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    Italian?Vocabulary?bookVersion- Draft 1


    Edexcel GCSE 2009 Italian Vocabulary Book

    Edexcel are pleased to provide this free vocabulary book freely to support learners following the the Edexcel GCSE 2009 Specification in Italian.

    Please note: the most up to date version of this document is available on the Edexcel website and a definitive list of core vocabulary is available in the Edexcel Specification.


    This bilingual glossary has been produced to support you in your language learning and to help you prepare for the Edexcel GCSE. It features a revised minimum core vocabulary foundation level vocabulary (this has been expanded from the original one in the specification) as well as higher level vocabulary. English meanings, genders and irregular word endings are given and the vocabulary is listed both alphabetically and under the following Edexcel headings:

    High Frequency Language







    Connecting Words

    Time Expressions


    Days of the Week

    Months of the Year

    Question Words





    Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Social Conventions


    Listening and Reading Topics

    Out and About

    -Visitor Information, Basic Weather, Local Amenities,

    Accommodation, Public Transport, Directions

    Customer Services and Transactions

    -Cafes and Restaurants, Shops, Dealing with Problems

    Personal Information

    -General Interest, Leisure Activities, Family and Friends, Lifestyle

    (healthy eating and exercise)

    Future Plans, Education and Work

    -Basic Language of the Internet, Simple Job Advertisements, Simple

    Job Applications and CV, School and College, Work and Work


Speaking and Writing Topics

    Media and Culture

    -Music/Film/Reading, Fashion/Celebrities/Religion, Blogs/Internet

    Sports and Leisure

    -Hobbies/interests, Sporting Events, Lifestyle Choices

    Travel and Tourism

    -Holidays, Accommodation, Eating (food and drink)

    Business, Work and Employment

    -Work Experience/Part-time Jobs, Product or service InformationAlthough words are listed under specific topic headings, they are not always exclusive to these. Many words can also relate to other topic areas, but may only be listed in one.

    At the end of each section you will find some blank pages, these enable you to note down other words that you encounter during the GCSE course and which may prove useful.

    Please note that this is not a complete list of all vocabulary for the Edexcel GCSE, and should be used as a reference guide that students can refer to and add to rather than a definitive list of vocabulary needed to achieve a specific grade.This vocabulary book is currently a first draft; if centres notice any errors in the

    vocabulary lists contained in this document please let us know and we will ensure they are updated appropriately.

Section 1

    High Frequency LanguageThis has been taken from the appendix in the specification


    to acceptaccettare

    to accompanyaccompagnareto addaggiungere

    to adore, loveadorare

    to adviseconsigliare

    to allowpermettere

    to answerrispondere

    to apply tofare domandato arguelitigare

    to arrivearrivare

    to askchiedere

    to askdomandare

    to ask a questionfare una domandato beessere

    to be able topotere

    to be calledchiamarsi

    to be interested ininteressarsi (di)

    to be locatedtrovarsi

    to be wrong/make a mistakesbagliare

    to begincominciare

    to bookprenotare

    to borrowprestare (prendere in prestito)

    to buycomprare

    to callchiamare

    to cancelannullare

    to changecambiare

    to chatchiacchierare

    to checkcontrollare

    to choosescegliere

    to clickcliccare

    to climb, get on (transport)salire

    to closechiudere

    to comevenire

    to contactcontattare

    to costcostare

    contareto count

    to crypiangere

    to decidedecidere

    to describedescrivereto deservemeritareto discussdiscutereto drinkbere

    to driveguidare

    to earnguadagnare

    to eatmangiare

    to endterminare

    to enjoy oneselfdivertirsito enterentrare

    to escapescappare

    to fallcadere

    to fillriempire

    to findtrovare

    to finish, endfinireto flyvolare

    to followseguire

    to forgetdimenticareto forgiveperdonareto get angryarrabbiarsito givedare

    to go down, get off (transport)scendere

    to go for a walkfare una passeggiata

    to hatedetestare

    to haveavere

    to have todovere

    to hear, to feelsentireto helpaiutare

    to hopesperare

    to hurryaffrettarsito improvemigliorareto informinformareto inform, to warnavvisareto intendintendereto introducepresentareto inviteinvitare

    to jumpsaltare

    to keep, to holdtenereto knock, hitcolpire

    sapereto know (a fact)

    to know (be familiar with)conoscere

    to landatterrare

    to lastdurare

    to laughridere

    to learnimparare

    to leavepartire

    to leave (an object)lasciareto lendprestare (dare in prestito)

    to light, turn switch onaccendereto listenascoltare

    to liveabitare

    to livevivere

    to load, chargecaricareto look afteroccuparsi (di)to look like, to resembleassomigliare

    to loseperdere

    to loveamare

    to managearrangiarsi

    to meetincontrare

    to missmancare

    to noticenotare

    to offeroffrire

    to openaprire

    to orderordinare

    to organiseorganizzareto parkparcheggiare

    to pass by, to pass (time)passareto phonetelefonare

    to playgiocare

    to please, to likepiacereto preferpreferire

    to preventimpedire

    to produceprodurre

    to pulltirare

    to pushspingere

    to putmettere

    to put backrimettere

    to rainpiovere

    to receive, be host toricevereto recommendraccomandareto refundrimborsare

to regret, be sorrydispiacere

    to remainrimanere

    to rememberricordarsito rent/to hireaffittareto repairriparare

    to repeatripetere

    to replacesostituireto researchricercareto reserveriservare

    to returnritornare

    to reviseripassare

    to ring/to play (instrument)suonare

    to savesalvare

    to saydire

    to seevedere

    to seemsembrare

    to sellvendere

    to sendmandare

    to serveservire

    to showmostrare

    to signfirmare

    to sit downsedersi

    to sleepdormire

    to smilesorridere

    to smokefumare

    to snownevicare

    to speakparlare

    to spendspendere

    to stayrestare

    to stay, to be (healthy)stare

    to stealrubare

    to stickincollare

    to stopfermarsi

    to studystudiare

    to succeed, manageriuscireto surf the internetnavigare su internet

    to swimnuotareto takeprendere

    to tellraccontare

    to thankringraziare

    to thinkpensare

    to think, believecredere

    gettareto throw

    to touchtoccare

    to try (on)provareto try, to look forcercare

    to typescrivere a macchina

    to understandcapireto useservirsi dito useusare

    to visitvisitare

    to wait foraspettareto walkcamminare

    to wantvolereto washlavereto want, desiredesiderare

    to winvincere

    to wishaugurare

    to worklavorare

    to writescrivere



    alone, lonelysolo/aangryarrabbiato/aawfulterribile










    disgustingdisgustoso/adynamicdinamico/aelderly, oldanziano/aexcitingeccitantefalsefalso/a


    fast, quickveloce








    gratefulriconoscentegrateful, thankfulgrato/agreatgrande

    great, fantasticfantastico/a





    high, tallalto/a


    in a good mooddi buon umore

    in a hurrydi frettakindgentile




    lockedchiuso/a a chiavelonglungo/a







    old, ancientantico/aone’s ownproprio/aopenaperto/a


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