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     Programmer, Senior Technical Writer, System Administrator

     Ability to understand complex technical material and simplify it for the end user


     Programming languages: C, Pascal, VBA, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, CLI & Shell scripting

     FrameMaker, Word, AuthorIT, PDF, Visio, HTML, MovieMaker, Audacity (audio), Paint, GIMP

    (graphics), screen capture, PPT, Access, Excel, Outlook

     Network & data communications, TCP/IP, SIP (VoIP), photography, electronics, radio

     Internet server and Unix systems administration

    Work Experience

    6/2007-present Technical Communicator, Objet Geometries Ltd, Israel

     Wrote and maintained hardware, software, and management documentation

    for the Customer Support and Service department of a fast-growing hi-tech


     Single-sourced in FrameMaker, using conditional text and custom variables.

     Single-sourced in Word, using user-defined variables and linked figures.

     Generated PDFs for distribution.

     Designed and implemented a document and writer management database.

     Researched and created documentation for user guides, installation guides,

    service manuals, startup kits, maintenance kits, technical notes, monthly

    field updates, training materials, problem escalation tickets, beta feedback

    forms, customer questionnaires, and completion of installation certificates. 2004-2007 Technical Communicator, Tech-Tav Documentation, Israel

     Wrote installation and user manuals for network hardware and software, for

    the telecommunications industry.

     Wrote (NMS) software manuals for a TDM (E1) to IP gateway (a cell-site

    gateway for Multiservice (E1/Ethernet/SHDSL) over ATM/PSN.

     Imported into AuthorIT, authored, and updated several new and existing

    installation and operation manuals for cellular backhaul network

    optimization hardware. Coordinated/supported a team of 3 writers.

     Created variables and shared topics to implement single-sourcing and

    streamline the workflow.

     Wrote a software (NMS) manual for a voice trunking gateway that

    compresses E1/T1/FXS/FXO/E&M to a serial/TDM/Ethernet uplink. Updated

    a software (NMS) manual for a TDM to SIP (VoIP) gateway.

     Updated the hardware installation manuals and the user's guides for a line

    of pseudo-wire gateway devices. Included physical and theoretical material

    as well as command-line based (CLI) instructions.

     Updated a software manual for a network management system (NMS). Using

    AuthorIT, wrote the software manual for the Web-based NMS application.

Wrote a hardware manual for an SHDSL power feeding device. Wrote a

    hardware installation and operation manual for an SHDSL repeater. Updated an NMS software manual (Unix/PC) for TDM to IP devices. Wrote a software manual for a high-density TDM/Voice

    (E1/T1/Ethernet/MPLS) to IP pseudo wire gateway for Central Offices. Wrote a software manual for a Web-based cellular network device manager

    and reporting system.

    Consulting Jobs 1999-2007

     Provided client support, repair, and configuration of computers, routers,

    and VoIP equipment.

     Trained entrepreneurs on Windows, Internet, basics of web-commerce. Developed an HTML & JavaScript program to mine web employee databases. Developed Internet applications using HTML, ASP, VBScript and JavaScript

    for BBS, email, and Atomz Search.

     Designed, implemented, marketed and sold a Windows Library Database

    Application with multiple Catalogs, borrower tracking, search, using SQL and

    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

     Installed and configured ADSL / network wiring, modems, routers, and Voice

    over IP systems.

     Proofread a halachic book in English (a translation from Hebrew).

    1997-1998 System Administrator and Technology Advisor

    Shamash Internet Consortium & Center for Information Technology, Brookline, MA

     Managed all support calls and email communication with corporate clients

    over service, training, and all other support issues.

     Tracked support issues and engineered proactive solutions that save time

    and money.

     Engineered scripts that create and administer mailing lists, web sites,

    domains directly from Web forms, automating DNS, mail, ftp, CGI, and web

    server configuration, and management of many hundreds of user accounts. Compiled, installed, and managed Excite Web indexer, Analog log analyzer,

    Qmail, Apache, SSH, sudo, WU-FTP servers.

     Directed teams of volunteers and migrated from BSD server to a Sun

    UltraSPARC Solaris machine.

     Developed anti-spam/mail bomb application to protect 300 mailing lists. Audited and improved system security.

    1996-1997 Application Support Engineer and Product Engineer

    Politzer & Haney, Newton, MA

     Worked directly with important client banks to resolve all serious technical


     Isolated and fixed difficult client-server problems, database corruption, and


     Re-engineered problem systems to make them easy to troubleshoot and


     Designed and implemented multi-user Stop Payments and Wire Transfer

    database systems.

    Meir Green's Resume 11 July 2010 Page 2

     Developed VB communications modules for 67 ACH file formats.

     Programmed complex reports in Crystal Reports.

     Researched and reported on emerging technologies.

    Network and Systems Administrator, Technician 1991-1996

    Barnard College Library, Columbia University, New York

     Responsible for technical support and planning.

     Created a robust network of DOS, Windows, and Web Browser/Server

    software and hardware.

     Centralized the administration of IP addresses, hardware, and software.

     Ensured physical, data, and network integrity.

    1992-1996 Team Project Manager and Programmer (course work)

    Columbia University, New York

     Developed client-server applications with C, UDP, and RPC including:

     Presence and Chat

     Object-oriented multi-player game

    1992-1996 Founder, Designer, Programmer, and Director

    Columbia Jewish Information on the Internet

     Trained non-technical staff to use software and publishing tools.

     Designed and programmed automated conversion and distribution tools.

     Distributed weekly via WWW, e-mail, gopher, notes, and Usenet.

     FCC and Israel Ministry of Communications licensed

    Amateur Radio Operator (Chovevei Radio)

     Founded and managed Amateur Radio Club. Served as President.

     Volunteered in Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

     Designed, programmed, built, and operated: adaptive code software and

    hardware, and antennas.


    6/2007 FrameMaker Training, by Shmuel Wolfson

    9/2006 AuthorIT Expert Training, by Nitzevet Fredman of Tech-Tav 1/2006 Technical Writing Seminar, by Yisrael VanHandel, Master Technical Writer 4/2005 Authoring in AuthorIT and Single-Sourcing, by Miriam Lottner of Tech-Tav 10/2004 Technical Writing, by Shmuel Wolfson, Senior Technical Writer, Supervisor, Trainer,

    and MS Word Expert

    1996 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, New York, B.S. Computer Science

    1996 LIST COLLEGE, New York, B.A.


     English (mother-tongue)

     Hebrew (fluent)

    Meir Green's Resume 11 July 2010 Page 3

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