Lindsey Isaacs

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Lindsey Isaacs

    Welcome to our feature presentation…

    The Life of a Young

    Teacher in the



    Lindsey Isaacs

    November 25, 2008

    EDT 427A B

    Field Assignment II

    400 E. Withrow St.

    Oxford, Ohio 45056


(the names used in this project are not real but do represent real people and situations)

     - 1 -

     Welcome to the high school in the year 2008.

    The building and technology might be different

    than schools used to be, but teaching remains the same.

The Meet and Greet

From: Isaacs, Lindsey Rae []

    Sent: Friday, November 07, 2008 11:16 AM

    To: Robben, Jennifer

    Subject: field experience


    My name is Lindsey and I'm the Miami student that is going to be in your classroom for the next

    two weeks. I just wanted to touch base with you before I show up on Monday morning. I just found out today that I'm going to be at ____ High School so I have a few questions. What grades

    do you teach? Should I pack a lunch? and What time does school start? I look forward to working with you!

    See you Monday.

    Lindsey R. Isaacs

    New Member Educator

    Phi Mu--Beta Eta


Hi Lindsey,

    I’m happy you’ll be joining my classes for the next two weeks. I’ve listed some information

    below that I hope is helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know—I’ll be checking e-

    mail all weekend.

    ; School Day: Our school day runs from 8:00-2:48. Because of traffic, I’d

    recommend arriving between 7:30 and 7:45

    ; Parking: Please park in the RED lot. I’ll secure a temporary parking pass on


    ; First Day: Please check in at the front desk for a visitor’s pass—I’ll send a

    student up to escort you to my room, 515

    ; Lunch: My lunch time is 11:00-11:35. If you plan to stay during that time, I

    recommend packing lunch---the time goes by quickly!

    ; Class Schedule:

    1 English I POD 50% regular ed/50% special needs

     - 2 -

     English I POD50 % regular ed/50% special needs 2

    3 Composition Workshopremedial writing course

    4 AP English

    5 Plan

    6 AP English

    7 AP English

Enjoy your weekend,

    Jen Robben

    English Teacher

The Week at a Glance

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Quiz over NO SCHOOLBegin Lit. Lit. Circles Finish Lit. chapters 1-6 Veterans Day. Circles3 continueduse Circles chapter TKAM** groups over wrkst as a guide 10-11… review

     chapters 7-8 for chapter 9 for quiz on

    Monday **To Kill a Mockingbird

The Laboratory

     - 3 -

    1, 2, & 3. There are computers found in the corner of the room that students have access to on a daily basis. They use it to surf the web, research for projects, and check their school email. Students can email their teachers from home to ask homework help, too.

     st4. The Smartboard has taken the place of the classroom and even the whiteboard in the 21

    century classroom. This board is used as a projector, writing surface, and computer screen. Teachers can project their word document notes on the screen and then use a marker to write on it to add additional notes during class. At the end of the class, the teacher can print the document from the Smartboard include the notes she wrote on it with the marker during class.

    5. There is still a whiteboard in the classroom. It is mostly used for posting daily schedules, homework assignments, and weekly notes. It is not a key tool in instruction.

    6. The room has a divider that can be taken down to make the two rooms connect. By adjoining the rooms teachers can co-teach and utilize the entire space to show a movie or give a large presentation.

    The Smartboard is the newest technological tool for teachers.

    They have to take classes on how it works. It acts as a touch

    screen and a whiteboard. Whatever is written on it can also be

    printed out after class. It is very beneficial to the classroom when used correctly.

Still a few Glitches to Work Out

Student: Ms. Isaacs, the screen just went blank.

    Ms. Isaacs: What, oh? Okay. Hold On.

    Student: The light isn’t blinking on the LCD.

    Ms. Isaacs: What’s the LCD? Oh, the projector. Could someone tall push the reset button for

    me… Joe?

    Student: Oh! Oh! There is was.

    Student 2: Can I go to the bathroom?

    Ms. Isaacs: Everyone please sit down in your seats and start to read chapter eight. We are going to discuss and take notes over it in a minute. I would use this time to make notes for discussion… especially those of you who didn’t read last night.

… Ms. Isaacs restarts the computer and reboots the notes onto the Smartboard…

     - 4 -

Student: Do you know what you are doing Ms. Isaacs

    Student 2: Do you want me to go get Ms. R?

    Ms. Isaacs: Ladies and gentleman. There is no reason for any of you to be talking because you should be reading. Please be patient with me.

…After ten minutes of lost class time…

    Ms. Isaacs: Okay, I know this is a crazy thought, but we are just going to use the old-fashion white board to take notes today. Does anyone want to volunteer to be my note taker up here? Student: Me! Me!

