Twitterfall has improve my effectiveness when covering client conferences in real

By Tim Jackson,2014-05-11 08:23
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    Twitterfall has improve my effectiveness when covering client conferences in real-time. At Dell World 2011 I was able to virtually connect with an audience that was 1,500 miles away. While watching a live streaming video I was able to tweet quotes from interviews, announce guest speakers, and follow the most popular hashtags. With Twitterfall I was able to view and retweet complimentary messages all from Twitterfall’s friendly user interface. By following the trending hashtags from the event I was also able to drive traffic to my clients websites by tweeting relevant articles my clients had written. These timely messages helped emphasize the growing presence my client has in the digital news space.


    HootSuite is a recognized social media tool that can assist with scheduling social messages on different mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn all on one user interface. The fact that you can plan the release of messages hours, weeks, even months, ahead of time saves a great deal of your time and makes this tool a favorite among social media marketers.

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