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    1. abandon oneself to 听任? 沉溺于?She abandoned herself to a life of pleasure.

    with abandon 尽情地?任意地 The girls jumped up and down and

    waved their arms with abandon.

2. be absent from He was absent from the meeting.

    Why were you absent from school yesterday?

    absent-minded The absent-minded man put salt in his

    coffee and sugar on his egg.

    3. be absorbed in … They sometimes were so absorbed that they skipped

    meals and rest.

    She was completely absorbed in her task (work). 4. access to You can easily get access to the building.

    There is no access to the house from the main road.

    be accessible to… a place accessible to the public.

    The principal was always accessible to the students.

    Medicine should not be kept where it is accessible to children. 5. by accidentby chance…

    Last time I ran across her by accident.

    6. accommodateto Can you accommodate your long legs to this chair? (适应)

    You will have to accommodate yourself to the situation. 7. according to According to English law Hubert is innocent.

     According to John, there will be a meeting next week. 8. on account buy something on account.(赊帐)

    9. on account ofOn account of his youth, he was not allowed to take the senior


    10. account for(说明原因) He could not account for his absence from school. 11. accuse sb. of sth…. They accused him of a crime. (chargewith)

    12. be accustomed tobe accustomed to hard work.

    He had to accustom himself to the cold weather of his

    new country.

    Mrs. Babbit was not accustomed to leave home during

    the winter.

    13. act as… She acted as interpreter.

    act for… He acted for Smith while he was ill.

    act on (upon) … He was acting on our advice.

    This medicine acts on the heart.

    14. adaptto The shrewd politician adapts his speech to suit the interests of



    15. add to This adds to our difficulties.

    The balloons added to the festive atmosphere.

    add up These figures don’t add up right.

    Every time I add these figures up I get a different answer.

    add up to The money he spent added up to more than $ 2,000.

    说明?意味着 It all adds up to thishe is a fool.

    He wouldnt admit that the facts didnt add up to anything.

    16. addict oneself to The boy addicted himself to computer games.

    The man was addicted to drugs.

    17. in advance Then I will get a few pounds in advance and that will keep me


    18. take advantage of I cant take advantage of your good nature.

     I took advantage of the moment to leave the room.

    to sbs advantage.. Voice training will be to your advantage if you plan to go

    into the heater. (有利)

    19. agree withagree toagree on

    agree with somebody / what you said / ones idea / ones opinion

    agree on a cease-fire / the plan / contract / treaty / basic policies.

    agree to this arrangement / suggestion / proposal / plan

    agree to do something

    agree with That hot, damp climate didnt agree with him. 20. come to ones aid They all came to my aid.

    21. aim at The factory must aim at increasing production. 22. all the timeall the sameall this all over

    first of all above all in all There are twenty in all. 23. all at once All at once it began to rain. (suddenly)

    Dont eat them all at once; save some for later. (at the same time)

    for good and all When John graduated from school, he decided that he was

    done with study for good and all.(永久地? 一劳永逸地 )

    One and all(everybody) He was a man that was liked by one and all.

    24. along with… (together with) (besides)

    There was a bill along with the parcel.

    get along with How are you getting along with your English?

    We will get along beautifully together / with each other. 25. take one’s advice She refused to take his advice.

    26. be anxious to do sth…. be eager to do sth….

    27. be anxious about be anxious about the result.

    28. be anxious for She was anxious for Tom to succeed.

    I was anxious for everything to be settled.

    be anxious about / for his safety.

    29. apologize to sb. for sth.

    30. appeal to appeal for

     This menu doesnt appeal to me.

     Film of that sort have lost their appeal for me. ;兴趣?吸引力;

     He appealed to me for help. ;呼吁?请求;

     May I appeal to you to throw yourself whole-heartedly into the fight.

31. apply for… He applied for a passport.

    32. apply to do…. Last year he applied to return to his own village. 33. apply to What I am saying does not apply to you.

    34. show somebody around

    35. arrange for somebody / something to do

    We’ve arranged for the car to come at nine.

    We arranged for her to be examined by the best


    36. as a matter of fact

     He appears to be strong and healthy, but, as a matter of fact he suffers from a

     very weak heart.

    37. as long as = so long as

    As long as you can keep away from them youre safe.

    So long as you make Ruth happy Im satisfied.

    38. as soon as

     As soon as the girl saw her mother, she jumped with joy.

     Hardly had the girl seen her mother when she jumped with joy.

     Scarcely had the girl seen her mother before / when she jumped with joy.

     No sooner had the girl seen her mother than she jumped with joy.

