Toshiba laptops seem to be good these days

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Toshiba laptops seem to be good these days

Yacht Computer Laptop Suggestions for Personal and Motor Yacht Users…

    December, 2006 Alan Spicer Alan Spicer Telecom

    * One of my yacht customers recently wrote to me by email and asked for

    suggestions on Laptop Computers for personal and vessel use on a new

    Motor Yacht. I had seen quite a few Toshiba Laptops in use on yachts and by other mobile people that works on yachts. This is not necessarily to say that comparable products aren’t as good, for example Dell makes very good

    laptops as well. Their XPS line is very good. A concern is always price vs.-

    performance. I answered as follows…

    Toshiba laptops seem to be good these days. The one at the top of Toshiba in Best Buy

    seems to be good especially considering the price. I've seen a number of holiday and other

    specials on Toshiba laptops in the last year.

    Built-in Wireless (WiFi) is a necessity and it's there, also there is DVD burning including Dual Layer 8GB DVD's.

    * The first laptop has Core Duo - Intel CPU. They are being phased out by Intel. Doesn't mean they don't work, it just means the newer ones will be Core 2 Duo.

    You can spend a little bit more and get Core 2 Duo in the Toshiba line. There's even one listed on Best Buy with a special price $899.99 and a bigger Screen. Now I'm thinking that if I had $900

    to spend I might get this one... You might like this one as well, orr perhaps the top one for you and this one for the New Ride. A 150' Trinity I worked for, MY Carpe Diem, the captain bought 3 Toshibas for crew owner and such, and I'm not hearing any problems with them.

    On Sale Reg. Price: Toshiba - Satellite Notebook Compare Save $50 on $1,099.99 with Intel? Centrino? Duo - Now Onyx Blue A105-S4384 a Printer You Save:

    Intel? Core?2 Duo mobile Offer $200.00

    processor T5500; DL Free Sale: $899.99

    DVD?RW/CD-RW drive; 15.4" Windows

    widescreen; 160GB hard drive; Vista

    1GB PC4200 DDR2 SDRAM; Upgrade by

    Windows XP Media Center Mail

    Edition 2005; 5-in-1 media


    **** I haven't extensively compared laptops... What I know from working on boats is there are lot of Dell, and more and more are coming to be Toshiba. You could go online and search for Laptop prices as well, or buy locally from stores when the sale is good enough. Your choice! Google has "Froogal" which is a word play on "Frugal" and can find price comparisons.

    Make sure you check out how much they weigh and what their dimensions are for your application. I'd stay away from anything with "Celeron" in the mobile CPU processor name. I'm not even that sure about the Pentium Mobile or "M" processors. I'd stick to Core 2 Duo.

    And always try and get more memory rather than less Memory. I think 1 GB of memory is a starting point these days. More memory helps programs open faster and helps running multiple things at the same time, which is what Windows is all about. If it comes with 512mb have the store or shop add 512mb more at least.

    It's also interesting that many laptop sales are offering free Windows Vista Upgrade when Windows comes out for us mere mortals. So far it has only been release to corporations (I think that means big companies? ;-)

    I wouldn't run a Yacht Navigation Computer on Windows Vista for at least a year or so. And it's going to take awhile before most guys can help you at all with Windows Vista. Some Electronics guys were even still recommending Windows 2000 over XP for important yacht computers. I think they're finally realizing that for most boats XP is ok even for Nav computers. (Saw a yacht that "Transas" navigation stuff wouldn't run on XP.) **** But for Laptops for personal use you might take a dive and check out VISTA in the next 6 months or so. You have that option on some laptop deals, which is nice.


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    Subject: Laptop

Hi Alan.

Love your informative emails.

    Question - I am in the market for a new laptop. Currently have a Dell Inspiron, nice, but bulky. Needs are minimal - Word, Excel, Photos, Music (Zune), Internet with Verizon card or similar, lightweight, real portable. Any suggestions for make? There are so many out there, it's confusing for the meek of geek.

    Also, looking for a boat laptop for new ride (114' Yacht). Same needs as above, with boat logs, navigation backup, etc.

    Your input is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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