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08 paragraph audi A4 debut price 27.49 million to 34.34 million

    As the New Year 2008 tribute automaker faw Volkswagen audi sales division new rolled out audi A4 2.0 T automatic-shift (multitronic ? steplessly/manual one-piece gearbox) S line (individual character style edition), make the audi A4 1.8 T and 2.0 T two emissions are S line model selection and provides customers with more diversification and individualized product. Meanwhile, through to audi A4 user needs changing in-depth research, 2008 audi A4 type also officially put on the market by an increase in equipment under the condition of the prices were slightly adjustment, to make cost-effective further improved. Users can in national 86 city 134 homes audi franchise dealers place to choose.

    2008 Audi A4 type list price

    Displacement 08 type price (RMB)

    1.8 T manual block 27.49 comfortable model

    1.8 T automatic-shift comfortable model 29.43

    S 30.90 line individual character style version

    Luxury 32.15

    2.0 TFSI automatic-shift S line individual character style edition 33.09

    Luxury 3 4.34, respectively

    2008 audi A4 type, a total of 6 different configuration models, all of the fixed speed cruise and contains ZengPei several sweet design store content packages that rides more convenient and comfortable. Among them, the new audi A4 2.0 T automatic-shift S line individual character style version 33.09 yuan. Price for The other five segways respectively is: 1.8 T manual block comfortable model, 1.8 T automatic-shift comfortable model, 1.8 T automatic-shift S line (individual character style edition), 1.8 T automatic-shift luxurious and 2.0 T automatic-shift luxury. The above automatic-shift cars are equipped multitronic ? steplessly/manual one-piece gearbox.

    2008 audi A4 type will continue to locate in career success and not job make public, positive enterprising and wealthy savoured mainstream social elite, they pay attention to brand image and product quality, emphasizing the vehicle zhuo but not group of performance and elegant design. Audi A4 not only meets the user diversified needs, since 2001, since the advent is often won professional awards: including three consecutive years was Europe's most authoritative professional Auto magazine cars and movement law (which Auto und could) readers as the same class of "the best model"; In 2004 by Forbes magazine voted as the "the best; the limo" Audi A4 drove 2.0 TFSI turbocharged fuel straight turbojet is in the United States three consecutive years as "global top ten engine" one.

    Homebred audi A4 since listing, remain in domestic high-grade b-segment car this segment market leading position, in early 2007 broke the accumulative total 5 million cars sales performance. In 2007, audi A4 19,764 cars were sold, and achieved year-on-year growth of up to the excellent result, 42.2% no.1 domestic high-grade b-segment car market segment of the first.Audi a6

    Audi automaker faw Volkswagen A6L department launched the domestic production of the most advanced in technology and the best performance, national conditions the most adaptable, audi A6 upscaleis luxurious MPV is blended in a audi in global best advanced high-tech exclusive technology, and further enrich the luxurious configuration, and gives its super movement characteristics, from design to performance all reflects the perfect quality. Its characteristic is more luxurious, more dynamic and more mature. Luxury mainly reflects in BOSE acoustics, TV/DVD and on the refrigerator, moreover is the world first-class brand products. The more dynamic embodied in sports seats, steering wheel, The more mature audi A6 after many embodied in the success of the upgrade, not only to a whole new standard, and dependability. Audi A6 of multitronic steplessly/manual one-piece gearbox, in the limousine history, first achieved true

    stepless speed. It adopts metal chain transmission mode, completely replaced traditional gears gearshift mode, so dynamic output full stall feeling, no more smoothly than ordinary automatic transmission smooth, more have manual shift of quick sensitive, also more saving fuel, handling more comfortable. New portfolio of S so as to improve the ability to accelerate, increase driving enjoyment. Multitronic steplessly/manual one-piece gearbox the most fascinating, lies in the fact that it eventually overcame automatic gearboxes and manual gearbox all insufficient, leapfrogged both of various performance, realized the automobile transmission technology of big leap. Comfortable and luxurious behind, audi meticulous of cutting-edge technology, the car carries freezer designed for driving the audi A6 move designed, bear the turbulence, tilt. Working state highly stable. High quality TV/DVD audi A6 system security into the original structure, functional diversity, and easy operation, electric senior peach wooden desk is accord with human body engineering careful work, just touch button, can open up or down tables, stretchable, adjustable Angle.


