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    VELLORE 632006

    No. 3[1]2011-12/E[Tender] Dated: - 31.1.2012

Sir ,

    Sealed tenders are hereby invited from reputed firms for dismantling of 100 W VHF TV Transmitting antenna along with 1 5/8 R.F Feeder cable from 45 M Self supporting Tower , Painting of 45 M SST including supply of paint ,primer , thinner etc as per the attached scope of work (Annexure I )

    at Low Power Television Relay Centre ,Vellore .

    The tenders should be submitted in sealed envelope with the name of the material / Work, date of opening etc. The tender will be received at the office of the Director ( Engg ) ,Doordarshan Maintenance Centre ,41, Kalinjur Main Road ,Viruthampet ,Vellore 632 006 upto 1200 Hrs on

    14.2.2012 and will be opened on the same day at 1500 hrs.

    VALIDITY : The tender shall be kept valid for three months from the date of opening.: PRICES: Tenderers should quote in figures as well as in words the amounts tendered by them. The Work Charge Tax, if any, should be quoted separately. In the case of illiterates, the rates or the amounts tendered should be attested by a witness. The rate should be quoted as per the suggestive bill of materials in the enclosed Annexure II.

    WORKS CONTRACT: If work contract tax is leviable by the concerned State Government on works contracts, the same shall be clearly mentioned in the tender.

    IT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE: Income tax clearance certificate shall be submitted along with the tender, without which the tender is liable to be rejected.

    EXPERIENCE : The Tenderer should give documentary proof for having successfully completed similar type of work. They should also submit list of works, which are in hand at the time of submission of tender. The list shall contain the name of work, cost of work and present position of work.

    DELIVERY PERIOD: - Tenderers may note that the entire dismantling of antenna and 1 5/8 R.F Feeder Cable and Painting of tower as per the scope of the work shall be completed within 20 days from the date of the work order .

    BILLS. The bill shall be submitted to the consignee i.e The Assistant Engineer ,TV Relay Centre ,Vellore for necessary certificates and onward transmission to the paying authority.i.e The Additional Director General(SZ),AIR and Doordarshan ,Swami Swanananda Salai , Chennai -600 005

    PAYMENT TERMS : 100% payment will be done on satisfactory completion of the entire work at TV Relay Centre ,Vellore .

    INSPECTION. All works as per the order shall be at all times open to the inspection by the Assistant Engineer , LPT ,Vellore or the authorized representative of the Additional Director (General) (E) (SZ) ,All India Radio and Doordarshan ,Chennai.

    INSURANCE: All the insurance charges for both materials i.e antenna , R.F Feeder Cable as well as to the workers employed by the contractor shall be borne by the contractor.

    PENALTY FOR DELAY :If the contractor is unable to complete the entire painting work within the stipulated time limit, the purchaser may at his option allow such additional time as may be considered justified with/without penalty and without altering terms and conditions of the order. In the event of failure of the contractor to complete the entire painting work as per the scope of work within the stipulated time or the extended time, the purchaser has the right to impost penalty of Rs.350/- per week or part thereof for every Rs.1,00,000/- of the contract price. The Contractor’s liability for delay,

    however, shall not exceed 5% of the total contract price.


     During the guarantee/Warranty period i.e 24 months from the date of completion of work , the contractor shall repaint the tower , repair or replace free of charge any parts that will become defective due to faulty material design, workmanship or erection.

    Signing of contract :

     The contractor shall sign a contract agreement form in triplicate in the prescribed proforma and submit the same within 7 days. No supplies will be made and no work shall start unless the agreement is signed by the contractor and the purchaser.


    While engaging labour for carrying out obligations under the contract the contractor shall satisfy the conditions laid down under contract labour (Regulation and Audition) Act 1970 and (Central) Rules 1971 as amended from time to time and observe all formalities required as per the said Act/ Rules. The contractor shall also observe the provision under minimum wages act 1948(Central) Rules 1950 amended from time to time while engaging labour.

Careful handling of Government Property

    The Contractor while executing the work should carefully handle the Government materials and ensure that no damage caused to any materials or Government property while carrying out the work. Any damage or loss due to negligence of the contractor will be viewed seriously and the loss ,damage will be recovered from him from any payment due to him from the Department and the decision of the department in this regard will be final.


