guidance for preparation of unit 1

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guidance for preparation of unit 1

Guidance for preparation of Unit 1

    For period l

    Words study

    1 Mark new words & expressions in texts with your marking pen, including the words from

    READING TASK: TEXT A. You should especially pay attention to the following words and phrases: blast, digest, improvement, lower, resist, temptation, boundary, minor, scale, wicked, budget, generate, insurance, profit, stack, haul, invest, pursue, supplement, device, illustrate, suspect, aside from, dine out, just about, at that point, get by, on a small / large scale, cut back, get through, on balance 2. Read loudly new words in the New words and expressions from P4-P8, check your pronunciation.

    3. read the text fluently.

Passage reading

    *l. Pre-reading question:

    a. What do you think are the differences between city life and country life?

    b. Can you grasp the main idea of Text A (one or two sentences)?

    2 While-leading questions:

    a. What are the two things that the writer has always wanted to do?

    b. Why does the writer think that his life in the country is of the self-reliant type and satisfying? c. Is life in the country easy for the writer and his family?

    d. What happened when the first spring came? Of the two floods the author describes, what does the second one actually refer to?

    e. Insurance is important to an American family. How do the Dohertys cope with this problem? f. According to the author, what special qualities are necessary for people to live in the countryside? g. How does the writer think he and his family will feel when they have to leave the farm someday?

* 3 After reading questions:

    a. Why did the writer and his family choose to live in the country? Do you think their dream has come true? Why?

    b. Prepare the question with your partners: Can you summarize the happiness and hardships the family have experienced in the country?

    c. Talk about country life and city life. Which one do you prefer?

After-reading exercises

    Finish the Post reading exercises from P10-P11..

For period 2

    I. Review the Words study in Text A, finish the exercises of Vocabulary from PI5- P21. 2.Study TEXT B, and finish the exercises from P27-29.

    *4. Talk about changes in Chinese family life.

PS: Questions with the mark of ****will help you to gain extra scores for class participation as a


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