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Ultimate NPC’s





    Table of Contents

Barbares ………………………………………………………………………………………..5

    Bladesinger ………………………………………………………………………………………17

    Paladins ………………………………………………………………………………………45

    Rangers ………………………………………………………………...…………………….93

    Fighters ……………………………………………………………………………………..147

    Special thanks

     I‟ll like to thank my principal source of information and inspiration the web site of The Wanderer

    ( who is created a site where all the player of AD&D can put their favorite or all of

    their player character. I take all of them and i create this compilation and i try to put those books update. For

    more information about an NPC, you can go to the Wanderer home page (">Serveur WWW ( ) and find the PC. There you can find the name and the e-mail of the creator of the PC.

    I‟d like to made apologies to all persons for delete the email and the name of the creator but as you

    can see i try to made those book as small as i can. I also apologies for my bad english, anyone of you can

    emai me for changing my sentences, i‟ll take no offense !

    At last, i hope those books maybe helpful in your campain or adventures.

     Abreviations uses in this book

F/RT : Find and remove traps (HMST) : High mastery weapon

    OL : Open lock (GMST) : Grand master in weapon

    MS : Move silently LNG : Language

    PP : Pick pocket DMG : Damage

    HS : Hide in shadows

    CW : Climb Walls

    RL : Read language

    DN : Detect noise or Hear noise

    Infra : Infravision

    Ultra : Ultravision

    Gp : Gold pieces

    (P) : Proficient in weapon

    (SP) : Specialist in weapon

    (MST) : Master in weapon



Copyright Clyde Caldwell 1988 The Northen Reaches




    thFighter 9 Barbarian Human male

STR 19 , DEX 18 , CON 13 , INT 7 , WIS 9 , CHA 8 ,COM , PER

    AC 6, hp 71, MV 15, MR AL CE, Age 29, Height 6'7'', Weight 210 lbs

    Skin white, Hair black, long, Beard no Eyes blacks, Vision normal, Wealth 10 gp


    Scimitar, Battle axe, Long bow, Punching, Dague

Non-Weapons Proficiencies

    Direction sense, Herbalism, Tracking, Animal lore, Swimming, Survival, Charioteering, Endurance,

    Mountaineering, Fire-building

Special abilities

    Home terrain : Woods Sign language (barbarian)


    1 Scimitar, 1 dague, 1 long bow (+ 12 lights arrows), clothes, 10 PO, 1 big bag

Magical Items

    1 scimitar + 2 T,D (in his bag, he doesn't know it's a magical weapon)

Notes and History

    Hate magic .....even from cleric.....he doesn't accept even a "cure light wounds".

Clarion the Barbarian

    thBarbarian 16 Human male

    Lord Clarion of High Pass, Ruler of Hap and Champion of Tempus

STR 21, DEX 18, CON 9, INT 6, WIS 7, CHA 2, COM , PER

    AC -10, hp 97, MV , MR AL Neutral Good, Age 47, Height 197cm, Weight 126kg lbs

    Skin Light brown, Hair Brown, Beard Skggstubb (Swedish) Eyes Brown, Vision , Wealth 554000 gp

Long brown hair, very big and strong.


    Long sword+8 of Tempus, Dmg: 1d8+19*2/1d12+19*2, when praying damage is: 1d8+21*2/1d12+21*2, heavy Crossbow: Damage: 2d4+5/2d6+5.

Non-Weapons Proficiencies

    Survival (hills), Midani (lng), Swimming, Rope use, Blind fighting, Common (lng), Riding (land-based), Set

    snares, Seamanship.

Special abilities

    +2 when hostile


    Clothes (klder)


Magical Items

    Bag of Beans (7 beans), ring of truth, ring of feather falling, ring of fire resistance, ring of spell turning, cloak of the manta ray, neckless of missils, ring of shoting stars, girdle of frost giant, mistboat, horn of fog.

Corbus Denox

    thBarbarian 7 Human male

STR 17, DEX 16, CON 16, INT 13, WIS 12, CHA 14 COM 15, PER

AC 3, hp 68, MV 12, MR 0 AL CG, Age 26, Height 6'3", Weight 225

    Skin Caucasian, Hair Red, Beard - Eyes Blue, Vision Normal, Wealth 20,000,000 gp


    Corbus Denolx is a Barbarian Prince from the Snow Barbarian tribes in the World of Greyhawk. Former prince would be a better description. He gave up his throne to his younger brother Andrel in order to create his own minor kingdom in the lands south of Greyhawk City itself. He has specialization in both the Bastard Sword and the Long Bow. His favorite weapon is a +1,+3 vs shape changers Bastard Sword. He normally wears +3 studded leather armor. The influence of the more "civilized" lands has led him to give up most of his prejudices against magic. Corbus' Home : The castle is fairly large with one rarity : an indoor garden completely enclosed in a transparent dome. The dome is made up of thick panes of glass that have had glassteel cast upon them and made permanent. This alone makes his home one of the most costly in all of Greyhawk.

