A4intercessions dec06-mar07

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A4intercessions dec06-mar07

DIOCESAN INTERCESSIONS October-December 2011 : OCTOBER 2011 1 Remigius, 533; Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1885. Ember Day. St 16 Trinity 17 Albans (Canterbury) Bp Alan Clayton Smith; St Albans Tasmania (Ex-P, Australia) Bp John Harrower Bedford Bp Richard Inwood; St Albans Hertford Bp Paul Youth, Church House: Ali Campbell (YES advisor & Youth Bayes Officer for East Sussex), Steve Tennant (Youth Officer for Newick, St Mary: Peter Francis, I; Jeremy Burdett, Rdr; West Sussex), Irene Smale (YES Children’s Work Officer) Pat Geoffrey Clinton, Rdr Fung-On & Moira Peckham (admin support) 2 Trinity 15 17 Ignatius c 107. Temotu (Melanesia) Bp George Takeli St Leodegar, Bishop of Autun, Martyr (679). Patron of East Preston with Kingston: John Lyon, I; John White, Rdr Hunston. St Asaph (Wales) Bp Gregory Cameron 18 Luke the Evangelist. Tennessee (Province IV, USA) Bp John Schools Department, Church House: Mike Wilson (Director), Bauerschmidt Sally Collins, Martin Lloyd, Lesley Mason, Nigel Sarjudeen & Felpham, St Mary: Timothy Peskett, I; Paul Godwin, Rdr Susan Thompson (Schools Officers) and Sue Blackman & 19 Henry Martyn 1812; Sussex Martyrs of the Reformation. Vanessa Vollebregt (admin support) Bishop of Texas (Province VII, USA) Bp Don Wimberly; Suffragan Bishop of Texas Bp Rayford High; Suffragan Bishop 3 Dedication of the Cathedral Church of Chichester (1184); of Texas The Ven Dena Harrison George Bell, 1958. St David's (Wales) Bp John Evans Littlehampton & Wick: Roger Caswell, TR; Stephen Hudson, Uckfield; Horsted Parva; Isfield: Brian Wilcox, I; Frank Fox-TV; Stephen Merriman, TV; Elizabeth Carver, C/PD; Peter Wilson, CinC at Isfield; Stephen Date, C; Christopher Howarth, Sedlmayr, C/PD C; June Terry, C/Rdr; Gill Comber, Rdr 20 Thoothukudi Nazareth (South India) Bp Jebachandran 4 Francis of Assisi, 1226. St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Middleton, St Nicholas: William Marston, I; Pamela Swadling, (Canterbury) Bp William Stock; St Edmundsbury & Ipswich C Dunwich Bp Clive Young 21 The Arctic (Rupert's Land, Canada) Bp Andrew Atagotaaluk; Archdeaconry of Chichester: Douglas McKittrick AD Suffragan Bishop of The Arctic Bp Larry Robertson; Suffragan 5 St Helena (Southern Africa) Bp Richard Fenwick Bishop of the Arctic Bp Benjamin Arreak Rural Deanery of Arundel & Bognor: Mark Standen, RD; Mary Lyminster, St Mary Magdalene: John Quigley, PinC Nagel, DLC 22 Pagham, St Thomas à Becket: Vacant, I; Roland Ell, Rdr 6 William Tyndale 1536. St Mark the Evangelist (Southern 23 Trinity 18 Africa) Bp Martin Breytenbach Dedication Festival. The Murray (South Australia, Australia) Aldingbourne, Barnham & Eastergate: Simon Holland, I; Bp Ross Davies Anthony Brant, C; Colin Harding, C/PD; Gordon Collins, Rdr; For the new participant on the YES Encounter scheme Chris Maureen Smith, Rdr Davies 7 Sunyani (West Africa) Bp Festus Yeboah-Asuamah; Suffragan Bishop elect of Sunyani awaiting details 24 Pray for the