Keys to the Harvest Seasons

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Keys to the Harvest Seasons

Keys to the Harvest Seasons

    Senior One

    Unit 5-6


    1. hero; heroes 2. choice;choose; chosen 3. cruelty; cruel;cruelly 4. peace; peaceful 5. accept; acceptable; acceptance 6. determine; determined; determination 7. industry; industrial 8. action; active; activity 9. interrupt; interruption 10. apologize; apology 11. introduce; introduction; self-introduction 12. manner; manners 13. custom; customs; customer 14. impolite; polite; politeness 15. impression; impress 习语家族攀亲:

    1. with; to; on 2. at; in; by; come; put 3. at; with; at up 4. wrong; bad; mad; blind; hungry; angry; hard


    1.afford; afford; provided; supplies 2. scene; sight; view; scenery 3. pet; creature; animal 4. fault; mistakes/errors; mistakes 5. sometimes; some time; sometime; some time; sometimes; sometime 词汇难点突破

    1. D C A 2. B C A 3. A B 4. A B B


    1. C D B A C 2. (1-10) B C B A B B D A C C

    (11-20) C B B D C C B A D B (21-32) B A D A C D B D C D D A 3. D D D D B D D B D D A A C D

    4. D C A D A D B C C C A B A B C D B B D A

    5. C D B



    1. D B B C A C C A D C

    2. B D D A C D D A B A C C D D D D B B A A D

    3. A C D D D A D D D A

    unit 7-8


    1. cultural; culture 2. represent; representative 3. unite; united 4. pollution; pollute; polluted 5. limit; limitation; limited 6. gold; golden 7. final; finally 8. prepare; preparation 9. weight; weigh 10. compete; competition; competitor 11. effect; effective 12. skill; skilled


    1. take/ draw; catch; hold; out of 2. on; into; into; take; with; in 3. in; with/ against; for 4. make; to; to; at; out

    5. for; by; against; up 6. as; for; to; by; as; for; to; with 7. by; for; on; through; with


    1. selected; elected; picked; preferred; choose

    2. almost; nearly/almost; almost; Almost/Nearly; nearly/almost 3. true; real/true; true; real; true; real; true

    4. drawings; portrait; paintings; picture

    5. manager; officials; officer; director


    1. C D B D A 2. B D C A C A 3. D C


    1. B B A A B

    2. A B B A C D A B C D C D C D B C D B A C

    A A B B D

    3. C A B C A A B D C B

    4. B A C B D A C D B A C D D C B A A B D C

    5. A D C A


    1-20 D C A A B D C D C A C B A C D A B B D C

    21-40 C D C B A B D B C A D A B C D A B C D A

    41-60 B B D C A B C D B A C C A D C D D C D B

    61-65 B F D G C

    66. missed 67. breath 68. ordinary/average 69. encouraged 70. mirror 71. slightly 72. Australian 73. ashamed 74. January 75. imagine

    76 next+to 77. or>and 78. looking>looked 79. after>before 80. curiosities>curiosity 81. you>I 82. How>What

    83. 去掉when 84. 正确 85. head to >head


    Dear editor,

     I’m writing to tell you what happened to Xiao Zhang, a taxi driver and an American couple. One day, Xiao Zhang, the taxi driver was taking the American couple to a hotel. When they got there, the couple paid Xiao Zhang and waved goodbye to him. later, Xiao Zhang found a handbag on the back seat. He opened the bag, finding some money and two passports. So he quickly drove back to the hotel. With the help of a receptionist, he managed to return the bag to the couple. The couple were very thankful to him.

     I am deeplly moved by the driver’s noble deed. As a student, we should learn from what Xiao Zhang did. If everyone is always ready to help others, our society will become more harmonious.

     Yours truly,

     Yang Hua

    Unit 9-10


    1. agreement; disagreement 2. absolutely; absolute 3. electricity; electric 4. wonder; wonderful 5. succeed; success; successful 6. peaceful; peace 7. press; press; pressure

    8. endanger; danger; dangerous 9. wolf; wolves

    10. valuable; value 11. respond; responsible; responsibility; response 12. act; actor; actress 13. harmful; harm 14. attractive; attract 习语家族攀亲:

    1. to; to; up; to 2. case; of; no; that 3. part/role;as; out; up;on/upon 4. away; off; down; back; place; of; pride

    5. out; of; from; off; away; down


    1. latest; later; lately; late; late 2. recall; rermembered; recall; reminded 3. common; usual; usual; usual; usual; common; common 词汇难点突破