    The acceptance of a tender will rest with the Additional Director General[E] (South Zone) , AIR & Doordarshan , Chennai 5, who does not bind himself to accept the lowest tender and reserves to himself the authority to reject any or all of the tenders received without assigning any reason and also reserves the right to cancel the order in the event of non-performance / delay in execution of the work or unsatisfactory performance by the contractor and recover payment already made if any, along with losses/ damages incurred.


    The tenderer shall make good all damage to the purchaser's building, property, equipment etc. how-so-ever arising during dismantling and painting of tower work . The tenderer shall indemnify and hold harmless the purchaser against any claims in respect of damages to building, property situated nearby, not belonging to the purchaser, how-so ever arising during dismantling and painting of tower work

    The tenderer shall indemnify and hold harmless the purchaser against claims in respect to injury/any mishap to any person how-so-ever arising during dismantling and painting of tower work.

    The tenderer shall discharge all obligations under the Indian workmen's compensation act any local,

    state laws and regulations in so far as it affects the workmen in his employment.

     The tenderer shall make his own arrangement for employing labour-skilled & unskilled and shall make his own arrangement for providing accommodation for his workman at site. Only Latest IS and BIS codes mentioned in Specifications should be followed. Canvassing in connection with tender is strictly prohibited and the tenders submitted by tenderers who resort to canvassing will be rejected.

    Yours faithfully,




    Scope of the Work

    A. Dismantling of 100 W TV Transmitting antenna along with 1- 5/8 R.F feeder Cable from 45 M Self Supporting Tower .

    B.. Painting of 45 M SST including supply of Paint ,Primer ,thinner etc .The paint to be used is of synthetic enamel conforming to latest IS:2932 (Colour, international orange & white.) ,Primer conforming to IS:5666 and thinner of reputed make (One coat of primer and two final coats of Paints) as per the detail given. The paints and primer used in painting shall be of best quality from reputed paint manufacturer such as British, Asian, Burger, Shalimar paints .

    Preparation of Surface :- The surface should be perfectly cleaned before painting. All dust, direct, grease, etc., must be removed. Bare part must be chipped, wire brushed and dusted and old paint removed as far as possible.

    Application of Paint :- One coat of primer and two final coats of paints have to be applied by brush only. Civil Aviation regulations :- Towers have to be painted in alternative bands of International Orange and white to conform Civil Aviation regulations.

    Orange and White bands :- The orange and white band shall of equal width with orange bands at both top and bottom.

    All the tools required for the work like scrapping, cleaning, painting, etc., for dismantling of antenna, RF Feeder Cable of the Tower should be provided by the contractor.

    No chemicals of any kind whatsoever are to be used for removal of old paint or rust.

    When the primer coat is dry, apply the first coat of paint. Follow up with a second coat of paint after 48 hours in dry weather.

    The painting should be done carefully so that all the corners and crevices of the mast receive the paint. Contractor is responsible for following the safety precautions by his men engaged in the work.

     ANNEXURE - II Bill of Materials for dismantling of 100W VHF TV antenna and Painting of 45 M SST at LPT, VELLORE. S.No. Description of Work Qty Amount


    Labour charges for Dismantling of 100W

    1. VHF TV Transmitting antenna from 45 M 1job

    SST at LPT, Vellore

    Labour charges for Dismantling of 1 5/8

    1job 2. RF Cable and its accessories from 45 M

    SST at LPT, Vellore.

     Sub Total. A


     synthetic enamel primer for painting 1 35 liters (one coat) 45 metres height .

     synthetic enamel white paint for painting 2 30 liters (two coat) 45 metre height .

     synthetic enamel international orange

    3 paint for painting (two coat) 45 metres 40 liters


     Thinner for painting 4 65 liters Sub Total. B


    Labour charges for painting 45 metre

    height with one coat of synthetic enamel

    primer, and two coats of synthetic enamel 1 1job paint (alternate band of international

    orange and white as per civil aviation


    Sub Total. c GRAND TOTAL


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