DES-3226S Firmware Release Note

By Louise Woods,2014-07-11 17:43
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DES-3226S Firmware Release Note ...

DI-604/704P/707P Firmware Release Note

Firmware: V3.21b07RU

    Hardware: BxDx and Fx for DI-604

     Dx for DI-704P/707P

    Date: June 18, 2008

Problems Resolved:

Fixed log on mail issue

****** V3.20b04(March 15) TO V3.21b04(May 27)**********

    DI-604 can’t connect to DFL-210 PPPoE server via password 19 digits. DI-604 can’t connect to DFL-210 PPTP server via Static PPTP WAN type.

****** V3.20b03(March 12) TO V3.21b04(March 15)**********

Fix the issue: Mail log feature can’t work

****** V3.20b02(February 4) TO V3.21b03(March 12)**********

Renamed from the firmware PPTP Issue Test2.

****** V3.20b01(January 11) TO V3.21b02(February 4)**********

1. On page Tools->Time, device is only allowed to choose year 2007(add to 2020)

    2. Fix the issue: System time is not accurately

****** V3.20TW(March 23) TO V3.21TWb01(January 11)**********

1. On page Tools->Time, device is only allowed to choose year 2007(add to 2010)

****** V3.20(December 01) TO V3.21TW(March 23)**********

1. Renamed from V3.20

    2. DI-707P New H/W version can’t downgrade old firmware version.

****** V3.15b07(November 14) TO V3.20(December 01)**********

1. Renamed from V3.15b01.

    2. Fix the issue: Static PPTP/L2TP WAN type failed.

****** V3.15b06(October 17) TO V3.15b07(November 14)**********

Fix the issues:

    1. URL-Filter entered, After configuring this URL-Filter surf to website, the DI-604 crashes after some seconds. The configuration is

    not reachable and no access to the internet over DI-604 is not possible anymore. 2. When DI-604 gets RENEW packets, all TCP connections broke.

****** V3.15b05(August 24) TO V3.15b06(October 17)**********

Only for Russia:

    1. Several IP address on WAN interface new feature request. 2. DI-604 TCP Sequence issue

****** V3.15b03(June 27) TO V3.15b05(August 24)**********

1. L2TP with smartcard auth.

****** V3.15b02(June 27) TO V3.15b03(June 29)**********

    1. Device won't reconnect to PPTP server after connection fails once_Russia

****** V3.15b02(May 24) TO V3.15b03(June 27)**********

    1. Fix the issue: Changing the MTU value different from default (for example 1000),

    then the router will hang

****** V3.15(May 11) TO V3.15b02(May 24)**********

1. Adding DI-604 WAN Selectable speed transmission :10Mbps100Mbps(full) and


****** V3.15(April 21) TO V3.15b01(May 11)**********

1. Use “” to be default NTP server.

****** V3.14b07(April 19) TO V3.15(April 21)**********

1. Rename from V3.14b06.

****** V3.14b06(April 15) TO V3.14b07(April 19)**********

    1. Only DHCP User can be allowed.(Not allowed the static IP addresses at all) 2. Max User is limited to 2.

    3. Only DHCP and Max User 2 should be factory default value.

    4. With Max User option Enabled, the max user can be added by the ISP for future service.(For example, when the button enabled, the administrator can change the user limit.)

    5. Default network should be not Other PC receive internet requests_Central Europe

****** V3.14b06(March 22) TO V3.14b07(April 15)**********

1. Other PC receive internet requests_Central Europe.

****** V3.14b05(March 17) TO V3.14b06(March 22)**********

1. PPPoE’s problem for remote manager for DI-707P_tw.

****** V3.14b04(March 10) TO V3.14b05(March 17)**********

    1. Setting the MAC address with four zero value. After apply and restart, it will not

    do the charge.

****** V3.14b03(February 23) TO V3.14b04(March 10)**********

    1. Fixed the issue which user's device will hang after Multicast stream is going to its

    WAN--Only for Russia

****** V3.14b02(February 22) TO V3.14b03(February 23)**********

    1. Fixed the issue which user's device will hang after Multicast stream is going to its

    WAN--Only for Russia.

****** V3.14(February 20) TO V3.14b01(February 22)**********

    1. DI-604 PPPoE Dial Up probelm._Singapore: The ISP server will not send the

    IPCP packets before DI-604 send it. Then, DI-604 wait it until disconnection.

    2. In the MAC Filters, regardless of Allow or Deny, I let it loose and become the

    empty on field, this function can still be applied. 3. In the Domain Blocking, regardless of Allow or Deny, I let it loose and become

    the empty on field, this function can still be applied. 4. Enabled URL blocking, appeared administrator interface of user when I entered

    URL which contain blacking list.

****** V3.13b07(November 25) TO V3.14(December 15)**********

1. Adjust driving current for EMI.

    2. When setting the same IP Range and Port Range, the UI will block this settings.

****** V3.13b06(November 21) TO V3.13 b07(November 25)**********

1. DI-707P with AOL PPPoE connection_Central Europe.

    2. When IP address is "X.X.X.255" or "X.X.X.0, the UI will block it

****** V3.13b05(October 21) TO V3.13 b06(November 21)**********

1. Add Peanut-Shell in DDNS setting.

****** V3.13b04(October 18) TO V3.13 b05 (October 21)**********

1. Add the firewall list numbers is "28"

****** V3.13b03(September 30) TO V3.13 b04 (October 18)**********

1. DI-604 pppoe dialup unsuccessful in CRCNet circuit_CN

****** V3.13b02(September 29) TO V3.13 b03 (September 30)**********

1. Router can’t recognize fragment packets that are fragmented by PPTP server

****** V3.13b01(September 21) TO V3.13 b02 (September 29)**********

1. Voice communication problem using MSN with DI-604

****** V3.13(September 9) TO V3.13 b01(September 21)**********

1. DI-604 pppoe dialup unsuccessful in CRCNet circuit_CN.

****** V3.12b01(August 30) TO V3.13 (September 9) **********

1. Change the Remote Management port field to let user enter.

    2. Modify log page.

    3. Throughput enhancement

****** V3.12(August 29) TO V3.12b01 **********

1. Fix bug of UPnP for Imerge IP Phone.

****** V3.11b01(August 8) TO V3.12 **********

1. Rename from b3.11b01

****** V3.11 (August 8) TO V3.11b01 **********

    1. Add a error message when WAN IP address and ISP Gateway address entered value is or

    2. Throughput enhancement.

    3. Fix the following problems:

    (1) Users can’t enable/disable URL blocking if there are 10 rules in the list.

    (2) Router will clear the client list table after router software reboot.

    (3) IPSec pass-through option doesn't work.

    (4) Enable router to ping its wan ip address.

****** V3.11 (May 3) TO V3.11 (August 8) **********

1. Throughput enhancement.

    2. Support RTP traffic pass-through.

    3. Add “Active Sessions” page.

****** V3.10 TO V3.11 (May 3) **********

1. Fix the following problems:

    (1) UI displays an incorrect page if users input same password into fields of “Old Password” and

    “New Password” in the Setup Wizard.

    (2) Incorrect date format of log page. (Only occurred at v3.10(S))

****** V3.09b02 TO V3.10 **********

1. Support DL7300 CPU.

    2. Router will display a confirmation page after administrator changes password in the Wizard. 3. Fix the following problems:

    (1) With remote management feature, the administrator can’t go back to original setting page when

    he presses continue button after changing configuration.

****** V3.09b01 TO V3.09b02 **********

1.Fix the following p