Friends - 8x11 - the_one_with_ross_step_forward

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Friends - 8x11 - the_one_with_ross_step_forward

The One With Ross’ Big Step Forward

Written by: Robert Carlock

    Transcribed by: Eric Aasen

    [Scene: Central Perk, Rachel is looking around the shop as Phoebe returns from getting some more coffee.]

    Rachel: Phoebe?

    Phoebe: Yeah?

    Rachel: Look at that guy by the window, wow!

    Phoebe: He’s awfully short and I think he’s talking to himself. And to be completely honest, he’s not that good in bed.

    Rachel: Oh, what is wrong with me lately? I mean it’s like every guy I seeI mean

    look here. (Points behind them) Look at that guy for example, I mean normally that’s not someone I would-would be attracted to, but right now, with the way I’m feeling, all I want to do is rip off his sweatpants and fanny pack.

    Phoebe: Wait a second! This is about the fourth month of your pregnancy, right? Rachel: Yeah.

    Phoebe: This is completely normal, around the fourth month your hormones start going crazy.

    Rachel: Really?! So this has happened to you?

    Phoebe: Oh absolutely yeah! Oh and keep in mind, now, I was carrying triplets so in, y’know, medical terms I was-I was thrice as randy.

    Rachel: Wow! This explains so much! Last weekend, I went from store to store sitting on Santa’s lap.

    Phoebe: Yeah. Yeah, I remember trying to steal a cardboard cutout of Evander Holyfield from a Foot Locker.

    Rachel: Ah.

    Phoebe: Yeah.

    Rachel: Well, y’know what? I go see my doctor tomorrow, I’ll ask her about this. Maybe she can give me a pill or something.

    Phoebe: Yeah. Yeah, that’s what you need a good…pill.

    Opening Credits

    [Scene: Central Perk, Joey and Ross are there as Mona enters.] Mona: Hey! (To Joey) Hey!

    Ross: Hi!

    Mona: Hi! Look! I got our pictures developed from Rockefeller Center. Ross: Oh great! Hey-hey Joey, do you want to check out pictures of me and Mona ice skating?

    Joey: Oh uh, ordinarily I would love too, but I am just swamped right now. (Brushes something off of his shirt and looks around, but doesn’t move from his chair.)

    Ross: Hey where-where are the pictures that creepy pretzel vendor took of us together? Mona: Oh yeah, probably at the end. (Flips to the end.) Oh my God! He only took pictures of my breasts!

    Joey: I’m missin’ picture time?! (Jumps over to look, Ross glares at him and he retreats.)

    Phoebe: (sitting down next to Ross) Y’know she has a face Ross!

    Mona: Okay. Okay, here’s a good one of us.

    Ross: Wow! That is a good one! Wow, it looks like a, like a holiday card y’know, with the tree in the middle and the skaters and the snow.

    Mona: Y’know, every year I say I’m gonna send out holiday cards and I never do it.

    Do you wanna, do you wanna send this one out together?

    Ross: (pause) Together? Like-like to people?

    Mona: Yeah, y’know. Happy holidays from Mona and Ross. It’ll be cute, okay?

    Ross: Okay. (Not happy about it.)

    Mona: Oh, I gotta get to work. So call me later?

    Ross: Uh sure, sure.

    Mona: Bye guys.

Phoebe: Bye.

    (Mona exits.)

    Joey: (To Ross) Congratulations! You just got married!

    Ross: I know. Can you believe that?

    Phoebe: Wait, I’m-I’m sorry. What’s the big deal about a holiday card?

    Ross: Married couples send out cards, families send out cards, people who have been dating for a couple of months do not send out cards! What-what is she crazy?! Joey: Hey-hey-hey, hey that’s your wife you’re talking about!

    [Scene: Chandler’s Office, his boss Doug is entering, Monica is there as well.]

    Doug: Bing! Ho! And the Bing-ette!

    Chandler: Honey, you remember my boss Doug right?

    Monica: Yes, hi.