    Ms. Isaacs: Okay guys, thanks for being patient. Turn to page 68 and tell my something significant that happened with Scout.

Friday Field Notes

    November 14, 2008

    It is finally Friday! This week has been exhausting but very productive. The students are wearing black and red today for spirit points. I took a tally of all the students wearing spirit gear during homeroom and handed out raffle tickets for Ms. R. At the end of the quarter they win a HD TV if their name is drawn from the raffle pot. I think is good motivation to improve school spirit.

Today here is a substitute. I don’t think Ms. R is totally comfortable with me rdteaching her classes yetespecially 3 period because they are out of control. I

    told the sub I could help whenever needed but they are just silently reading. I am surprised how well they are reading considering its Friday and they are antsy. If they aren’t reading they are faking it really well.

    Next week we are doing literature circles all week. I will have my own group of kids everyday. I’m looking forward to getting to know the students better and

    interacting with them in small groups. I’m exhausted today. Couldn’t go to sleep last night.

“I Can’t Get No Motivation”

    Sung to the tune of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones

I can't get no motivation,

    I can't get no motivation.

    'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.

    I can't get no, I can't get no.

When I'm teachin' in my room

    and that students comes up to my desk

    and he's tellin' me more and more

    about some how hard his homework is

    and how I’m supposed to fire his imagination.

    I can't get no, oh no no no.

    Hey hey hey, that's what I say.

I can't get no motivation,

    I can't get no motivation.

    'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.

    I can't get no, I can't get no.

     - 5 -

When I'm gradin' with my TV

    and that essasy keep on to tellin me how lazy my students can be.

    Well I can't be a teacher' cause he they won’t learn and give some effort to me.

    I can't get no, oh no no no.

    Hey hey hey, that's what I say.

I can't get no motivation,

    I can't get no effort with action. 'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try. I can't get no, I can't get no.

    When I'm listenin' round the lounge and I'm doin' this and I'm signing that and I'm tryin' to make some sense that tells me why my students learned helplessness

    'cause you see I'm on losing streak. I can't get no, oh no no no.

    Hey hey hey, that's what I say.

    I can't get no, I can't get no, I can't get no motivation,

    no motivation, no motivation, no motivation.

To Do for Wednesday…

    ; 5:30am Wake Up

    o Shower

    o Review Lesson

    ; High School for Observation

    ; Nap

    ; 2:00pm Class

    ; Work Out

    ; Call to confirm

    Marcum CenterJan. 20

    ; Dinner with Kelly

    ; Call Mama about Friday

    ; Homework

    o Chapter 9-10 TKAM

    o Read Case Study

    ; 9pm Committee Chair Meeting

    ; Bed Early!

     - 6 -

    School spirit is another aspect of today’s high schools.

    Tradition is valued by all who know that is it key to preserving the

    values the school was founded on.

    It also helps keep a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

The Hypocritical Teacher

What I’m Saying What I’m Doing What I’m Thinking

    “Billy, put your cell phone Giving the ‘come on now I hate the cell phone rule. I away please. You shouldn’t know every student in my you know better’ look.

    even have it out past 8am. “ class has their cell phone in

    their pocket right now.

    “Billy, I already told you to put Hand on hip. Annoyed I really don’t care that he it away once. I don’t want to has his work out. It’s not look on my face.

    have to take it away.” like we’re taking a test.

    “BILLY! Not only have you Reaching out my hand. I want to know what they refused to listen to me… now are laughing at! But it is Rolling my eyes.

    you are using your cell phone inappropriate to look to distract other students. through a students phone.

    Give it to me.”

    After class… “Billy, what were Holding his phone behind Was it appropriate? Am I you laughing at one your allowed to ask these my back until he tells me.

    phone.” questions?

    “Okay, well… if I see it again Giving him back his cell I wonder if Hannah texted I’m going to take it the first me back yet? I should phone.

    time. And I am going to tell check my phone between Ms. R that you have already bells. Haha.

    violated the cell phone rule

    this week.