     On seeing her mother, the girl jumped with joy. 39. as well as

     Mr Green as well as his wife and children will call on us tomorrow.

    40. ask forask aboutask after

    41. ask for leave

    42. at onceat the momentat a meeting

    43. attach to (使参加?属于)(附加?附属)

     He attached himself to the group of climbers.

     He was attached to the American Embassy.

     Was the label attached to your luggage?

    44. be available to… These books are available to the students. 45. be aware ofHe was aware of the danger around the area. 46. be bad forbe busy doing be busy with

    be covered withbe famous for be good at

    be pleased withbe used tobe surprised

    be worried about

    47. begin with

    48. belong to

    49. benefit from… I’ve benefited a lot from learning English. 50. on board

    51. break away from… They broke away from the guards.

    Fortunately, he broke away from these people years


    I should break away from such bad habits. 52. break down… Their equipment frequently broke down.

    His health broke down.

    The conversation broke down at this point.

    By determined attacks we broke down the enemy’s resistance.

    53. break in… Don’t break in while others are speaking.

    Thieves broke in during the night.

    54. break into… A house was broken into between midnight and 5 a.m. 55. broken English

    56. bring about… What brought about his illness / the quarrel / problem? 57. bring in… They have brought in an all-round record harvest. 58. bring out… I want to bring out clearly the issue that is involved.

    Next month they will bring out a new edition of the


    59. bring to… The doctor soon brought the injured worker to / round.

    60. bring up… Why don’t you bring this up at the meeting?

    I was brought up by my aunt.

    He was so ill that he brought up everything he had


    61. bump into… I bumped into Tom in the street yesterday.

    a) The car bumped into the big tree.

    62. burst into… The children burst into laughter.

    63. burst out… The baby burst out crying.

    64. on business Mr. Green went to London on business.

    65. buy something for …(money)

    66. by air, by bicycle, by bus, by phone, by the way, by sea,

    67. call attention to… We must call your attention to this problem.

    68. call away… She has been called away for some job.

    69. call for… I’ll call for you at your house at nine.

    This disease calls for prompt treatment.

    70. call off… They called off the plan.

    71. call on somebody. call at some place.

    72. call on somebody to do something

    73. call up… All right, I’ll call up again.

    He was called up right at the beginning of the war. 74. be capable of

    75. take care of (look after)

    76. care for… He doesn’t care much for music.

    How the party cares for us!

    They cared for the child night and day. 77. carry away The audience was carried away by his inspiring speech.

    Between 1907 and 1914 they carried away a lot of works of art.

    78. carry on… He had learned enough German to carry on a conversation.

    Please carry on! He will carry on where his comrade left


    79. carry out… They were determined to carry out the order to the letter.

80. carry through… We carried through all our plans.

    81. catch fire… catch hold of… catch one’s eye /attention

    catch red-handed =catch …on the spot catch sight of…

    catch up with somebody /catch somebody up 82. cause somebody to do something

    83. by chance … He found the answer by chance.

    84. in charge of in the charge of take charge of

    Linda took charge of the baby.

    under the charge of … The document is under the charge of

    Mr. Lee.

    chargewith 指控?指责The police charged the man with theft


    He charged me with neglecting my duty.

    chargewith 托付?交任务I charged him with the duty of guarding

    the prisoners.

    He charged me with looking after his daughter while he

    was away.

    85. combine … with… Combine theory with practice.

    86. come oncome to come up with(提出? 不断寻找)

    Come on, boy, make haste, or we shall be too late for the party.

    She is unconscious now, but may come to in a while.

    He came up with a new suggestion.

    Scientists are supposed to come up with new methods of solving the problem of

    the worlds supply.

    He came up with an excuse for them to be late that morning. 87. communicate with communicate to…

    communicate with somebody by letter. communicate some news to


    88. concentrateonconcentrate one’s attention on something

    concentrate on / upon one’s work

    89. compare with compare to

    Compare this with that, and you will see which is better.

    Shakespeare compared the world to a stage.

    90. on condition that

    I’ll lend it to you on condition that you return it to me tomorrow.

    She may come with us provided (that) she arrives in time.

    Supposing (that) she doesnt come, what shall we do?

    Suppose your father saw you what would he say?

     As long as


    91. form / draw / come to / arrive at / reach a conclusion

    92. be full of confidence … have confidence in somebody…

    93. be conscious of = be aware of

    94. consist of… Carbon dioxide consists of carbon and oxygen.

    consist in… ;主要在于;

    Good service consists in punctuality, dependability, and


    The advantage consists in being its simplicity. 95. be in contact with… = keep in touch with

     Have you been in contact with your sister recently?

     out of contact with…

     The expedition was completely out of contact with civilization for months.