    Doug: Hi. So good news, the divorce is final. I signed the papers this A.M. Chandler: I didn’t know you and Carol were getting divorced, I’m sorry.

    Doug: Sorry? Finally chewed my leg out of that bear trap. Hey, congratulations to you guys though!

    Monica: No leg-chewing for us sir.

    Doug: Oh well, give it time. So the divorce, the marriage, we’ve got a lot to celebrate.

    How about we all go out to dinner tomorrow night?

    Monica: I can’t think of anything we’re doing. (Quietly) Why can’t I think of anything we’re doing?

    Doug: Tomorrow night it is then, I should be out of court by six. They keep throwing these sexual harassment cases at me and I keep knocking them out of the park! Monica: Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow! (Doug exits.) Just so you know, we’re not seeing him tomorrow. (Chandler wonders why.) I-I cannot spend another evening with that man. Do you remember how he behaved at our wedding?

    Chandler: No.

    Monica: That’s because he wasn’t invited because of the way he behaved at our engagement party.

Chandler: Oh yeah. Boy, urine cuts right through an ice sculpture doesn’t it?

    [Scene: Ross's Apartment, there’s a knock on the door and he opens it to Mona.]

    Mona: Hi!

    Ross: Hey!

    Mona: Hey, I went by the photo shop, take a look, here is a mockup of our card. What do you think?

    Ross: Huh. Wow, this is great.

    Mona: Now, do you think it should say, "Love Ross and Mona?"

    Ross: Well, we-we haven’t said that to each other yet, but I guess its okay to say it to other people.

    Mona: How many did you want? I’m getting a hundred.

    Ross: A hundred?! Well, I-I guess I’ll take a—Mona, uh…I-I’m not sure about the

    whole uh, card thing.

    Mona: Really? Why not?

    Ross: Sending out a holiday card, together, I mean I just don’t know if we’re really quite there yet.

    Mona: Oh y’know, I didn’t think of it that way. You’re right. You’re right. So, can I ask you a question?

    Ross: Yeah.

    Mona: Where are we?

    Ross: Huh.

    Mona: Y’know, like where are we? Where is this relationship going?

    Ross: Hmm…

    Mona: I mean I love spending time with you, y’know I just—I hope we’re moving forward. I mean, we should probably talk about that. Don’t you think?


    Ross: Let’s do the card!

    Mona: What?

Ross: The card! I think we’re there!

    Mona: Okay. IBut I think we should still have this conversation. Ross: Really?! I mean, even with the card?

    [Scene: Rachel’s Doctor’s Office, she is waiting for her doctor as a nurse enters.]

    Nurse: Hi!

    Rachel: Hi!

    Nurse: Just so you know, Dr. Long can’t be here today, she was called to the hospital,

    so Dr. Schiff will be seeing you.

    Rachel: Oh, okay. Hey, can I ask you a question? Was it me, or-or was the guy who took my blood sample really cute? Y’know who I’m talking about, bald haircut, hairy fingers… (Stops when she realizes it was her.)

    Dr. Schiff: (entering) Hi Rachel? I’m Dr. Schiff. (By the way, he’s an attractive man.)

    Rachel: Yes, you are.

    Dr. Schiff: So, how’s it going?

    Rachel: Oh, really, really good. But enough about me, come on! Where-where are you from? What do you do?

    Dr. Schiff: I’m a doctor.

    Rachel: Right! Right! I-I actually meant in your spare time, do you cook? Do you ski?

    Or do you just hang out with your wife or girlfriend? Dr. Schiff: Uh, I don’t have a wife or girlfriend, but I do like to ski.

    Rachel: Oh, I love to ski! How amazing is this?!

    Dr. Schiff: So, are you experiencing any discomfort?

    Rachel: No. I’m very comfortable.

    Dr. Schiff: Any painful gas?

    Rachel: No! Shoot, Dr. Schiff what kind of question is that?! Dr. Schiff: Okay then, would you like to lie down on the table? Rachel: Well would you like me to lie down on the table?

    Dr. Schiff: I’m sorry, is there something going on here?