    1. D C B C A D 2. A C B D D A 3. C A D C D A

    4. C A B C D


    1. B C C A A

    2. D D D B A D A B D B A D C B B A D A A C

    D C B D D C A B A B

    3. B D D B C B A B B D

    4. C A D B A C D A B C D A A B D C C B BAD

    5. C B D B



    1. B D B B D D A D C C B C A C A D C B C D

    2. D B A C C C B A A D B D D D C C B A A B

    3. D C C D D D B B C A



    C D A D B




    A B D C A B C D B A B A D D A C D C D A


    A B C C D A A D B C C D B D A D A B A B


    B F A D E


    66. cheering 67. instruction / directions 68. tight 69. spread 70. limit 71. quietly 72. bargain 73. valued 74. unexpectedly 75. standard


    76. have- had 77. ago- before 78. 去掉because从句中that

    79. lately- late 80. 正确 81. but- and 82. cupboard前加in

    83. ideas- idea 84. me- myself 85. We- They


    Possible versions:


     People used to communicate with each other through letters and public phones. But nowadays they use mobile phones and the Internet instead. This change in communication has good effects on our life and work. Compared with letters and public phones, mobile phones and the Internet are faster and much more convenient. If you miss your grandmother, you just take out your phone and say hello to her. If you

    want to place an order with a foreign company, you can e-mail the message. Itll be a mater of minutes before you get their replay. Arent we

    living in a small world ?


     More and more people rely on e-mail and mobile phones for communication rather than letters and public phones because the nes tools seem faster and make work more efficient. However, this change has bad as well as good effects, especially dependence on the Internet. Firstly, as we lack enough practice, we are losing the beauty of hand-written Chinese words which express the writer better while machine words all have the same looks. Secondly, our spelling becomes worse if we rely on the machine too much. Last but not least, the PC screen does harm to our eyes. I prefer the old way of communication even though it is much too slow in the eyes of many.

Unit 13-14


    1. stomach; stomachs 2. chemical; chemist; chemistry 3. boil; boiling; boiled; boiling 4. mixture; mix; mixed 5. spoonful; spoon 6. examine; examiner 7. theme; theme music 8. creativity; create; creative 9. light; lighted 10. invitation; invite


    1. keep; lose; out of 2. by; of; come 3. away; up; in; off; out


    1. choose from; chose; choose from; choose

    2. not a bit; a little/ a bit; not a little; a bit 3. too much; much too; Too much; too many

    4. with; with; to; to


    1. D A C B 2. D C C B


    1. 语音知识,

    D A B A B

    2. 词汇知识,

    D A A B A B B C B C B C D A B C C C D A C C C D D D D D C A

    3. 语法知识,

    C D B A A B D C D C

    4. 完型填空,

    D A C A C B B A D C B B C A D C A B B D 5. 阅读理解,

    B A D C



    B A A B C D A B C C C C C D D C B 模拟题,

    C D B B C D D D B B C B C C D A D C D C 预测题,

    B A C C B C A D D D

Unit 15-16


    1. recognise; recognition 2. explain; explanation 3. jewellery; jewelry; jewel 4. continue; continuation; continuous

    5. lovely; loveliness 6. precious; preciousness 7. positive; positively; negative 8. attend; attendance 9. application; apply 10. engine; engineer; engineering 11. economy; economic;economics12. comfort; comfortable; comfortably

    13. successful; succeed; success 14. sharp; sharply; sharpen; sharpness

    15. cruel;cruelty; cruelly 16. conclusion; conclude 攀亲,

    1. take; lose; in; out of 2. after; in; over; along; above; at 3. good; full; best; most; little; in; into; to; of; no 辨析,

    1. believe; believe; believe in; believes in

    2. came up; comes up; come up with; came up

    3. have known; got to know; know; have known

    4. dangerous; in danger; dangerous; in danger; dangerous 5. high; highly; highly; higher

    6. such as; for example; such as; for example


    1. B C D A 2. A D B C D A 3. D B A B D 目标培养,


    A D D D D


    C A A C D B D A C C B B B B D B D C A D C C D B B C A A A C


    A B D A B C C B C A A D A B


    C B D A B C D A C A D A C A C B D D B B 阅读理解,

    B A D A



    D C C A C


    D A A C D B D A C D C B C A D


    D A B C A D B D C A D A B C B A D A B D 阅读理解,

    B B D A D C B D B A D D C B B D A B D C


    D C G B E


    66. wastes 67. invented 68. magazine 69. breath 70. material 71. furniture 72. cheap (cheaper) 73. joking 74. equal 75. weather 短文改错,

    76. how-what 77. 去掉people后的to 78. listen- listening

    79. 正确 80. elder- older 81. funs-fun 82. yourself- you 83. had- would 84. read+ about 85. interesting- insterested 书面表达,

    Dear Sir / Madam,

     My family are planning a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland this summer vacation. Ive got some information about the ticket price and now Im writing for some detailed information.

