How to create an SPSS data file - How To Create and Document the

By Diane Edwards,2014-01-10 22:13
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How to create an SPSS data file - How To Create and Document the

    How To Create and Document the Roles Data File Using SPSS

    From your Gradebook, click on “Data Files” and then on “The Role of the Student in the University”. Your screen should look like the following:

Note that you can click on “View Your Assignment” or “View Example Assignment”

    and the numbers change. For this “How To” I will use the example assignment, but for your real assignment, you should use your real data.

    While I could enter the numbers from the screen directly into SPSS, that process can get tedious after a few rows. I will demonstrate how to “cut and paste” data from the web

    page into an SPSS data file.

    First, I will mark the part of the screen that I want to include as data. I will include the line with the variable name. I will copy that data.

I will then open new Notepad (a Windows program, located in “Accessories”) and paste

the copied date in that file.

With the following result:

    I will then save it with a descriptive name in a location where I can find it later; in this case I will name it “ExampleRolesData.txt”. I can close the notepad file now.

Now I open the SPSS program:

    I close the middle dialog by clicking on the red “X” and then click on “File” followed by “Read Text Data”.

I then find the text file I just saved and open it:

With the resulting SPSS screen:

I click on “Next >”

I make sure the “Delimited” and “Yes” options are selected.

I skip over the next screen by clicking on “Next>” twice with the resulting screen:

I will accept the default values of the Text Import Wizard and click on “Next>” two more


At this point the data looks like it is going into the SPSS data file the way it should, so I

can click “Finish”. My SPSS data file looks like the following screen:

    It looks like an extra column (V12) was generated. I click on the “V12” heading and then hit the “Delete” key. The column of data is erased.

    Although the data file looks fine, I need to document the data. I change to variable view by clicking the tab at the bottom of the screen.

The documentation is presented on the web page:

    ; Gender (1=Male, 2=Female)

    ; Rank Class Rank (1=Freshman, 2=Sophomore, 3=Junior, 4=Senior, 5=Other)

    ; Support Primary means of support (1=Family, 2=Myself, 3=Scholarships,


    (1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3=No Opinion, 4=Agree, 5=Strongly Agree)

    ; Apprentice Student role is that of Apprentice.

    ; Ward Student role is that of a Ward.

    ; Client Student role is that of a Client.

    (1=None, 2=Committee Membership, 3=Voting Membership, 4=Equal, 5=Total)

    ; Curriculum Control of Curriculum - i.e. courses required for major

    ; Faculty Control of Faculty - i.e. who gets promoted

    ; Budget Control of Budget

    I can enter the documentation into the SPSS data file using the variable view:

I click on the “Values” cell for Gender and then click on the “…”:

I enter the value “1” and the label “Male” followed by clicking on the “Add” button. I do

the same for the value 2 for Females. I then click on the “OK” button.

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