Network Marketing Salon Experience revolutionary results_5918

By Joel Russell,2014-11-02 09:52
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Network Marketing Salon Experience revolutionary results_5918

Network Marketing Salon Experience revolutionary results




     Research Papers Download News: July 20 14:00 - 17:00, the

    800 guest hosted the theme of "network Marketing automation solutions," Marketing automation "revolutionary results

    experience" for the network Marketing theme Salon business managers to bring a new integrated self-optimizing network

    Marketing experience when the well-known Internet expert,

    senior Marketing communication consultant Liu Xingliang, Beijing-speed transit media speed transit network, founder and CEO, Internet Society of China Internet Marketing Working Committee Deputy Secretary-General Fan Feng, this event will

    serve as guest on the development of automated network Marketing insights published.

     This issue will be on-site show eight hundred passengers

    Sharon's latest Research results through the automation of network Marketing, described the theory and application of the display, combined with concrete experience, presentation customization for the enterprise network Marketing automation solutions.

     In network Marketing this area, to the advertising (AD), e-

    commerce (EC) and customer relationship management (CRM) to integrate to form a full automation of the Marketing model, eight hundred passengers was the first of its Marketing

    Automation Research Center, The to its Research and development of a new Marketing automation solution for all-

    round display. the principle of network Marketing automation, through Marketing plan development, with the purpose of

    advertising (AD), companies can attract more potential customers, develop more client base, and e-commerce (EC) can

    provide the basis for the analysis of user behavior, customer relationship management (CRM) is to help potential customers into e-commerce to customers, the Direct Marketing, the old customer care, customer feedback, while the use of CRM accurate analysis to guide advertising (AD), the next e-

    commerce advertising decision-making basis.

     Marketing automation systems through mutual promotion,

    optimization, improving with each other to form a closed loop of information situation, so that the business combination,

    this integrated automation of marketing services, no doubt changed the traditional marketing model, the information advantage in marketing has been most fully realized. (Source: Bit Network)

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