assignments for unit 4

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assignments for unit 4

    1. Ask all the students to answer the following questions in order to understand the text. (Discuss in groups.)

    (1) What is the effect of Darwin’s voyage of the Beagle?

    (2) What is the catastrophist theory (Line 1, Para. 3)? (3). What are Noah’s flood and Noah’s ark (Lines 4 & 5, Para. 3)?

    (4) What is the theory of natural selection?

    (5) What are the differences between it and the catastrophist theory?

    (6) What is the influence of Darwin’s family life on him?

    (7) How did people at that time react to Darwin’s theory?

    (8) How did people at the beginning of the 20th century view Darwin’s theory?

    (9) What do you think is the origin of species? Do you agree with Darwin?

    2. Ask one group to find out the cultural background information.( the other groups also search the information from the internet and compare your study with this group in class).

    (1) The Voyage of the Beagle

    (2) Noah’s flood and Noah’s ark

    (3) Samuel Wilberforce

    (4) Alfred Russel Wallace

    (5) Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker

    (6) British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS)

    (7) Thomas Henry Huxley

    (8) The 1860 Oxford evolution debate

    3. There are 13 paragraphs in this text. Try to find out the main idea of

    each paragraph. ( Discuss in groups and ask two groups to make the


4. Find out the difficult points in the text.

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