Non-Weapons Proficiencies

    Running, Tracking (as a Ranger), Climbing (as a thief), Riding (landborne) Blindfighting, Reading/Writing, Swimming. Speaks Common, Orc, Goblin, High Elf


    Normal adventurer's kit

Magical Items

    Strength Long Bow +3, Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shape changers, Studded Leather armor +3.

Garret Jaxx

    thBarbarian 26 Minotaur Male

    First Member of the Deathbringers, Chosen of Talos

STR 23 , DEX 18 , CON 20 , INT 18 , WIS 17 , CHA 12 , COM , PER

AC -12, hp 481, MV 15(30), MR 45 AL C/E, Age 50, Height 8'10'', Weight 400 lbs

Skin Black, Hair Black, Beard Eyes Black, Vision Normal, Wealth 2,500,000 gp

    Large and Menacing with Scars all over. No armor but his nose has eight nose rings. Utterly Black inside and out.


    Two-Handed Battle Axe Specialization +6/+6, Spear +3/+3, Knife +3/+3.

Non-Weapons Proficiencies

    Blind Fighting, Survival, Endurance, Running, Tracking x2, Hunting, , Languages, Realms Common, ElvenDrow, Goblin, Red Dragon, Ogre.


Special abilities

    Can Run at a rate of 30 in an open sprint.


    Flint, Rope.

Magical Items

    Earrings, Protection +5, Protection +5, Extra Earring, Total Heal, Life Protection, Invisiblity, Magic Resistance, Free Action, ,Bracers AC +4 ,Mage-Bane Battle Axe +6, Cahn's Knife of Death +6, Braclet of Fire Resistance, Bag of Holding, ,Pin of Talos (Able to Gate in Baphomet upon Talos' Approval).

Notes and History

    Garret was the general of a Minotaur Tribe in Guthmere Forest. His Tribe was then hassled by a wizard of high level. The wizard demanded the most powerful of the tribe to be killed for his pleasure. When he arrived it looked to be more then he could handle so the wizard used a monster summoning spell to gate in help. This spell called on Alanis Deathbringer and her party. She helped Garret instead of fighting him. They made short work of the wizard and Garret became the first real member of the deathbringers. After they Adventured for a while and gained more members, Alanis left the party for a while to do research. This was when Talos came to the Barbarian. Talos showed Garret his tribe being killed off by some powerful foe. Garret and the rest of the Deathbringers, (except Alanis), traveled to Guthmere Forest to save his tribe. Unfortunatly by the time they got there the tribe was all dead. They were able to find the location of the Lich that was responsible, he was using the tribe to create an army of undead. The lich also had a Werewolf Priest of Malar and a Bane (undead fighter). The Deathbringers had alot of trouble with this until Alanis showed up and defeated the lich. The actual cause of the problem was beyond a gate opened by the lich. The party went through the gate only to find Mephestopheles and minions. They managed to defeat these fiends. The battle destroyed the castle that they were in forceing them through a different gate, a gate to Sigil. They continued on in the planes for a time. In Bytopia Garret was the only surviver of the battle with the adamantite dragon. He did this by calling of Talos and using the pin of Talos. Garret was present for the battle between Talos and Cyric.

Goramoz Diturr

    ththBarbarian/Cleric 12 /10 (dualed as Cleric) Minotaur, male

STR 20 , DEX 16 , CON 19 (Hea /Fit), INT 16 , WIS 18 , CHA 13 , COM , PER

AC -8, hp 165, MV 18, MR AL chaotic Evil, Age 80, Height 10', Weight 750 lbs

Skin , Hair Fur-Black, Beard Eyes Black, Vision Infra 60", Wealth 2,000 gp

    Ten Foot tall (magically altered) Black Minotaur of Talidas. His horns are capped with adaptnamtite points and he wears a brand of spider over his left eye. He is typically armed in full plate and Carries two giant sized warhammers Both magically enchanted(one of artifact level).


    Specialized w/ Warhammers Prof. w/ staves & Clubs Prof w/ axes.

Non-Weapons Proficiencies

    Read & Write SpellCraft Religion Blind Fighting Ancient Hist. Lang, Common, Drow, orc, UnderCommon, Lizarman Healing Necrology Venom Handling.

Spell casting

    Normal allowed to a Priest (priestest) of Lolth.

Special abilities

    Turn/control as priest



    Alot of junk, high level characters acummulate too much stuff to list.

Magical Items

    Warhammers, "CRUSH" giant sized warhammer(2d8) +3/+3 on the roll of a natural 20 the target and all his/her items must make a save verse crushing blow at -3 or all items will be destroyed. "Gellorack" giant sized warhammer(2d8) +2/+2, special ability that every time an oppponant is stuck he/she is knocked back 2d10 feet. Hueler's heafty sack(sp?): in the main holding(center) pouch is all his normal gear. In the left and right sides are where all his "collections" are held. Goramoz collects cursed magic items, there always seams be something usefull he can do with them, and they always teach theives a lesson in who they should and shouldn't steal from. He also has mudane things like a hat of diguise to conceal himself, Mythral full plate, ring of regeneration, ring of free action These were just the interesting things.