Rachel: Do you feel it too?

    [Scene: Central Perk, Monica and Phoebe are there as Rachel enters.] Rachel: Hi.

    Phoebe: Oh hey! So, how did your doctor’s appointment go?

    Rachel: Well, let’s see. Uh, they gave me cute doctor today and in the middle of the exam I put my pinky in his chin dimple.

    Phoebe: Oh my God.

    Monica: Why did you do that?

    Phoebe: Okay, remember that little problem I was having during my fourth month of pregnancy?

    Monica: Oh yeah, the Evander Holyfield phase. Oh man you were so hard up you practically came on to me.

    Phoebe: You wish.

    Monica: Hey, I could’ve had you if I wanted you.

    Phoebe: Oh yeah? Come and get it.

    Rachel: Okay, even this is turning me on!

    Ross: (entering) Hey!

    Rachel: Oh hey! Hey Ross! Hey how’s it, how’s it going with you and Mona? Are you guys still together?

    Ross: Oh yeah, yeah we’re moving forward. You’ll be getting our card!

    Monica: You and Mona are doing a holiday card together?

    Ross: Yeah, we’re not just doing a card! Y’know, she-she also wants to have the

    conversation about where the relationship is going.

    Phoebe: Ugh! Women!

    Ross: I know! I know! Why do you guys need to have this conversation?! Huh? I mean no self-respecting man would ask a woman, "So, where is this going?" Rachel: Uh Ross? You asked me that.

    Ross: Hey! You were a closed book! Okay? I’m not a mind reader! Besides, I hate

    those conversations. I’m horrible at them. Really! Maybe-maybe I need kind of a

    gesture. Y’know, something that says we’re moving forward without having to talk about it.

    Monica: Like asking her to move in with you?

    Ross: Smaller than that.

    Monica: Making her a mixed tape?

    Ross: Uh, bigger than that.

    Phoebe: Give her a key to your apartment.

    Ross: Whoa-hello! We were closer with the mixed tape.

    Monica: All right. Have you said, "I love you?" You could say, I love you. Ross: Yeah I-I don’t-I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but I could say I looove spending time with you.

    Phoebe: No, we hate that.

    Monica: That is a slap in the face.

    Ross: Forget it. I-I—Y’know what? I’ll just have the conversation. I’ll just say I like things the way they are, and hope for the best. What do you think Rach? Rachel: I think, if it was a little colder in here I could see your nipples through that sweater.

    [Scene: Chandler’s Office, Doug is entering.]

    Doug: Bing! We’re all set for tonight, 8 o’clock.

    Chandler: Oh uh, as it turns out, we can’t do it. Monica has to work.

    Doug: Oh, my ex-wife didn’t work, unless you call turning into her mother work. Fine. Tomorrow night then.

    Chandler: Oh uh well tomorrow’s no good for her either.

    Doug: Oh? Why not?

    Chandler: It’s the semi-finals…of her…botchy ball tournament.

    Doug: What’s going on Bing? Does uh, your wife have a problem with me or something?

    Chandler: Well now-now you’re just talking crazy.

Doug: So why can’t the three of us go out together?

    Chandler: Because uh…we-we…we split up. Monica and I split up. Hold me.

    Doug: Good God Bing I…well I can’t say I’m altogether surprised, I saw the way she looked at you, and there was no love there. And the way she looked at me, pure lust. Chandler: Y’know what would really help me through this tough time is choking something. Can I choke ya?

    Doug: Bing my boy, we’re gonna get you over this. Now here’s the plan, grab your coat, we’re going to a strip club.

    Chandler: Oh no-no-no, Monica would freak. (Doug looks at him.) But to hell with that bitch.

    [Scene: Central Perk, Ross is getting Mona some coffee.]

    Ross: Here we go. Mona umm, I think it’s time we-we had a conversation about-

    about where things are with us.

    Mona: Yeah, I-I think I suggested that.

