By Rachel Powell,2014-11-18 16:31
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     Hi, my friend, are you happy today? We all know that happiness is something everyone search for. However, how to be happy?

     Some are sure they will find it once they have move back home;

    Some think they will find it when making a new friend;

    Some hope to find it once they have defeated the competition;

     But, there have a lot of people, their way pursuing happiness is different from others. They consider helping others to be a

    kind of happiness.

     Cong Fei, a famous singer in china, who supported hundreds of people to go to school, while he leaded a poor life. Mother Teresa, she created the Missionaries of charity and devoted all her life to the poor patients and orphans. She gave the world the best she had, she felt happy. Maybe in others eyes, they are

    foolish man, but, in their opinion, dedication to society and helping others is a kind of happiness. I was a volunteer last year, I still remember, once we went to a orphan asylum. We took

    many foods to them and played games with them. Although I felt tired, my heart was full of happiness when I saw the smiles

    on their faces. Helping others gives us another kind of happiness from heart.

     Our country has a phrase, a helping hand. I believe, if we put our hand to those people who need help, we will acquire happiness and it will be a better place.

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