Entrance To CYLE1 Classes

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Entrance To CYLE1 Classes

     Entrance To CYLE1 Classes

    Name ____________________ Mark _______________________ ? Choose the suitable answer .10×1′

     1 How are you? AIt's peter ’s.

     2 What colour do you like? BBy bike.

     3 How many dogs are there? CFine, thank you.

     4 Have you got any fish? DThere are four.

    ,!5 Has your father got a computer? EI like green

     6 What's your favourite drink? FNo, I haven't.

    ,!7 Whose bike is it? GRead books.

    ,!8 What's for lunch? HI've got fish.

     9 How do you go to school? I Yes, he's got.

    ,!10 What do you do every day? J I like lemonade.

    ? True or False.5×2

    The lights were red, so the old man stopped his car and waited for them to change(改变)

    to green. Just then a police car come up behind him, hit his car in the back and stopped.

    There were two policemen in the car. They were surprised(惊奇的) and glad when the old

    man got out of his car and walked up to them with a smile. He was over 70 years old. The old man came to the door of the police car, smiled and said, “Tell me, young men, how do you stop your car when the lights are red and mine is not here?”

    11 he old man didn’t stop his car because the lights were green. ( )

    12 A police car hit the old man’s car. ( )

    13 There were three policemen in the car. ( ) 14 The old man was more than seventy years old. ( ) 15 The old man thought the policemen shouldn’t drive like this. ( )

    ? Read and answer. 5×2

    Peter’s family

    Hello! I’m Peter. In my family, there is my mother, my father and two sisters. I don’t

    have any brothers. I have two aunts and two uncles. I don’t have any cousins. I have two

    grandmothers and one grandfather.

    16 How many people are there in Peter’s family? 17 How many sisters does Peter have? _________________________ 18 Does he have cousins? I dont have any brothers. 19 Does he have uncles? I have two aunts and two and two uncles. 20 How many grandfathers does he have? I have two grandmothers and one grandfather.


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