office of the Anglican Observer at the United Aldwick, St Richard: Lawson Nagel, I Nations, New York, & the Anglican UN Advisory team in 8 Swansea & Brecon (Wales) Bp John Davies Geneva, as they enable the Communion to give voice to the Angmering, St Margaret: Mark Standen, I; Penelope Giles, C; poor & the vulnerable by developing effective partnerships Ben Redding, C; Andy Thomas, C; David Bowerman, Rdr with the UN & its various organisations. Thika (Kenya) Bp 9 Trinity 16 Gideon Githiga Swaziland (Southern Africa) Bp Meshack Mabuza Rustington, St Peter and St Paul: Zachary Allen, I; Susan Communications, Church House: David Farey and Lisa Lynn-Allen, Rdr Williamson (Communications Officers) 25 Crispin and Crispinian, c 287. Tirunelveli (South India) Bp Jeyapaul Swamidawson 10 Paulinus 644. Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) ABp Peter Slindon with Eartham & Madehurst: Marian Curtis, PinC; Jensen; Sydney Liverpool Bp Peter Tasker; Sydney North David Olby, Rdr Bp Glenn Davies; Sydney South Bp Robert Forsyth; Sydney 26 Alfred the Great 899. Toamasina (Indian Ocean) Bp Jean Paul West Bp Ivan Lee; Sydney Wollongong Bp Al Stewart Solo Arundel with Tortington & South Stoke: David Farrer, I; Freda Walberton with Binsted: Timothy Ward, I; Julie Allday, Rdr Jackman, Rdr 27 Tohoku (Japan) Bp John Kato th11 Ethelburga, 675; James the Deacon, 7 century. Tabora Rural deanery of Brighton: Andrew Manson-Brailsford, RD; (Tanzania) Bp Sadock Makaya Rachel Gouldthorpe, ARD; Martin Cruttenden, DLC North Bersted, Holy Cross: Ann Clarke, PinC; Rosemary 28 Simon & Jude, Apostles. Tokyo (Japan) Bp Andrew Ohata Towse, Rdr Brighton, St Peter: Archie Coates, I; Jonny Gumbel, C 12 ST WILFRID, BISHOP, APOSTLE OF SUSSEX (709). 29 James Hannington, Bishop, Martyrs (1885). Torit (Sudan) Bp Taita-Taveta (Kenya) Bp Samson Mwaluda Bernard Balmoi South Bersted, St Mary Magdalene: Tim Crook, I; Mr Grainge, Brighton, The Annunciation: Michael Wells, PinC Rdr th30 4 Sunday before Advent 13 Edward the Confessor 1066. Taiwan (Province VIII, USA) Bp Bishop of Toronto (Ontario, Canada) Bp Colin Johnson; David Lai Toronto Credit Valley Bp Philip Poole; Toronto Trent-Bognor, St Wilfrid: Andrew Wadsworth, I; Trevor Marshall, C Durham Bp Linda Nicholls; Toronto York-Scarborough 14 Tamale (West Africa) Bp Emmanuel Arongo; Co-adjutor Canon Patrick Yu; Toronto York-Simcoe Bp George Elliott Bishop of Tamale Bp Jacob Kofi Ayeebo Church in Society, Church House: Barry North (Advisor), Burpham, St Mary the Virgin & Poling, St Nicholas: Roy Jennie Davies (admin support) Kilford, PinC th 15 Teresa of Avila 1582; St Wulfran, Bishop & Missionary (7 C). 31 Toungoo (Myanmar) Bp Saw Wilme Patron of Ovingdean. Tanga (Tanzania) Bp Phillip Baji Brighton, St Bartholomew: Vacant, I Clymping and Yapton with Ford: Richard Hayes, I; Maureen Bravington, Rdr; Liz Peart. Rdr; John Stirland, Rdr