    Audi Q7 is the first production first SUV, secondly basically all of the latest technology both audi Q7 to find them. Include: electronic stability system ESP, adaptability and air suspension in the informal road tires automatically change the power distribution technology.

    1. The most compelling is the latest fifth-generation audi unique quattro all-wheel-drive option, as well. For SUV, does not have what technology is more important than all-wheel-drive option, and quattro enough to make so far all the other all-wheel-drive option affiliations, and in the foreseeable future becomes Q7 competitors in the Passover been unable to the biggest obstacle.2. Audi has for the first time in this standard volume production car applied the new generation of radar auxiliary cruise car from the control system. Audi car system is a new senior in the new audi Q7 selectable equipments. It can be through with the rear of the car front-body of 8 ultrasonic sensor monitoring traffic of front and rear part of the area, and with the sound and MMI system for drivers provide visual aid and reminders.

    3. Flexible space, the new audi Q7 of three rows of seats up to take seven passengers. The second row seat provides special body internal height, shoulder space, and the most remarkable leg space, 100 millimeter longitudinal adjustment function is the highest level of the vehicles, need not disassemble the seat can provide maximum capacity for 2035 litres of carrying area.4. The new audi Q7 is a section for the top SUV market and audi have breakthrough significance of products. It will be powerful cross-country function and urban roads needed comfort perfectly together, integrates the former two generations of SUV that elusive excellent athletic performance, and also with the real top quality. This not only for audi family opened a brand-new product series, more creates' third generation of new concept "top SUV, so as to set up a new top SUV market standards.


    1 Q series Q5 as the second paragraph audi Q7 car, will continue to use the Quattro with all-wheel drive technology, in the chassis suspension components with Q7 will have a considerable amount of using commonstandard spare. For the whole series models common platform relationship, Q5 engine the choice leeway very wide, from 160 FSI to 4.2 FSI are all used in Q5.

    2. Q5 will be equipped with the latest height adjustable air suspension system, and the downhill control system. Using TorsenAWD with all-wheel drive system, and Quattro AWD system can provide front/rear 40/60 proportion of torque distribution, when losing traction after can put 100% torque transfer to any one wheel.

    TT is the abbreviation of "tourisi trophy", meaning "travelers grand prix", it is the beginning of this century a great car RACES. Audi TT concepts and name audi TT's first appearance as a concept car in 1995 Frankfurt motor show. Its design attributed to mass located in California

    design room J Thomas Mays and Freeman, its award-winning interior design is attributed to Martin Smith. People usually will "TT implication of misunderstandings for" I've turbo ". This car is actually an NSU TT from naming, a kind of engine rearmounted small cars, have awesome racing descent, in the 1960s by an NSU Prinz in an NSU based on production. Of course, the modern TT models is not an NSU TT of any kind of models of follow-up. An NSU TT's name is derived from the Isle of Man famous Tourist Trophy (TT) motorcycle events.

    Audi TT - into China

    Audi TT since 2006 Beijing auto show, audi TT officially unveiled a prototype at that time have arrived in Beijing dealers place and accept reservations. According to information, Beijing 11 audi authorized dealers, approved the first sales audi TT's only three home, and comprehensive unloosening representative at least until next year. The average pay audi TT car cycle. It will take 3 to 5 months, the fastest batch of car will in Beijing July around when. Sales in China's new audi TT will have 2.0 T and 3.2 L respectively two displacement, price 50.9 yuan and 6.45 million yuan, customers can selectable electronic damping system, BOSS acoustics and adaptive headlights etc, the highest prices respectively after oblique 68 million yuan RMB and gains. Audi company official representative confide that will gradually unloosening, the first selected are stronger, sales good dealer, but manufacturer will also be for other dealers evaluation, and gradually open up to all dealers, projected to next year all audi dealers are sales audi TT. Previously, the new audi Q7 first dealer Beijing also only five, but Beijing all audi dealers can be sold. So far, audi TT sales network has covered the whole country and national and each large and medium-sized cities of audi 4S sales center, both can be ordered audi TT. Audi TT - dynamic performance audi TT provides two section horizontal buy gasoline engine choice, one paragraph for four cylinder turbocharged type, still one natural V6 engine intake type. 2.0 litre TFSI engine, provides maximum 200 BHP and 280 cow meters power output, V6 engine, provide 3.2 liters maximum 250 horsepower, 320 cow meters power output. Remarkably, the net TSFI 2.0 engine 6MT precursor models, its peak torque output speed range fairly wide, covered 1,800-500rpm, in low-speed stage and its dynamic output fairly rapidly, hundred kilometers acceleration time only 6.4 seconds, maximum speed for 240km/h. Contrast later we harness 3.2 quattro models (100 kilometers acceleration time 5.7 seconds, top speed of 250km/h), besides theoretically high-speed interval, the former power reserve a little outside, Austria lack speed strict highways and did not let us feel the differences between too big.

