Parent Handook 13-14 - Livingston Educational Service

By Debbie Rodriguez,2014-02-12 03:07
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Parent Handook 13-14 - Livingston Educational ServiceParent




    Mission Statement

    Connecting families with their communities”

    The staff of LESA Early Childhood Programs welcomes you and your child. This handbook

    contains information about programs, staff, policies, and procedures. We look forward to a

    rewarding and enjoyable year.


    LESA Early Childhood Programs

    Program Calendar 2013-2014

    Staff Directory

    Early Childhood Philosophy

    Parent Involvement/Volunteers

    Classroom Volunteers

    Program Governance

    Center Meetings

    Curriculum Committee

    Policy Council

    Health and Family Services

    Child Health, Safety, Nutrition

    Holiday Policy

    General Guidelines


    Discipline Policies

    Conflict Resolution

    Program Responsibilities

    Frequently Used Numbers


     Bullying, Harassment

    Early Childhood Preschool Programs

    LESA Early Childhood Programs include Head Start and the Great Start Readiness Program. These comprehensive child development programs provide preschool options for three year olds up to age eligibility for kindergarten and their families ? day AM and PM sessions, school day (4 days a week), and extended day (5 days a week). Classrooms are located throughout Livingston County (not all options are available at all locations).

    Children have an opportunity to participate in planned activities in all areas of development (social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical) as well as community trips to explore the wider environment.

    LESA Early Childhood Programs believe a child’s health influences their ability to learn and grow. Attention to nutrition, medical and dental health, and the child’s overall well being supports learning. A comprehensive medical and dental exam is required. While in school, children have a hot lunch and breakfast or afternoon snack. Our staff can assist families in obtaining medical and dental services.

    Parents can help plan activities in the classroom for children, plan with teachers and staff during home visits and parent/teacher conferences, volunteer in the classroom, or participate on committees or Policy Council.