DIOCESAN INTERCESSIONS October-December 2011 : NOVEMBER 2011 1 All Saints 15 Vellore (South India) Bp Yesuratnam William Trichy-Tanjore (South India) Bp Paul Vasanthakumar Rottingdean, St Margaret: Martin Morgan, I Brighton, St George with St Anne & St Mark: Andrew Manson-16 Margaret Queen of Scotland 1093. Venezuela (Province IX, Brailsford, I/RD; Peter Pannett, C; Jim Horton, Rdr; Kenneth USA) Bp Orlando Guerrero Woodhams, Rdr Saltdean, St Nicholas: George Butterworth, I; Clare Riches, 2 All Souls Rdr; Geoffrey Starling, Rdr; Michael Vinson, Rdr Trinidad & Tobago (West Indies) Bp Calvin Wendell Bess 17 Hugh of Lincoln 1200. Vermont (Province I, USA) Bp Thomas Brighton, Kemp Town St Mary the Virgin: Andrew Woodward, Ely PinC Stanmer with Falmer: Andrew Robinson, PinC; Beryl Brown, 3 Richard Hooker 1600. Pray for the Anglican Legal Advisers' Rdr Network (ACLAN) as it offers assistance to leaders in the 18 Elizabeth of Hungary 1231. Victoria Nyanza (Tanzania) Bp Communion in their thinking about the structures within Boniface Kwangu which discipleship is lived out. Woodingdean, Holy Cross: Richard Bromfield, I Truro (Canterbury, England) Bp Timothy Thornton 19 Hilda 680. Virgin Islands (Province II, USA) Bp Edward Truro St Germans Bp Royden Screech Gumbs Whitehawk, St Cuthman: John Wright, I; David Porter, C; Brighton, St Nicholas: Robert Chavner, I; Betsy Gray-Jenny Chippendale, Rdr Hammond, C 4 Tuam, Killala & Achonry (Armagh, Ireland) Bp Patrick Rooke 20 CHRIST THE KING Brighton, St Matthias: Eric Pollard, PinC; Dave Brooks, Rdr Edmund, King of the East Angles 870. Virginia (Province III, st5 St Elisabeth, Mother of St John Baptist (1 Century). Patron USA) Bp Shannon Johnston; Suffragan Bishop of Virginia Bp of St Elisabeth, Eastbourne. Udi (Nigeria) Bp Chjioke Aneke David Jones; West Virginia Bp Willam Klusmeyer Brighton, St Michael and All Angels; Robert Fayers, I/PinC at Bishop Mark’s team: Clay Knowles (Chaplain), Shirley Steers St Paul; Raymonde Robinson, AP; Mark Lyon, C; Barry North, (secretary), Retired Clergy acting as his Chaplains C; John Baldry, C at St Paul rd21 Waiapu (New Zealand) Bp David Rice; Suffragan Bishop of 6 3 Sunday before Advent Waiapu, Vacant; Waikato ABp David Moxon; Waikato Ughelli (Province of Bendel, Nigeria) Bp Vincent Muoghereh Taranaki Region Bp Philip Richardson Discipleship & Ministry team, Church House: Joy Gilliver Brighton, St Luke Queen's Park: Julie Newson, DinC/PD (Advisor), Philip Bourne (DDO), Moira Wickens (Vocations 22 Cecilia, c 230. Wakefield (York, England) Bp Stephen Platten; Officer), Rebecca Swyer (Ministry Development Officer), Ruth Wakefield Pontefract Bp Anthony Robinson Sowerby (Adult Education & Training Officer), The Co- Brighton, The Chapel Royal: David Biggs, I; Julie Newson, PD ordinator of The magnet. Carolyn Ford, Wendy Greenan & 23 Clement c 100. Wangaratta (Victoria, Australia) Bp John Helen Swyer (admin support) Parkes Rural Deanery of Chichester: Richard Hunt, RD; Colyn 7 Ukwa (Province of the Niger Delta, Nigeria) Bp Kelechi Brighton, Preston The Good Shepherd: Felix Mascarenhas, Robinson, DLC PinC; Michael Miller, Rdr 24 Warri (Province of Bendel, Nigeria) Bp Christian Ideh 8 Saints & Martyrs of England. Umuahia (Province of the Niger Apuldram; Fishbourne: