Test Engineering Geology 2001

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Test Engineering Geology 2001

Test in Engineering Geology 2002 Name:

Example of how the test will be.

    ; When you come you will first of all turn in your home test map, cross sections and


    ; PART I - The first part is to be turned in after 1 hr.

; PART II - The part II a and b, deals with the engineering project associated with the home

    map assignment; the community has presented their ideas for the development. Write very

    brief answers to be turned in, you will have about 2 hr for this part.

; Lunch 12:30 13:15

; PART III - Following lunch, 13:15 to 15:xx (max 16:00), will be an oral test where I will

    ask students to present their ideas about a specific problem. Then open the problem to a

    group discussion.

PART I examples of questions

    A list of several rock types will be given (all from the book) You should evaluate them with respect to some of the following: (order on a scale from 1 to 5 assuming “normal”


    1. suitability in Portland cement; explain.

    2. suitable for aggregates in Asphalt

    i. in areas where studded tires are used?

    ii. in climatic areas where studded tiers are used

    iii. Explain

    3. problematic with respect to slope stability? Explain.

    4. bearing capacity. Explain.

    5. surface excavations. Explain.

    6. tunnelling

    7. etc.

    simple map problems!!!

    8. What is the strike and dip, using the right

    hand rule, of the sedimentary rocks in

    maps A?.

    9. What is the dip direction and dip of the

    sedimentary rocks in maps A?

    10. For map A: Which layer is oldest and

    which is the youngest?

    11. Map B: There are three drill holes all starting at the same

    elevation. The top of a coal bed is reached after drilling

    vertically down in the holes: in hole A after 100 m, in hole

    B after 300 m and in drill hole C after 200 m.

    a. What is the strike and dip, right hand rule, of the coal


    b. What is the dip direction and dip of the coal bed?


Test in Engineering Geology 2002 Name:

    Write very brief answers to the following questions an oral test will follow.


    First there will be some general questions. These are covering things you should have presented in your home test If you have actually done the test at home and not just copied someone else’s test then these questions should be very easy and quick to answer. Brief answers Note Make a copy of your home test you are to turn you home test in to me at the

    start of the test. You will not get them back so you can find what you have written. You are

    permitted to use any books and notes you wish.

    PART IIa

    Examples of Questions:

    1. What is the strike and dip of beds? of the fault? Predominate joint sets?

    2. Which of the formations would you consider to be an aquifers or an aquiclude?


    3. Which rocks in the map area are suitable for aggregates for various usages? Explain.

    OTHER questions

PART IIb examples of questions

    After the Olympics are over there is to be a resort centre in the area. The planners for the area have suggested the following solutions:

    A the site of the dam

    B the site of x

    C the site of y


    You will receive a new map with the suggestions from the community. The following are examples of Questions; you to evaluate their suggestions.

    1. Do you think this is a good site for the dam type placement? Yes or No 2. If NO- where would you suggest to move the dam and why?

    3. If YES - what is your evaluation of the site and what problems would you expect to have

    to overcome?

    4. Do you agree with the choice of dam type? yes or no and explain why. Plus some other questions about the dam.

    5. Which of the landfill sites suggested would be best? Evaluate each individually. Plus some other questions about the landfill sites.

6. Which of the water well sites suggested would be best?

    i. If you were to choose what would be your solution? explain.

    Plus some other questions about the water well site

    7. The groups or villages of small houses is spread around the lake so everyone will have a

    view. There is to be a path for walking bicycling around the lake. No cars are allowed in

    the area but are to be parked at the centre from which an underground subway will provide

    access to the villages.

    i. Would you expect any problems with the proposed positioning of the houses?

    Plus some other questions.

8. The trace of the subway is marked on the map.

    Questions related to the suggested subway position.


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