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Cleanliness and Food Safety - PizzaCo IncInc,and,food,Food

    Standards Reference System


Cleaning Effectiveness

    The effectiveness of cleaning materials and methods is affected by the following 5 factors:


    ; Some cleaning materials are formulated to perform at low

    temperatures, some at high.

    ; It is important that the correct temperatures are used to ensure

    effective cleaning.

    ; The majority of products that require HOT water will increase their

    cleaning power with increases in temperature.


    ; Application is the way in which the cleaning material is applied. ; This may be by mop, spray, cloth, scrubbing, or some other form of


    ; It is important to ensure that the appropriate method is used to gain

    the optimum results.

    Standards Reference System Volume I Confidential and Proprietary Property of Pizza Hut, Inc .

    August 2005 Module 2 Page 1

    Standards Reference System


    ; This will affect the cleaning effectiveness and the operational cost

    of the chemicals.

    ; Over-portioning leads to waste and can also lead to damaged


    ; Protective seals or polished surfaces may be damaged by an over-

    concentrated solution.

    ; Residues may be left by strong solutions.

    Contact Time:

    ; Both detergents and sanitizers have an optimum contact time to

    react and facilitate effective cleaning and sanitation.

    Water Quality:

    ; The effectiveness of the product will be affected by the

    hardness/softness of the water being used.

    ; In most instances the cleaning materials are formulated to account

    for hard water.

    Confidential and Proprietary Property of Pizza Hut, Inc. Standards Reference System Volume I

     Page 2 Module 2 September 2004

    Standards Reference System

Cleaning Materials

    Many different cleaning materials are used for cleaning Pizza Hut restaurants.

    General Purpose Cleaner:

    ; Used in the wash (first) compartment of the three-compartment sink

    to remove soil from utensils and equipment.

    ; Used for general cleaning of work surfaces and customer areas. Sanitizer:

    ; Used in the third compartment of the three-compartment sink to

    sanitize utensils, etc.

    ; Used to sanitize work surfaces in the kitchen and customer areas. ; Used to fill spray bottles and buckets for wiping clothes. Degreaser:

    ; Used for cleaning oven hoods, equipment surfaces, tables,

    trashcans, etc.

    Approved Anti-bacterial Hand Soap:

    ; Used for washing hands in all kitchen sinks and restrooms. ; Located in soap dispenser at each sink.

    Glass Cleaner:

    ; Used to clean all interior and exterior glass and mirrors. Metal Cleaner:

    ; Used to clean and polish all stainless steel surfaces. Heavy Duty Cleaner:

    ; Used to clean floors, concrete, and pavement.

    Deliming Agent:

    ; Used to remove lime and hard water deposits.

    ; Used to remove stains and build-up from urinals and restroom


    Standards Reference System Volume I Confidential and Proprietary Property of Pizza Hut, Inc .

    August 2005 Module 2 Page 3

    Standards Reference System

    A 4-step process is used to clean and sanitize all food- contact surfaces. This process prevents bacterial

    contamination by ensuring food is prepared and served

    with clean, sanitary equipment and utensils.

    Remove 1 1. Remove leftover food and heavy soiling by scraping as Leftover Food much as possible into a rubbish bin.

    2. Pre-soak as needed using spray attachment.

    3. Soak the item for 3 or more minutes to loosen dirt and

    residue in the first sink.

    First Sink 2 1. Wash the item with clean, hot soapy water (120?

    WASH the Item 130?F) and general purpose cleaner.

    2. Scrub the item with a scrubbing brush or Teflon scourer.

    Second Sink 3 1. Do not fill the middle rinse sink with water.

    RINSE the Item

    2. Rinse the item in clean, hot water (120? 130?F) using

    the overhead sprayer or running faucet to remove any


    Third Sink 4 1. Place the item for a minimum of 1 minute into a solution SANITIZE the of sanitizer (chlorine concentrate 50 - <200 ppm) and

    warm water (90? 100?F) to sanitize. Item