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BARS help guide Adding users to your organisation

    Adding users to your organisation in BARS

    As an Organisation Administrator you are able to administer your organisation membership list. You can edit, suspend or delete individuals and you can add new users to your organisation. When setting up their BAP membership lists, LBAP co-ordinators and steering group members with coordinator rights, and National Plan Lead Partners also have the ability to add new users to an organisation. However they do not have the ability to subsequently edit these users’ details or delete them

    from the organisation list.

Adding a user to your organisation:

    1. Within the BARS user homepage scroll to the bottom of the page and click

    on ‘BARS admin’.

    2. In the BARS admin area your access rights will briefly be described, and you

    can gain further information on your user rights by clicking on the blue

    heading (in you case this will be for ‘Organisation administrator’).

    1 March 2005

    BARS help guide Adding users to your organisation

    3. To the left of the screen below the BARS sign you will see a short list with a

    drop down menu for Organisations & users, ‘Who am I’, your name and a

    BARS user homepage link. Click on the arrow next to Organisations &

    users and then click on the My organisations link.

    In the next window the name of your organisation will be shown and to the

    right of the screen there is a ‘Userslink and an ‘Edit’ option.

    Note: Your organisation has previously been added to the system by the BARS central administrators.

4. Clicking on ‘Users’ allows you to view those individuals already set up within

    your organisation. Clicking on ‘Edit’ allows you to change the name and/ or

    address of your organisation.

    Note: the address should be the main organisation address, not your own contact address- if these are different you can change your personal address within ‘my

    contact details’ in the BARS user homepage.

5. Click on ‘Users’. You now have two options. You can either

    ; Add a new user or,

    ; If you know the individual you want to link to your organisation is already

    on the BARS system but is listed under a different organisation, you can

    add an existing BARS user.

    2 March 2005

BARS help guide Adding users to your organisation

    Adding a new user

    To add an individual to your organisation click on ‘Add new user’ at the top of

     the screen:

    Note: You should be aware that any new user you set up in BARS will receive an automated email from the system (see appendix 1), and thus we recommend you notify users you want to add before you set them up in BARS.

    6. To verify that the user you want to add is not already on the BARS system

    (e.g. it could be that you are not aware that the individual you want to set up

    is already on BARS but as part of another organisation), enter their email

    address and click on ‘Validate’.

    3 March 2005

BARS help guide Adding users to your organisation

    ; If the email address is already in use thus indicating that the individual is

    already set up on BARS, click on their name (highlighted in blue).

    ; In the next window you can enter his/ her correspondence address for your

    organisation, and then click OK. The user has now also been linked to your


    4 March 2005

    BARS help guide Adding users to your organisation

    ; If the user is not on the system already, an ‘Add new user link will appear on

    the screen- click on this.

7. Now you need to add the details of the new user. Those fields marked with a

    red star * are mandatory information fields- these are:

    ; First Name,

    ; Surname,

    ; Role (generally this will be the default ’BARS user’),

    ; Email address

In addition, you will need to assign your new user a User ID and Password:

; The user ID needs to be at least 8 characters in length.

    ; The password needs to be at least 8 characters in length, have at least 1

    capital letter, and at least 1 number.

    ; Confirm the password.

    Click ‘ok’ at the bottom of the page.

Note: Your user will be asked to change their password the first time he/ she logs


    5 March 2005

BARS help guide Adding users to your organisation

    You can assign your new user organisation administration rights by ticking the

    little box next to ‘Organisation administrator’. Organisation administrators have

    the ability to add or remove users from their organisation, view and edit all

    actions against which their organisation is listed as the lead role, and add

    ‘standalone’ actions for their organisation (standalone actions are actions not

    linked to a LBAP or national plan). However, you should be conservative with

    selecting organisation administration rights for your users and in most cases the

    default ‘User is enabled’ option should suffice.

    You have now added your new user to your organisation and he/ she will receive an automated email from the BARS system containing a brief explanation what BARS is about, their username and password to login to BARS and your email address in case they need to contact you. See Appendix 1 for an example copy of this email.

    6 March 2005

BARS help guide Adding users to your organisation

Adding an existing BARS user

    An individual should only be set up once as a BARS user. Initially they will be set up against a specific organisation but they can then later be linked to other organisations. This is to take into account that some users may work for more than one organisation. For particular plans and actions they may want to be listed as representing a specific organisation but for other plans and actions they may want to be listed against a different organisation.

    For example: John Smith is an English Nature employee and has been set up as a BARS user in this organisation’s user list. However, Bob also volunteers for his local

    bird club. For plans and actions Bob carries out as part of his work he wants to be listed as being from English Nature. But for plans and actions he carries out representing his local bird club (e.g. perhaps as part of his local BAP) he wishes to be listed as doing the work on behalf of the bird club. This is possible by linking Bob Smith to both English Nature and his local bird club.

    8. To link an individual already affiliated to an organisation to your own

    organisation, click on the grey ‘Add existing BARS user’ box.

    9. In the next pop-up window, select the organisation your individual is currently

    listed against in BARS from the drop down list.

    Note: If you know the user is on BARS but is not linked to any organisation select the -INDIVIDUALS- option.

    Once you have selected the organisation, you will be able to select the

    person you wish to link to your organisation. You can also enter their

    correspondence address and then click on OK at the bottom of the window.

    The individual will now be linked to both organisations (in this example Josie

    Bloggs is linked to the Derbyshire County Council and to English Nature) and

    will receive an email informing him/ her of this.

    7 March 2005

BARS help guide Adding users to your organisation

8 March 2005

BARS help guide Adding users to your organisation

Appendix 1

    Email sent to an individual when they are first set-up as a BARS user

Dear John Smith

    You have been added to the Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) as a BARS user, and have been set up with the following details:


Name: John Smith

Organisation: English Nature

User ID: johnsmith

Password: Password1

You were added by joe.bloggs


    With this user ID and password you can log in to BARS, which will give you access to the data for the plans and actions you are involved with. When you do log in you will be given the opportunity to change your User ID and Password.

    Each time an action is added to the BARS system with you as a contact point, you will be sent an email alert to confirm this.

To log in, or just to find out more about BARS, go to

    We hope you enjoy using the BARS system.

    The BARS administrator can be emailed at

    9 March 2005

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