     Lose contact with= lose touch with

     The pilot lost contact with the control tower.

     make contact with … = get in touch with

     Our generals have made contact with the enemy and asked for peace. 96. on the contrary… On the contrary, in the long run it is bound to deepen the

     eventual economic collapse.

     contrary to… What you wish to do is contrary to the regulations. 97. in contrast to / with

     The fourth floor was in great contrast to the sub-basement.

     His white hair was in sharp contrast to /with his dark skin.

     by contrast…

     By contrast, Mrs. Young was much more out-spoken. 98. be crowded with…

    99. be curious about …

     The boy was curious about everything he saw.

    100.cut down… We must cut down our expenses.

    cut off… They were then almost completely cut off from the outside world.

    cut out… Let us cut out the unimportant detail.

    Short-cut with

     I dont know how to deal with these naughty boys. ;对付?收拾;

     That man is easy to deal with. ;打交道;

     Im used to dealing with matters of this sort. ;处理;

     This book deals with questions of Political Economy. (论述)

     do with

     What did you do with that camera you found? ;处理;

     Oh, I could do with a cup of tea. ;需要?与cancouldhave to 等连用;

     Can you do with some noodles for dinner? ;将就?凑合?与cancould

    have to 等连用;

     have to do with;有关;

     Hard work had a great deal to do with his success.

     This has little / something / nothing to do with what we are talking about. 102.deep into night deep in thought

    103.depend on… rely on

    104. deserve to be done…= deserve doing

    They deserved to be punished. They deserved to punishing / the


    105. in detail He described the days events in detail.

    106. devote oneself / one’s time / one’s life to doing / n…

    contributeto;贡献?导致?起作用; dedicate to giveto

    He devoted his efforts to the improvement of the parks in his city.

    I dont think we should devote any more time to this question.

    He dedicated his life to the liberation of China.

    The Sung dynasty contributed three great inventions to world


    Eating too much fat can contribute to heart disease and cause high blood


    Plenty of fresh air contributes to good health.

    107. die of … die of starvation, cancer, boredom, hunger, cholera, coldness,


    die from… die from a wound, disease,

    die out… The fire died out. This kind of bird is dying out.

    Many of our traditions have died out.

    Elephants would die out if men were allowed to shoot as many as they


    die away… At last the music died away, neither of them moved for a while.

    The wind has died away again.

    Ronnys steps had died away, and there was a moment of a absolute silence.

     die down The wind has died down a bit. The noise died down. His anger

    /The storm / The fight / The excitement has died down.

    108. on diet

    109. be different from… The village is very different from what it was when I was



    differ from (with) On one point I differ from / with you.

    distinguish …from Can you distinguish cotton cloth from nylon?

     He cant distinguish between a genuine antique and distinguish between

    a reproduction.

    110. have difficulty in doing something 111. be down with… Thaddy was down with a slight fever.

    112. be a great drain on somebody’s strength / income.

    113. due to… = owing to… thanks to…

    114. drop in / drop in on somebody 115. draw in… He draw in some air.

    116. draw on… Winter is drawing on.

    117. draw a close… My trip to the People’s Republic of China is drawing to a


    118. draw up… Just then a small truck drew up.

    Who drew up the report?

    119. dress up… They tried to dress him up as a “national hero”.

120. drop inDrop in (on me ) whey you come to our city.

    121. end up… If you go on doing that kind of thing, you’ll end up in prison. 122. end with… He ended his letter with good wishes to the family.

    123. be engaged in… The workers were then engaged in a lively discussion.

    He got engaged to her when working in Xian.

    124. engage in… Still others engage in artcrafts.

    125. enter for… Are you going to enter for the contest?

    126. be faced with… They are faced with the same problem.

    127. fall in… The roof of the house fell in.

    128. fall in love with… I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful place.

    129. fall off… Export trade was falling off.

    130. fall out… You mustn’t fall out with each other about such trifles.

    131. fall through… Their plan fell through.

    132. feel like doing something

    133. be fed up with… He has been fed up with the fish.

    134. figure out Please help me to figure out my income tax.

     We must figure out how to do it.

    135. be filled with… be full of…

    136. find fault with… = be particular about

     He is always finding fault with my work.

    137. find it +adj+ to (that)… They found it difficult to deal with the situation.

    She found it quite natural that she should help us.

    138. fit in with… Your ideas fit in with mine.

    139. fix one’s eyes (attention) on

    The old man fixed his eyes on us without saying a word.

