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     ITEM NO.7


    PORTFOLIO PLAN 2007/2010

    Mid Year Monitoring Report

     January 2008

    Corporate and Support Services Portfolio Plan 2007-2010


    To provide excellent political leadership for Corporate and Support Services, including

    ensuring that the Council can become a top performer.

    Portfolio Objectives

    1 To meet the needs of people with differing needs within South Ribble by working in

    partnership with other organisations, including tackling deprivation.

    2 To achieve stronger, more active, sustainable communities throughout the borough and

    encourage community and civic pride.

    3 To maximise access to the Council, ensure exceptional customer service and

    communication throughout the authority.

    4 Overseeing the effective development and delivery of Personnel, Legal, Democratic,

    Office, Revenues, Benefits, Benefit Investigation and Information Services.

Glossary of terms

BVPI - Best Value Performance Indicator

    CAPS the Council‟s Corporate Land and Property System

    CRM Customer Relationship Management System

    ICT Information and Communications

    LAA Local Area Agreement

    LGIU Local Government Information Unit

    NNDR National Non-Domestic Rates

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    1. Background

This progress report has been produced in accordance with the guidance in the corporate

    Performance Management Framework.

    2. Summary of Progress

     Detailed progress on the key actions is shown in the attached tables.

The progress being made is summarised below.

     a) Overall position

    Taken overall, good progress is being made.

     b) Areas of significant progress / achievement

    - Based on the recently published deprivation indices, the situation in the borough

    has improved, as there are no longer any super output areas (parts of wards) in

    the top 10% most deprived areas nationally.

    - The review of Community Engagement is on track fir completion by the end of

    Feb., 2008.

    - The “My Place” campaign and annual community consultation programme have

    been completed and a “My Place” web-site has been established.

    - Successful “Who runs this place?” events were held during Local Democracy


    - The March 2010 target to resolve 90% Gateway enquiries at first point of

    contact has been achieved already.

    - Almost 86% of customers are satisfied with the way they are treated when

    contacting the Council, which exceeds the 2009 target of 85%.

    - The new ICT training facility opened in November 2007.

    - The new Committee Admin. System (EGenda) is now live for internal purposes

    and will be available to the public by May, 2008.

    - Collection figures for both Council Tax and Business Rates (NNDR) are ahead

    of last year‟s figures.

    - Legal Services has retained the LEXCEL (Quality Standard) accreditation.

    - A recent inspection from the Office of Surveillance Commissioners to assess

    our compliance with the covert surveillance rules, was successful.

    - The Benefits Services is on track to meet the challenging targets in the Plan.

c) Areas for Action/Concern

    - The project to purchase a new electronic document and record management

    system is running around three months late due to unexpected difficulties in


    - The project to purchase a new Fraud Case Management System has been

    delayed due to difficulties in finding suitable reference sites and the need to

    ensure that the very latest Government requirements are available. A report on

    the way forward will be presented to Cabinet in February 2008.

    2 C:\convert\temp\63718502.doc


    Supporting People with Differing Needs

    1. To meet the needs of 1.1 Work with partners to 1.1 Revised approach 1.1 The borough‟s three most A team of research officers from people with differing undertake agreed with Partners deprived super output areas partner organisations in South needs within South neighbourhood profiling by 28 February 2008. rank outside the top 20% of Ribble Partnership have been Ribble by working in and develop a co- deprived areas by 2010. analysing the data held on our partnership with other