Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece

    Ancient Greece

    Part one : The history of Greece

    I. Predecessors of the Greeks:

    ?Cretan(克里特) and Mycenaean(迈锡尼) Culture(2600-1200 BC , Bronze Age culture/Aegean


    Cretan Culture The empire of King Minos

    Knossos :also known as Labyrinth(迷宫), or Knossos Palace

    ?Greek Legend on Crete

     Minotaur: symbol of brutality and danger

     Labyrinth: a common metaphor in western literatureconfusion and entrapment

     Daedalus: James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

    Mycenaean(迈锡尼) Culture

    Mycenaean culture lasts from 16BC to 12 BC,the Achaeans brought their language, their gods, and a

    monarchial form of government to Greece.

    Features of Mycenaean civilization


    --domed tombs (royal):Tomb of Clytemnestra

    The dynasty of domed tomb reaches its prosperity in Mycenaean culture.

    ---warlike (Frescoes壁画)

    ---rich in gold? Agamemnons mask

    ---the decline of Mycenaean civilization

    ?.The Greek Arrives

    --Hellenes invasion collapsed Mycenaean civilization

    ?Population growth and the establishment of colonies throughout the Mediterranean. Warship, heavy infantry , hoplites, a phalanx

    The Greco-Persian Wars , or Persian Wars

     The 5th century BC opened with events that shaped the future of Greek civilization and Western culture.

     The Persian invasions: Darius and Xerxes are defeated in Greece “I shall fight to the death. I shall put freedom before life. I shall not desert colonel or captain dead or alive, I shall

    carry out the generals commands, and I shall bury my comrades-in-arms where they fall and leave none


?.The Hellenistic Age(希腊化时代) (33830 BC)

    ----the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC

    ?the empire of Alexander the Great

    --Alexander founded over seventy new cities

    ---Intermarriage; one currency; literature and arts further developed ?the empire after Alexander

    Antigonid, Ptolemies, Seleucid

    Part two: Greek religion and politics ?. Greek Religion

    Polytheism ?Mycenaen Origin ?

    Religious athletic festivals