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    Vocabulary and Structure


    There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four

    choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and

    write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.



    表示时间的名词在名词前面表示所有格的时候?虽然是无生命的?也不用of表示?要用’s 表示。

1.I’m going away for a ____ .

    A. holiday of a week B. week holiday C. holiday week D. week’s holiday



    1. You can get ___ about this course from the university website. A. many informations

    B. lots of information

    C. more informations

    D. lots of informations

    2. The effects of ___ are becoming more and more serious. A. pollutions on the environment

    B. pollution on the environment

    C. pollution to the environment

    D. pollution for the environment



    The more…the less

    The more…the more

    1. The more he tried to please her, ____ she seemed to appreciate it. A. less B. lesser C. the less D. the lesser

    2. The ___ your calculations are, the better your result will be. A. most accurate

    B. accurater

    C. more accurate

    D. more accutater


    1.Mary has just called and asked ____ to have lunch with her tomorrow.

    A. you and I B. you and me C. I and you D. me and you

    2.Last Sunday ____ had a picnic in Beihai Park. A. John, Mary and me B. John, I and Mary C. John, Mary and I D. I, John and Mary


    1. When my mobile phone rang during the lecture, I felt very ___. A. embarrassing

    B. embarrass

    C. embarrassed

D. embarrassment

    2. Nuclear energy; despite its early promises as a source of electrical power, is still

    insignificant ____ old and safe energy sources.

    A. comparing with B. comparing to C. compared with D. compared to


    1. As the plane was ___ towards Heathrow Airport in London, the captain told us that we

    had arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

    A. descended

    B. on its descend

    C. descending

    D. at its descend

    2.The teacher said that the earth ____around the sun. A. run B. ran C. runs D. was running

    3.By the time we got to the cinema the film ____for half an hour. A. has begun B. had begun C. has been on D. had been on


    1. 1. I think the green coat her well.

     Thats right.

    A. fits B. is fit C. is fit for D. fits for 2.Robert, youre wanted the phone.

     Do you know who (

    A. on; he is B. for; is he C. on; it is D. for; it is 3. She hardly thinks that there is any hope of hearing from them soon, __ ?

    A. does she B. doesnt she C. is there D. isn’t there

    4. They offered her a house for 100,000, it was worth.

    A. as much as twice B. as much twice as C. as twice much as D. twice as much as

    5. hard at your lessons, and you may make some progress. A. Working B. Work C. If you work D. To work 6.We are in great need of help.

     ask them to do you a favor?

    A. How about B. Why don’t C. Why didn’t D. Why not

    7. It is over a week Mr. White returned to England to take a holiday. A. when B. since C. after D. as 8. It was said that the new car to the institute as a gift by a businessman. A. had given B. would give C. had been given D. has been given 9.Have you ever heard of Mr. Read?

    Yes, he is reporter.

    A. an Australian famous young B. a famous Australian young C. a young Australian famous D. a famous young Australian

10. Im sorry for what I said. I .

    A. hold it back B. take it back C. keep it back D. get it back 11. No sooner had the thief disappeared into a side street _____. A. than the police arrived B. when the police arrived C. as the police arrived D. than police arrived 12. ---A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

     --- _____.

    A. Thank you, the same to you B. I hope so C. I wish so D. Im glad to hear you

    13. Computers are supposed to save time, but I’m not so sure they _____.

    A. have B. are C. were D. do 14. The reason _____ Im writing is to tell you about a party on Saturday. A. because B. why C. for D. as 15. _____ is known to the world, Mark Twain is a great American writer. A. That B. Which C. As D. It 16. Meet me at the same place _____ you did yesterday. A. that B. what C. which D. as 17. He is _____ a clever young man _____ he can speak about ten foreign languages.

    A. suchthat B. sothat C. so afor D. suchso

    18. Mary is a ______ girl.

    A. seven years old B. seven-years-old C. seven-year-old D. seven-year old

    19. Do you know the best drink is in this cafe?

    A. that B. when C. where D. what 20. They held a conference to decide to meet the emergency.

    A. how B. what C. that D. which


    1-5?ACADB 6-10?DBCDB 11-15. AAADB 16-20.DACDA










     For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices given below and

marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by

    blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

    Harriet Tubman was born a slave. She didn’t get a chance to go to school. 1 a

    child, she had to work very hard in the fields 2 day. In this 3 her master could

    4 a lot of money when he 5 his crops. Harriet 6 think that she was being

    treated fairly.

    ( )1. A. As B. Like C. Since D. Because of ( )2. A. by B. most C. all D. during

    ( )3. A. way B. place C. town D. means

    ( )4. A. make B. do C. give D. pay ( )5. A sell B. sold C. buy D. bought

    ( )6. A. did B. didn’t C. certainly D. of course After Harriet grew up, she ran away from the farm to the northern states. There, and in

    Canada, black people were free. Harriet liked to be free, she felt 7 all of the black

    people who were slaves.

    Harriet returned to the south to help other slaves to run away. She made sure they

    got to 8 .

    ( )7. A. sure B. sorry C. happy D. wrong

    ( )8. A. the north B. the west C. the east D. the south

    Harriet 9 in great 10 11 a law that had just been 12 . The law 13 it

    was not permitted to 14 slaves run away. She also found out 15 slave owners

    said they would 16 40,000 to anyone who could catch H. Tubman. ( ) 9.