Notes and History

    Goramoz originally a barbarian Minotaur from Talidas, in his adventures found his way through a portal to Faerun and there he began a new life as a priest. When the time of troubles came to his pantheon way slain leaving him with out a faith. During this time he was travelling with a drow surface scout by the name of Xylan Tar'rakus and seeing the power gained through the devotion to his Matron covinced Goramoz the he had found a new God. Lolth took the powerful minotaur in as a bodyguard to Xylan, but only after a test of loyalty and a brand the would forever mark his alliacnce. He recieved a brand of a spider apon his left eye.


    thBarbarian 9 Human male

STR 18/84, DEX 10, CON 19, INT 7, WIS 5, CHA 8, COM , PER

AC 10, hp 110, MV 12, MR 0 AL CG, Age Unknown, Height 6' 4", Weight 56 lbs

Skin White, Hair Blond, Beard No Eyes Blue, Vision Normal, Wealth 3gp

    Ivan was a Great fighter. He hailed from the Savage North, from a tribe. Ivan was not familiar with the civilication, and with his low intelligens it was very hard for Ivan to learn how to behaiv in the civilized world.He was also a v e r y curious person.


    Magical 2-handed sword +3, 2-handed swords (sp).

Non-Weapons Proficiencies

    Fire building, Survival artic,Endurance, Running, Fishing, Hunting, Leather working

Special abilities

    After drinking seviral magical potions at one time, Ivan got the ability to detect magic whenever he touched the items.


    Magical 2-handed sword +3.

Magical Items

    Elven CloakDagger +1.

Notes and History

    Ivan came from the savage north, from a tribe.He was spotted by an adventure group who saw his fighting abilities.The adventure group fought against Zents.Ivan killed great wizards and big dragons.His life ended falling into a pit full of snakes. "Curiosity killed the cat".


Khord Magebane

    thBarbarian [kit: Ravager] 12 Half-Ogre Male

STR 19 , DEX 17 , CON 19 , INT 12 , WIS 15 , CHA 13 , COM , PER 13

AC 4, hp 146, MV 15, MR AL NG, Age 25, Height 7'10'', Weight 420 lbs

    Skin Well tanned, Hair Grey, Beard Stubbly Eyes Grey, Vision Infra (60'), Wealth Spent it on drink


    Twin battle-axes (mst).

Special abilities

    Back detection (30%); zero penalty two-weapon attack; +1 att with axe; enraged frenzy; unarmed combat dmg same as club; Gains survival, hiding, surprise,tracking,and animal lore when in mountainous terrain


    Twin axes (cut down from father's double-bitted battle axe) and skeletal arm (orc)hung from left shoulder

Notes and History

    Ogre father, Human mother, killed Dad at age 7 with dad's own axe. Axe was too large, had it cut into two.


    ththBarbarian 7 /Cleric 9 Wemic female

STR 18 , DEX 16 , CON 18 , INT 16 , WIS 16 , CHA 15 , COM 6, PER 41

AC 1, hp 91, MV 15, MR 15 AL neutral evil, Age 14, Height 7'0'', Weight 731 lbs

    Skin dusky golden, Hair black, Beard - Eyes crystal blue, Vision normal, Wealth 16 gp


    Stone club (1)*, Bastard sword +4 (3)**, ambidexterity (1), 2-weapon style(1),short sword(0), long composite bow(3)*, spear(0), javelin(0).

Non-Weapons Proficiencies

    Animal Noise, Eating, fire building, hunting, natural fighting, relegion, survival(plains), tracking,weapon-smithing, weaving, wild-fighting, reading/writing(1), endurance(1), direction sense(1), set snares(1), ancient languages (1), healing (2), herbalism (2), running (1).

Spell casting stAll Clerical stats for casting spells will increase as your level increases.right now she has:6-1 lvl Priest spells,

    ndrdthth5-2 lvl Priest spells, 3-3 lvl Priest spells, 2-4 lvl Priest spells, 1-5 lvl Priest spell.

Special abilities

    Take damage as large creature, rude, +3 to save vrs petrification,polymorph,death magic,paralization,+2 to save vrs breath weapon,rods,staff,wands, +4 to save vrs poison, climb cliff and trees at 99%, bestal speech, hide in natural surroundings 61%, can only be surprised 10% of the time, monstrous hearing, 35% back protection, detect illusion 35% of the time, detect magic 60% of the time.


    Torch{4}, clothes{2}, hemp rope-50 feet, grappling hook, back pack, large sacks{2}, iron pot, food{9}, wine skin{2}, unholy water{3}, clerical symbol, sheaf arrow{23}.


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