     - 7 -


    ; She Works Hard for the MoneyDonna Summer

    ; Hot for TeacherVan Halen

    ; We Don’t Need No Education—Pink Flyod

    ; Stacy’s Mom—Fountains of Wayne

    ; We are FamilyThe Hit Crew

    ; R.E.S.P.E.C.T.Aretha Franklin

    ; Schools OutAlice Cooper

    ; Don’t Stop Believin’—Journey

    ; Hit me with your Best ShotPat Benatar

    ; Whatever it TakesLifehouse

    ; Don’t Laugh at Me—Mark Wills

    ; FighterChristina Aguilera

Miami Education Student vs. Miami Business Student

     English Education Major Finance/Business Major

    -mostly papers as assessment -2 hours long objective tests as


     -internship built into program -internship in the summer

     -hard working

    -average GPA 3.5** -average GPA 2.9**


    -wakes up at 5am to observe -wakes up at 2pm for class in

     -motivated Laws Hall**

    -newly renovated building (McGuffey) -brand new building (not

     - important finished yet)

    -knows they are going to make a -thinks education majors are

     difference in the world -the future of taking the easy way out


     -starting salary out of college $30,000 -starting salary out of college


**these facts are not accurate and are exaggerated to make a point and fit a stereotype

     - 8 -

    Each morning students meet in a homeroom class.

    The same homeroom meets every morning for four years with the same teacher.

    At graduation, their homeroom teacher hands them their diploma.

    This is standard practice for high schoolsit helps build a sense of community.

How to Grade Practice OGTs

    1. Have the students come in an hour late. Teachers meet regular time in media center.

    2. Group teachers together five to a group by their content area. Give each group the key

    their section of the test to review it before starting to grade. Give them roughly seven

    minutes to discuss.

    3. Each teacher takes a stack of tests and starts grading. Each group of teachers is grading

    their content area on the test. There was no writing practice test given.

    4. Teacher look at each other and laugh at some students answers. They don’t know whose

    test they are grading so they are poking fun at the answer not the students.

    5. Go as fast as humanly possible because you only have an hour to grade 1200 students’


    6. Complain the entire time about how stupid standardized tests are. Remind everyone that

    NCLB will probably be changing now that Barack Obama is the president-elect.

    7. When the bell rings, scurry off to class to teach the students and continue to dread the

    real test in March.

Cliff NotesA Guide to Special Education

Chapter 1:

    Mrs. R’s classroom is half regular students and half special ed students. The special ed students are on individualized education plans that have specific directions to how a teacher should teach them and the least restrictive environment they can learn in. When Ms. Isaacs walks into the classroom for the first time to observe, she can’t tell which students have IEPs. Everyone looks the

    stsame and are bouncing around the room before 1 period.

    Once the bell rings, Mr. M enters the room and takes a seat in the back corner. He is giving specific attention to select students in the classroom. He is also helping Mrs. R teach by

     - 9 -

    interjecting throughout her lesson and clarifying points that may be confusing. Sometime he just repeats what she says to the students quietly as they take notes.

     One day, the students took a test over chapters 1-6 of To Kill a Mockingbird. At the

    beginning of class Mrs. R announced, “Friends of Mr. M go to the Media Center and friends of

    Mrs. R stay here!” The students knew what she meant and proceeded to follow her directions. They took their tests in their prospective locations and continued on with the rest of the academic day when the bell rang.


     Mr. M is the special ed teacher. He has a undergraduate degree is Social Studies education and a masters in Special Education. He co-teaches class with Mrs. R and aides the students with IEPs to provide them with the least restrictive learning environment. The other students in the class also benefit from his teaching because many times he clarifies part of the lesson for the entire class while he is helping the special ed students.

     When they took the test, the special ed students (friends of Mr. M) go to the media center to receive special instruction and additional help on their test. This is part of their IEPs. Of the 12 special ed students, 5 need the test read aloud to them and the other 7 are allowed to work in small groups with extended time.

     When working with special education students it is best to speak clearly, stay on task, and keep directions simple. Many of these students are anxious and dread school on a daily basis. It is important to keep the information relevant to their lives. When giving directions, don’t

    overwhelm them with small tasksstick to the main point of an activity. By following these

    guidelines special education students can have success in a regular classroom.

From Student to Teacher

Once there was a little girl who wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to be a

    teacher for as long as she could remember. She loves writing on her mother’s chalkboard, taking attendance, organizing files, and all the other things she thought teachers did. She was always a studious and meticulous student

    throughout her grade school years.

Every morning, on her way out the door, she would go into her parent’s

    bedroom and kiss her father goodbye on the head. He would turn over and

    sleepily grumble, “Have a good day babyboll. Learn a lot.” He said this phrase to her nearly every morning for thirteen years.

    Now, that little girl is grown up. She goes to college and is studying to be a teacher. During her field experience the school she was observing was closer to her Cincinnati home than it was to Oxford to she spend the nights at home

    with her family. The night before her first big lesson she was preparing and kind of practicing/discussing her ideas with her mother (the former English

    teacher). Her whole family heard and joked with her that she couldn’t really be teaching a class tomorrow.

     - 10 -

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