Moira Wickens, PinC at Apuldram/I at Delta, Nigeria) Bp Ikechi Nwosu Fishbourne; Brian Egerton, Rdr; Patricia Hall, Rdr; John Sheppard, Rdr Brighton, St Martin & St Wilfrid with St Alban: Vacant, I th9 Margery Kempe, c 1440. Umzimvubu (Southern Africa) Bp 25 Catherine of Alexandria, 4 century; Isaac Watts, 1748. Mbilo Ngewu Washington (Province III, USA) Bp John Chane Moulsecoomb: John Wall, TR; Rachel Gouldthorpe, TV/ARD; Boxgrove, St Mary & St Blaise: Ian Forrester, PinC; Jane Hald, John Collins, C; James Wesson, C; Marian Framroze, Rdr Rdr 10 Leo the Great 461. Upper South Carolina (Province IV, USA) 26 Wau (Sudan) Bp Henry Riak Bp William Waldo Chichester St Paul with Westhampnett: Richard Hunt, I/RD; Ovingdean, St Wulfran: Peter Wolfenden, PinC Steve Flashman, C; Peter Kane, C; Ann Waizeneker, C; John 11 Martin, Bishop of Tours c 397. Uruguay (South America) Bp Ashwin, Rdr; Pauline Collins, Rdr; Martin Cooke, Rdr Miguel Tamayo; Uruguay Bp Gilberto Martinez 27 ADVENT SUNDAY Patcham, All Saints: Vacant, I; Andy Bousfield, C; Mathew Wellington (New Zealand) Bp Thomas Brown Philip, C Mission & Renewal Department, Church House: Richard 12 Utah (Province VIII, USA) Bp Scott Hayashi Jackson (Advisor), John Sherlock & Karen Young Preston, St John: Alison Bowman, I; Lynda Lloyd, Rdr (Stewardship), Gordon Banks (Diocesan evangelist), Peter nd13 2 Sunday before Advent Scofield (Growing Healthy Churches co-ordinator), Jennie Remembrance Sunday Davies (admin support) Charles Simeon 1836. Uyo (Province of the Niger Delta, 28 West Buganda (Uganda) Bp Samuel Kamya Nigeria) Bp Isaac Orama Chichester, St Wilfrid: Mark Gilbert, PinC; Andrew Wilkes, C; Bishop John’s team: Ian Gibson (Senior Chaplain & Episcopal Barry Langley, Rdr Vicar for Ministry), Linda Savage (secretary), Chris Standing 29 West Malaysia (South East Asia) Bp Ng Hing; Assistant Bishop (Assistant Secretary), Richard Chevis (Finance & Facilities of West Malaysia (South East Asia) Bp Andrew Phang Manager) Chichester, St Pancras & St John: Mark Payne, I 14 Samuel Seabury, 1796. Vanuatu (Melanesia) Bp James Ligo 30 Andrew the Apostle. West Missouri (Province VII, USA) Bp Prestonville, St Luke: Martin Poole, PinC; Colin Harding, Rdr; Martin Field Michael Hudson, Rdr; Rodney Shotter, Rdr; Peter Woodhead, Donnington, St George: Christopher Beard, PinC Rdr

DIOCESAN INTERCESSIONS October-December 2011 : DECEMBER 2011 21 O Oriens 1 World AIDS Day West Tennessee (Province IV, USA) Bp Don Johnson Yewa (formally Egbado) (Province of Lagos, Nigeria) Bp Earnley with East Wittering & Almodington: Steve Davies, I Simeon Adebola 2 West Texas (Province VII, USA) Bp Gary Lillibridge; 22 O Rex Suffragan Bishop of West Texas (Province VII, USA) Bp David Yirol (Sudan) Bp Benjamin Mamur Reed 23 O Emmanuel Lavant, St Mary: David Parker, I Yokohama (Japan) Bp Lawrence Minabe 3 Western Izon (Province of Bendel, Nigeria) Bp Edafe 24 Christmas Eve Emamezi Yola (Province of Jos, Nigeria) Bp Markus Ibrahim North Mundham with Hunston & Merston: James Russell, 25 CHRISTMAS DAY PinC; Neil Coleman, C York (York, England) ABp