Friends - 9x18 - TOW The Lottery

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Friends - 9x18 - TOW The Lottery

Friends TV Show Transcript

    The One With The Lottery [Season 9 Episode 18] Watch "The One Teleplay: Sherry Bilsing - Graham & Ellen Plummer

    With The Lottery" Story: Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones

    on the DVDs / Directed by: Gary Halvorson

    videos shown Transcribed by: Eleonora, Pheeboh, Roni & Vanessa below!

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    Scene: Central Perk - Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Ross click here

     and Rachel are sitting on the sofas. Joey enters

    Joey: Monica, hey, can I borrow the Porsche? Friends TV Show

    Season Guide:

    Monica: Ok.

    ; Season 1

    Joey: Alright! ; Season 2

    ; Season 3 Monica: But ehm...what is it not? ; Season 4

    ; Season 5 Joey: (abashed) A place to entertain my lady friends. ; Season 6

    ; Season 7 Monica: And what else is it not? ; Season 8

    ; Season 9 Joey: (even more abashed) A place to eat spaghetti.

    ; Season 10

    Monica: Very good! (Gives him the keys) What do you need

     it for anyway?

     Joey: Oh well, the powerball lottery is upto 300 million Visit Friends Pic

    and they don't sell tickets here in New York, so... Gallery

     Rachel: Oh! So you're driving up to Connecticut? New in USA!

    (April, 2003) Joey: (hesitates for a moment)Yeah Connecticut...Not West


    Monica: Hey, maybe I'll drive you up there! I'd like to

    buy some tickets myself!

    Joey: Uh!

    Monica: Yeah with Chandler not getting paid, we could

    really use 300 million dollars.

     Chandler: Yeah, because if I was at my old job we'd say Friends The 300 million? No thank you! Complete Third

    Season Phoebe: Hey will you get me tickets too? at Amazon USA

     Rachel: Yeah me too. oh! I have an idea. Why don't we all DVD Region 1 (USA, pitch in 50 bucks, we'll pool our money together and then Canada) if we win, we'll split it! NTSC (TV standard

    for Japan, USA, Everyone almost simultaneously except Ross: yeah thats a

    Canada) great idea!

NEW! Ross: No thanks!

    Phoebe: You don't wanna win the lottery?

    (in a mocking voice)Uh...sure I do, and I also wanna Ross:

    be King of my own country and find out what happened to

    Amelia Earhart.

     Chandler: Still on Amelia Earhart? Friends Trivia

    Board Game! Ross: The woman just vanished! Great present for

    Friends fans! Joey: Seriously, Ross, you don't want in on this?

    Ross: No! Do you know what your odds are of winning the

    lottery? I...I mean you have a better chance of being

    struck by lightning 42 times.

    Chandler: Yes but there's six of us so we'd only have to

     get struck by lightning 7 times.

    Joey: I like those odds!

    Ross: Seriously you guys, I can't believe you're going to

    spend 250 dollars on the lottery, I mean that's such a

    bunch of boohaki.

Chandler: (looking around at the others)I'll ask. (To

     Boohaki? Ross)

    Ross: Oh oh, we think Emma is about to start talking so we're trying to be careful about what words we use in front of her.

    Rachel: Yeah so get ready to hear alot of ehm...boohaki, goshdarnit and brotherpucker.

    Monica: How do you know she's gonna start talking?

    Rachel: Well when I talk to her I almost feel like she understands what I'm saying.

    Chandler: Kinda like Joey.

    Joey: (who wasn't paying attention)What's that now?

    Opening credits

    Scene: Monica and Chandler's apartment. Monica, Chandler, Rachel and Joey are in the kitchen

    Monica: God! Look at all these tickets! It's so exciting! You know I haven't won anything since the sixth grade.

    Chandler: Pie eating contest?

    Monica: Oh! You assume because I was heavy that's the only way I could win something?

    Chandler: No, I saw a picture of you covered in


    Monica: That was a good day! (smiling)

    (Suddenly Ross comes running into the apartment)

    Ross: (yelling to Monica)They're towing your car, they're towing your car!!

    Monica: I'm parked in a garage on Morton!

    Ross: (panting)They're towing a car. And I am


    Joey: (sounding panicky)Oh my god Ross! You don't have Emma! And Rachel you don't have Emma! (Starts yelling)

    Where's Emma? Who has Emma!?

    Rachel: Joey relax! My mother picked her up two hours ago.

    You were there!

    Joey: (not yelling anymore)I was?

    Racel: Yes and you talked to her...

    Joey: I did?

    Rachel: She dropped off a casserole?

    Joey: Oh yeah! The casserole lady.