Instructions for Installing Voltage Regulator

By Edna Henry,2014-11-03 14:45
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Instructions for Installing Voltage Regulator

    Instructions for Testing and Installing a Voltage Regulator

    For Jubilee/NAA, Hundred series, “B-ckt” system


    NOTE: does NOT apply to 9N, 2N, 8N systems

Installing a regulator is easy - but wrong installation can ruin a new regulator in a few seconds.

Read ALL instructions before proceeding.


    Do not remove the old regulator until you make these tests.

    If the trouble is in the generator, battery or wiring, a new regulator will not correct the fault. Make these tests to determine whether or not a new regulator is needed.

    If Battery voltage is low and the charging rate is low, or there is no charge at all, make these tests:

    (1) Check battery water levels and general battery condition to see if it will take and hold a charge.

    (2) Check wiring for damage - make sure all connections at generator, regulator and battery are tight and free of corrosion. Don’t overlook grounds at generator & regulator.

(3) Make sure fan belt is tight enough to drive generator at full capacity. The belt should have no more than a ?”

    of flex to it.

    (4) Run engine at medium, speed. Take a short length of wire and touch one end of it to the regulator base and the other end of it to a good ground. If this corrects the trouble, then the regulator is not properly grounded.