    Ross: Aw, we-we are so…(Motions that they’re connected.) So umm, well I-I-I like

    you and I-I love umm, y’know hanging out with you. And I mean-I’m having a lot of

    fun. (He pauses and thinks there might be more, but decides there isn’t.)

    Mona: Okay.

    Ross: I mean, there’s no point in spending time with someone if-if it’s just fun. It’s

    gotta be, it’s gotta be going somewhere right? So where-where is it going? (Pause) Ah!

    That’s-that’s the real question. And-and the answer is…is it’s going somewhere…fun. Now I-I know what you’re thinking, fun was fine for you like ten years ago y’know, but you’re-you’re not getting any younger. No I mean—No not you, not you, you

    you are getting younger. I meanyou-you look like you’re getting younger by the

    second—What’s your secret?

    Mona: I’m sorry, so umm, so where are we?

    Ross: Well, well to sum up, we’re having fun, you look young.

    Mona: Okay…

    Ross: But that’s not enough. So… So…here’s a key to my apartment. (Hands her his key.)

    Mona: Really?!

    Ross: Really.

Mona: You don’t think this is too fast.

    (Ross groans no.)

    Commercial Break

    [Scene: Joey and Rachel's, Ross is telling Rachel and Monica about yet another

    mistake he’s made with a woman.]

    Rachel: You gave her a key to your apartment?!

    Ross: Not just a key, I gave her the only key! I am now a homeless person in a very

    serious relationship.

    Phoebe: (entering with some guy) Hey. Ooh Ross! How’d the conversation go?

    Ross: Oh great, I live on the street.

    Phoebe: Where?! (Ross exits.)

    Rachel: Hey!

    Phoebe: Hi! Okay, Monica, Rachel, this is my friend Roger. Roger: Hey everybody.

    Monica: Hi Roger.

    Phoebe: So umm, I’m gonna get us some drinks. (To Rachel) Would you help me out?

    Rachel: Yeah. (They go into the kitchen.)

    Phoebe: Umm, he’s here to have sex with you.

    Rachel: What?

    Phoebe: You’re welcome.

    Rachel: Phoebe no!

    Phoebe: It’s okay, he’s a virgin.

    Monica: Rachel umm, I was just talking to this guy and I think he’ll have sex with


    Phoebe: Yeah, okay let’s leave these two alone.

    Rachel: No! I do not care what my hormones are doing, I am not going to just do it

    with some random guy!

    Phoebe: Fine! Then you tell Roger because he was really looking forward to this! (Phoebe exits.)

    [Scene: A Strip Club, Doug and Chandler are there.]

    Doug: Oh Bing, look at those twin sisters dancing together. Let me buy you a lap dance with those girls. Huh?

    Chandler: Oh that’s all right sir, and that’s just one girl.

    Doug: Bing—What’s this?! (Grabs his hand.)

    Chandler: It’s a hand. It’s a thing you use as a Jack and Coke holder.

    Doug: No, it’s a wedding ring. You gotta get rid of it. We’re gonna go to the East River right now and throw it in there!

    Chandler: Oh no-no-no!

    Doug: Oh yeah-yeah-yeah, y’know I did it and I felt a hell of a lot better and if you whip it just right you might hit a seagull in the head.

    [Scene: Ross's Apartment, a locksmith has finished changing the locks on Ross’s door.]

    Ross: Okay, and oh I’m gonna need a bunch of extra keys. Apparently I give them away for no reason at all.

    Mona: (entering) Hey Ross, what’s going on? You changing the lock?

    Ross: No. That guy is.

    Mona: I don’t understand. You-you give me a key to your apartment and then you change the lock.

    Locksmith: Good luck buddy. (Exits.)

    Mona: Umm, I-I thought we were moving forward and now you’re-you’re sending

    me all these mixed signals. What are you trying to tell me?

    Ross: I’m trying to tell you I made you a mix tape.

    Mona: What?

    Ross: I love you!

    Mona: Ohh! (Hugs him.) And I love spending time with you. (Ross isn’t happy.)

    [Scene: Monica and Chandler's, Monica is eating dinner as Chandler enters.]

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