    Audi R8 [1] super car have wonderfully attractive drive control feeling, in the sports audi car among leaders. In 420 horsepower V8 engine for FSI, full-time 4wd system and audi whole aluminum body space frame structure, gifted it is extremely outstanding transcendental power performance. Audi R8 super car will be September 28, 2006, the first since products will accept booking in the first half of 2007 delivery. As the first mid-engine, audi its engine moving vehicles, audi R8 super car will audi car sporting event in countless game winning experience, break through the traditional design and leading technology perfectly together, and made breakthrough technology, the enlightenment audi "future" brand concept as its in the circuit and the highway of excellent performance, optimum annotations. Audi car in the world of sports arena had acquired countless victory. After 1980s audi car rally, touring car picked after long endurance, crown car race becomes doubtlessly has audi car engineers of the biggest challenges facing. Audi also succeeded in conquering the challenge: audi R8 mid-engine racing five times win very prestigious le mans 24-hour race car endurance, the specific time for 2000 to 2002 and 2004 and 2005. Twice occupied the game 3 armour. Le mans "is undoubtedly audi car department engineers facing the most serious challenge, because it requires the engineering level should be far more than just will all system only keep short time very high performance. Besides necessary top performance and outstanding driving force outside, long-distance car race key lies in the endurance and reliability, and the most appropriate human pointed out.meanwhile design. The cars gene is ingeniously transplanted into the highway type sports car, match again with exciting design, audi R8 mid-engine super car absolutely unique and compelling. R8 is audi le mans quattro concept car is a prototype production quantities of models, this also is the first mid-engine, audi its engine vehicles. Engine position determines its peculiar body scale, audi company's predecessor, the automobile federation joint-stock company specially designed for racing car is in Type C series for engine vehicles.

Audi R8 had appeared in many movies and games

    (2006 game) gourmet coasters: breakneck downhill - the last turnrow overlord: Darius is open Audi R8 concept vehicles, Lemans Quattro appear, it is to use Audi R8 suite oe aero package. (2007 game) limit racing 2-2008 Audi R8, Microsoft officials put models of this hardpoint, put to LIVE in, love psu on XBOX Audi R8 players download. (2007) ultimate detective movie Audi R8 4.0 - in the movie have appeared, but less than 3 seconds. (2007) iron man - movie actor Tony rediscovered Audi R8 open to dance behind the scene, car number 4, write: STARK Audi also with film, iron man cooperation commercials. (the 2008 games) sports car romantic trip 5 (Prologue) - Audi R8 first appeared confident Audi R8 for propaganda, consumption of big many kongfu. (the 2008 games) gourmet coasters: undercover fengyun - the trailer, Audi R8 appear a black dumped nearly 9 police cars, including eight cars were met with a sideswipe. (2009 film) return to 17 years old -- protagonist Audi R8 is mike driving in lens often appears. (2009) transformers movie 2 - decepticon deceptico faction wingers (Sideway) scan of Audi R8 is and was finally autobots of the autobots Sideswipe) from the gun (body axis cutting into halves and explosion. (2009) limit racing game 3 - games cover and Audi R8 trailer to 5.2 as endorsements vehicles, v10s at the first the trailer, started with a car Audi R8 real silver 5.2 from the tunnel came out of the tunnel after coming out into a picture of the game, performing amazing, the second trailer is red convertible Audi R8 5.2 out, took a very much close-up.

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