John Sentamu; York Beverley Bp 4 ADVENT 2 Martyn Jarrett; York Hull Bp Richard Frith; York Selby Bp Western Kansas (Province VII, USA) Bp Michael Milliken Martin Wallace; York Whitby Bp Martin Warner Bishop Wallace’s team: David Charles (Chaplain), Sandy Medway (Secretary) 26 Stephen, Deacon and Martyr Ysabel (Melanesia) Bp Richard Naramana 5 Western Louisiana (Province VII, USA) Bp David MacPherson 27 John, Apostle and Evangelist Whyke, St George with Rumboldswyke & Portfield All Saints: Yukon (British Columbia & the Yukon, Canada) Bp Larry Stuart Craddock, I; Rebekah Canon, C; James Rhodes-28 The Holy Innocents Wrigley, C; Brian Dunstan, Rdr Zaki-Biam (Nigeria) Bp Benjamin Vager 6 Nicholas, bishop c 326. Western Massachusetts (Province I, 29 Thomas Becket USA) Bp Gordon Scruton Zanzibar (Tanzania) Vacant Selsey, St Peter: Vacant, I 30 Zonkwa (Province of Abuja, Nigeria) Bp Praises Omole-Ekun; 7 Ambrose 397. Western Mexico (Mexico) Bp Lino Amaero Zaria (Province of Kaduna, Nigeria) Bp Cornelius Bello 8 Conception of the BVM. Western Michigan (Province V, USA) 31 Zululand (Southern Africa) Bp Dino Gabriel Bp Robert Gepert Sidlesham, St Mary: Stephen Guise, PinC 9 Western New York (Province II, USA) Bp Ralph Franklin Tangmere & Oving: Ian Rogers, PinC 10 Western Newfoundland (Canada, Canada) Bp Percy Coffin West Wittering & Birdham with Itchenor: John Williams, I; Clifford Hankins, C; Bruce Holben, C; Jim Mould, C; Michael Chater, Rdr; Howard Gracey, Rdr; Joyce Henson, Rdr; Alistair Ghinn, YW 11 ADVENT 3 Western North Carolina (Province IV, USA) Bp Granville Taylor Angela Sibson (Diocesan Secretary, Church House), David Mason (PA) 12 Wiawso (West Africa) Bp Abraham Ackah Key to Abbreviations: ABp Archbishop; AP Assistant Rural Deanery of Hove: Keith Richards, RD; Jane Haviland-Priest; ARD Assistant Rural Dean; Bp Bishop; C Curate; Webster, DLC CinC Curate in Charge; DLC Deanery Lay Chairman; I 13 Willochra (South Australia, Australia) Vacant Incumbent; PinC Priest in Charge; PD Permanent Aldrington: Stephen Terry, I; Gwynneth Davies, Rdr; Tim Deacon; Rdr Reader; RD Rural Dean; TR Team Rector; Dumps, Rdr TV Team Vicar; YW Youth Worker 14 Ember day. John of the Cross 1591. Winchester (Canterbury, England) Vacancy; Winchester Basingstoke Bp Peter Hancock; Winchester Southampton Bp Jonathan Frost Hangleton, St Helen: Keith Perkinton, I; Michael Barter, C 15 Windward Islands (West Indies) Bp Calvert Friday Hove: Phil Ritchie, I at All Saints; Talisker MacLeod, C; David Weaver, C; Piers Skidmore, Rdr 16 Ember day. Worcester (Canterbury, England) Bp John Inge Worcester Dudley Bp David Walker Hove, Bishop Hannington Memorial Church: Phil Moon, I; Julian Milson, C/CinC at Holy Cross; James Radcliffe, C 17 O Sapienta Ember day Wusasa (Province of Kaduna, Nigeria) Bp Ali Buba Lamido Hove, St Barnabas and St Agnes: Keith Richards, PinC 18 ADVENT 4 O Adonai Wyoming (Province VI, USA) Bp John Smylie 19 O Radix Yambio (Sudan) Bp Peter Yacoub 20 O Clavis Bishop of Yei (Sudan) Bp Hilary Adeba

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