What We Cannot Afford to Lose

By Corey Price,2014-10-18 19:52
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What We Cannot Afford to LoseWhat

    What We Cannot Afford to Lose

    All of the judges, ladies and gentlemen,

     Good evening! I am the contestant NO. . When talking about the title of this speech, I suppose everyone presented today have your own choices. Is that right? And now Im going to tell you mine. Yes,

    its the spirit of surpassing ourselves.

    You may ask me---- Why? Once we succeeded or fulfilled our requirements, satisfaction will come, and so does over joywhich may

    keep us stay stagnant and not continue to go beyond. And that is so-called: Life springs from sorrow and calamity, while death comes from ease and pleasure. So if we could always have a strong motivation to surpass our own deeds, what would it be?

     Perhaps not all of us want to be a model, but I think we would like to be successful as Tyra Banks, a renowned and fabulous supermodel for Victorias Secrets. In many peoples eyes, she is almighty.

    However, if she acts like Fine, I enjoy being a big fish in a small

    pond”, she is still labeled as “a particular beauty instead of an

    excellent media personality and business woman.

     Another example: Joe Wong, a doctor of biochemistry and highly paid. But what is his opposite side? The only comedian performing monologue comic talks on American Annual Correspondents’ Dinner,

    although his accent is not so acceptable. If he thought Oh, I am not

yearning for a self-transcendence, he may just bury himself in the

    research from day to day. We never know him.

    The queen in Snow White likes the mirror, so do I. But what makes different is that I dont need it to tell me beautiful or not. Contrarily, I will say to myself in the mirror,Can I be totally same as Tyra or Joe

    Wong? Maybe not. Nonetheless, I have tried my best to pursue more because the spirit of surpassing ourselves is what we cannot afford to lose. Thank you so much for your sincere listening.

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