smash neighbors windows in

    order to steal some goods. I was frightened because I knew our house was the next aim. Shivering in boots, I did not knowing how to act next. Suddenly it had been came to my mind that I should pretend to talk with my parents on this occasion. I hesitated, for

    not sure whether they would believe in me. However, there was no time for me to dope out a better solution. I just shouted,

     Mom, dad, wake up, it seems that someone is coming!.

     I repeated it more than three times. Soon I found that the thieves were afraid and ran away.

    Oh, I see, this is called guilty conscience , I thought.

    But no sooner did I relieve than god played tricks on me again.

    I heard that the carabineer rattling again. Those thieves must come back again! I was desperate and cried out, thinking no one would come to help me at this time. Then a man ran to me.

     What happened? .

    Oh, fortunately, it was my dad!

    Until now, my heart still fluttering with fear everytime I recall this experience.

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