     I wonder whether children under 3 need to pay for a ticket and what is the difference between a Peak Day Ticket and a Special Day Ticket. Is it possible for us to get a discount if we urchase tickets as a group? Can we book tickets through the Internet? Besides, Id like to know if we are

    allowed to cancel our ticket booking if we can not make the tour for our personal reasons.

     Looking forward to your reply.


     Li Hua

Units 17-18


    1. inspire; inspiration 2. cheerful; cheer; cheers 3. champion; championship 4. generous; generosity 5. stormy; storm 6. fame; famous

    7. promise; promising 8. extreme; extremely 9. surround; surrounding 10. central; center

    11. settle; settlement; settler 12. mainly; main 13. surprising; surprise 14. export; import 攀亲,

    1. with; against; for; to 2. for; from; of; search 3. down; into; on / at; off; out of 4. of; from; up; into 5. down; in; on; out; up; over


    1. live on; feed on; live on; live on 2. lie; lies; lying; lay 3. known for; know as; known to; known as

    4. ?putting/setting up; building? built up ? put, up ?set up

    5. discover; found; find out; found 6. to; with; on; to 词汇突破,

    1. D B C A 2. D B C B 3. B B B C



    A A C A A


    B D A C B C C C D C B A D A A B D A B B D D C D B


    A D B C B D D A C D


    A C C D A D D A C C A B B D C A A D A C 阅读理解,

    B A B C




    C B C D


    D B B B A B A C B B A A B D


    A B C B D C B A A A

Units 19-20


    1. technical; technique 2. protection; protect 3. wisdom; wise

    4. shortage; short 5. discovery; discover 6. garden; gardening; gardener 7. humour; humourous 8. intend; intention 9. amuse; amusement 10. exist; existence

    11. laughter; laugh; burst into laughter 12. rude; rudeness 13. operate; operation


    1. down; about; up; back; forward; out; to

    2. out; on; away; back; off; through

    3. fight; struggle; stand; speak

    4. up; to; change; keep; mind; to

    5. out of; to; to; set / fix; have


    1. year after year; year by year; year by year; year after year

    2. mostly; most; Most; mostly

    3. louder; loudly; aloud; loudly

    4. laughter; laughter; laugh; laugh 词汇突破,

    1. A B D B 2. B C B



    A C B B B


    B D D B A A B C C B B D A A B B C B D C A B A B C


    B A D A B B A C D C


    D A C B A A A D C B C A D D C A D D C B 阅读理解,

    D C B D




    D A C C D B A


    C B C A A B B C B B C C D C D C D C C A 预测题,

    A D D B C D D A C D



    B C A D B


    D C C B D B D B D D C A B B B 完型填空,

    A C C D A D D D D A D B C C B A C D B A 阅读理解,

    A C D D C B A D C B C C C D A B D A C A


    D B G A F


    66. offered 67. delicious 68. organized 69. Society 70. carelessness 71. centuries 72. deliver 73. convenient 74. modern 75. gradually 短文改错,

    76. 去掉of 或者of- that / which 77. week- weeks 78. go- come

    79. that- what 80. bad- badly 81. a+few 82. hoped- hoping 83正确 84. you- they 85. However- Therefore


    thJanuary 26 , 2007

    Hi ! Its Li Ming here.

     Glad to learn youre coming to Beijing in a couple of days. My

    family and I are looking forward to your visit and we are so glad you can stay with us while you are in Beijing. We have got everything ready for you so as to make you feel at home.

     On the day you arrive, my father and I will meet you at the airport and in the evening we will have a nice dinner party at home. Im sure you

    will like all the delicious Chinese food.

     During the following days, I will show you around many places of intest in Beijing including the Great Wall, which is regarded as one of the seven wonders in the world. We will spend some time touring around downtown Beijing, such as Wangfujing, Xidan and Qianmen, where you can do some shopping if you like. Of course, as it is the largest one in the world, Tiananmen Square is a scenic spot we cant miss. Another

    exciting moment we will share is going to the 2007 New Year Concert given by China National Orchestra, which is held at famous Vienna Golden Hall, Austria during the Chinese Spring Festival every year.

     The Spring Festival, like the carnicals in western countries, in a special joyous / joyful occasion of celebration for Chinese as well as other many Asians. If you can stay in Beijing long enough, you will be able to share the pleasure of it with us.

Units 21- 22


    1. unfair; fair 2. manage; management; manager

    3. vary; variety; various 4. anger; angry 5. firm; firmly 6. bend; bent; bent 7. fold; unfold 8. attraction; attract; attractive 9. amusement; amuse 10. coastal; coast 11. educate; education 12. injury; injure 13. prevent; prevention


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