Master of Theology (MTheol) [SEAGST]

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Master of Theology (MTheol) [SEAGST]


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Master of Theology (MTh)

With effect from 2010, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia will be offering our own Master of

    Theology program.

About the Programme

    This is a post-graduate research programme with the purpose of providing specialised training in any field of leadership in the Christian ministry, professional pastoral training, theological research and teaching.

    The curriculum consists of study in eight (8) courses and individual research, resulting in a thesis. Five areas of concentration are from the candidate’s field and two from another field chosen by the candidate. “Doing Theologies in Asia” is a required course for all candidates. As for the new curriculum, the students can concentrate on any one of the following fields of study:

    Bible and Interpretations

    1.1 Old Testament

    1.2 New Testament

    1.3 Asian Religions/People's Movements

    Theological Constructions in Asia

    2.1 Contextual Interpretations of Faith

    2.2 Theology of the Christian Tradition

    2.3 Philosophy of Religion

    2.4 Christian Ethics

    2.5 History of Christianity

    Religion, Culture, and the Life of the Church

    3.1 Mission and Witness

    3.2 Ecumenics

    3.3 Life and Witness of the Church

    3.4 Christian Education

    3.5 Liturgy and Worship

    Gender and Marginalized Concerns

    4.1 Gender Studies

    4.2 Indigenous Communities Studies

After completion of study in the areas of concentration, the candidates shall sit for a

    comprehensive examination. The purpose of this examination is to test the candidates’ ability to integrate what they have studied and to relate it to an Asian setting. The time allowed for this examination is two periods of three hours each, or

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    a total of six hours. The questions will be set by the advisor in consultation with others involved in the student’s program of study with the approval of the Assistant

    Director of Postgraduate Studies (MTh).

Full-time Faculty

    ; CHEW, Kean-Kee, MTh (Princeton, 2000); Ph.D. Candidate (Universiti

    Kebangsaan Malaysia), World Religions.

    ; KOK, Hon-Seng Ezra, PhD (Durham, 1993), New Testament Studies. ; KOMAR, Joseph, PhD (SAIACS, India, 2008), Pastoral Studies and Missiology. ; LIM, Kar-Yong, PhD (University of Wales, 2007), New Testament Studies. ; LOKE, Yin-Fai Anthony, MTheol (SEAGST, 1996); PhD Candidate (OCMS,

    Oxford), Old Testament Studies.

    ; ONG, Meng-Chai, PhD (King’s College London, 2003), Christian Theology,

    Biblical Studies and Pastoral Theology.

    ; SIEW, Tye-Yau Philip, PhD (Fuller, 1999), Old Testament Studies and


    ; TAN, Jin-Huat, PhD (OCMS, Oxford, 2008), Church History. ; WONG, Tik-Wah, PhD (Melbourne College of Divinity, 2008), Christian


Affiliated Faculty

    ; CHEW, Tow-Yow, PhD (Universiti Malaya, 1979) and MTh (Emory, 1991)

    Pastoral Theology.

    ; GRIENINGER, Wolfgang, MTh (Tubingen) Lutheranism.

    ; HO, Hon-Yan, MTh (Princeton, 1986); DMin (Southern Methodist University,

    1990), Pastoral Studies.

    ; KOH, Phillips, PhD (TEDS, 1998), Christian Education.

    ; KOH, Yee-Von, PhD (Cambridge, 2005), Old Testament Studies.; LEONG, Tien-Fock, PhD (UCLA, 1994), Old Testament Studies. ; NG, Kam-Weng, PhD (Cambridge, 1989), Christian Theology and Ethics. ; RAJAH, Solomon, DTheol (SEAGST, 1999), Pastoral Theology and World


    ; ROXBOROGH, John, PhD (University of Aberdeen, 1978), Missiology and

    Church History.

    ; SEE, You-Lay Daniel, PhD (Sheffield, 1997), Old Testament Studies ; TAN, Chee-Seng, Herbert, PhD (Northwestern University, 1994), Christian


    ; VOON, Choon-Khing, MTh (Duke, 1996); DMin (Graduate Theological

    Foundation, 1999), Pastoral Studies and Christian Spirituality. ; WALTERS, Albert, PhD (Birmingham, 1999), World Religions. ; YU, Swee-Yen, PhD (Union Theological Seminary), Biblical Studies.

Current Master of Theology (SEAGST) Students

    Name Field of Study FT/PT Advisor /s

    Master of Theology Programme Page 2 of 5

    Catherine YAP New Testament (C) Full-time Dr Ezra KOK & Dr LIM Kar Yong

    Dr Herbert TAN & Dr CHEW CHIN, Thomas Christian Education (E) Part-time Tow-Yow

    Christian Theology/ Dr Philip SIEW & Dr Albert Sivin KIT Part-time Missiology (E) WALTERS

    AUGUSTINE Dr ONG Meng-Chai & Dr Philip Christian Theology (E) Part-time Muthusami SIEW

    Francis WAN Pastoral Theology (C) Part-time Dr HO Hon Yan & Dr Ezra KOK

    Dr Philip SIEW; Dr WONG Tik-TAN Boon Joo Practical Theology (C) Part-time Wah & Dr HO Hon-Yan

    WONG Kow Old Testament (E) Part-time Rev Anthony Loke Cheong

    WONG Yuk Soo New Testament (E) Part-time Dr Lim Kar Yong

    LEE Kong Yee Pastoral Theology (E) Part-time Dr CHEW Tow-Yow

List of Master of Theology (SEAGST) Graduates

    No Name Graduation Thesis Title

    Jason Selvaraj Freire’s Liberation Methodology in Adult Christian 1 2001 Thangasamy Education in the Anglican church of West Malaysia

    BONNIE Anak Authentic Communication of the Gospel to the 2 2002 Sedau Iban in the light of Their Religious World View

    CHAN Mun 3 2002 The Pastoral Life and Practice of the Apostle Paul Kwan

    4 Steven Abbarow 2002 Towards a Social Trinitarian Theology of Family 5 TEE Heng Peng 2003 False Teaching in Colossians and Paul’s Response

    Missionary Movements among the Bugis in the 6 Armin Sukri 2005 midst of Islamic Resurgence in South Sulawesi

    Education For Community: Exploring the Faith

    7 LAU King Lang 2005