    140.Form the habit of doing something…

    He, too, formed the habit of taking notes while reading. 141.. gain… He had gained five pounds (in weight) by the time he left China.

    Put on such pastures the cows never gain weight.

    My watch gains three minutes a day.

    142.. get about / around / round … News of this soon got about.

    When word about this got around, the people quickly headed for the spot.

    143. get across… How can we get this meaning across to the students? 144. get along… How are you getting along with your English studies?

    a) He is sincere and easy to get along with.

    145. get down to (n.) / doing… It’s time we got down to business.

    146. get hold of… I’d like to get hold of two tickets for the concert. 147. get in… get the crops in.

    148. get over… She seems to have got over her problems. He has got over it.

    149. get through… He got through the book in one evening.

    They have all got through the examination.

    The operator finally got me through.

    150. give away… Don’t give away the secret.

    He gave away all his pictures.

151. give back

    152. give in… He would rather die than give in.

    153. give offgive off smoke / smell / light / vapour 154. give one a handgive somebody a lesson…

    155. give one’s life to…

    156. give one’s regards /greeting to

    157. give out… The teacher gave out the examination papers.

    Our money soon gave out.

    After we walked five hours, our legs gave out.

    158. give up… Don’t give up trying, children.

    She has given up her life to nursing the sick. 159. go ahead… “May I start?” “Yes, go ahead.”

    160. go all out… They went all out against the war.

    161. go in for… They wanted me to go in for teaching.

    162. go out… The fire has gone out.

    163. go over… He went over our written material word for word. 164. go well with… Brown shoes don’t go well with a black suit. 165. take for granted… He kept telling himself never to take anything for


    166. grow into… The city has already grown into an industrial centre. 167. grow up

    168. hand down… This necklace has been handed down in my family. 169. hand in… I’ve handed in my paper.

    170. hand out… They handed out leaflets in the streets. 171. hand over… He has resigned and will hand over charge of his office today.

    172. have something to do with…

    That has nothing to do with what we are discussing. 173. smoke one’s head off…

    174. hear from… hear of…

    175. help out… I’ll help you out with your work.

    176. cannot help doing… They cant help laughing when hearing the joke.

    177. cannot (help) but I cannot (help) but admit the truth of your remarks,

     although they go against my interests.

178. hit on / upon … ( strike on / upon)

     Who hit on this brilliant idea?

     An brilliant idea hit me when at work yesterday.

    179. hold back… She couldn’t hold back her tears any longer and wept aloud.

    180. hold down… They used even more massive terror to hold down the people. 181. hold on… Hold on! When the PLA men come, we’ll find a way out.

    182. hold out… Are you tired? Can you hold out any longer?

    i. The water won’t hold out much longer. 183. hold up… The storm held us up.

    184. inquire about… = ask about… inquire after… = ask after

185. insist on… I insisted on my correctness.

    186. join up… The first stage of the operation was to join up the bones. 187. keep a promise…

    188. keep a record… keep a secret… keep in mind…

    189. keep from doing something…

    190. keep up with… She had to run to keep up with them.

    191. keep up… Keep up your courage, and you are sure to succeed.

    192. knock down… I almost knocked you down.

    193. knock off… We knock off at six o’clock and we’ll be free.

    194. lay eggs lay out

    195. lead to… This will lead to higher blood pressure. 196. leave aloneLeave her alone.

    197. leave out… You’ve made a mistake. You’ve left out the letter e.

    198. lend a hand…

    199. let alone… In those days we couldn’t send our children to middle school, let

    alone college.

    200. let down… I haven’t done it well. I’ve let you down.

    201. come to light

     Johns thefts from the bank where he worked came to light when the bank examiners made an inspection.

     Since the trial, further evidence has come to light.

     light upHis face was lit up with sudden excitement.

     A smile lit up her face.

     The searchlight lighted up the whole area.

     He lighted up before speaking. ;点烟;

    202. look down on / upon… Don’t look down on women.

    203. look after look for… look forward to… look into… look on…

    look on … as look out… look through… look up… 204. lose heart… The team had won no games and it lost heart. 205. lose no time in doing something…

     We lost no time in returning to the work-site.

    206. at a loss I am at a loss for words.

     For a moment Arthur was at a loss how to reply to it.

     Shelly found himself at a loss what to do. 207. make a living… make money… make a success / go of…

    We must make a success of it.

    He was sure he could make a go of the filling station. 208. make bed… make ends meet…

    They could not earn enough to make ends meet for the whole family.

    Make for… We made for home together.

    209. make friends with

    210. make fun / a fool of… They often made fun of me for this.

    Don't you realize they were making a fool of you?

    211. make off /away with…

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