The Selfish Daisy (of the Great Gatsby)

By Ethel Watson,2014-09-24 19:10
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The Selfish Daisy (of the Great Gatsby)of,The,Daisy,the,Great,great,DAISY

The Selfish Daisy

     ----an analysis of The Great Gatsby

     Recently I finished The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald,

    in which the heroine Daisy attracted my attention and what happened to her put me deep in thought. Also as a female, I feel really sorry for Daisy but theres something I would say about her. That is her selfishness in the bones.

     Daisy once was a beautiful, pure and charming girl who was brought up in a wealthy family. However, at the end of the story, she became an irresponsible woman who evaded atonement for her crime. She totally changed into another person, for which the reason maybe is her misfortune to meet Tom in her life. But I think the underlying reason is that she was born selfish.

     She was selfish because she didnt stick to the love between her and

    Gatsby. At first, Daisy firmly believed Gatsby would return to her and tried to rebel against her family. During the long time of waiting for her beloved, she must bore intense suffering; however, she yielded to Tom, a vulgar and hypocritical man who just wanted to support the family face by marrying Daisy. Between a remote chance of love and a real man always by her side, she chose the latter. Maybe its a safe choice for her,

    but it also proved that she was selfish and she was reluctant to bet on a

lifetime of happiness.

     She was selfish because she was a woman with great vanity. She clearly knew what kind of person on earth Tom was, and then still decided to marry him. After the marriage, she took good care of Tom and wanted to feel cared for; instead Tom found a mistress and transferred his care, which became Daisys biggest worry. She would lose her temper

    just for a telephone call from the mistress and still expected that Tom would come back. Why she was so dependent on Tom and sometimes even put up with Toms misconducts? I believe because she bore so much vanity that she was afraid to be abandoned by Tom and thus she would lose the comfortable life. Whats more, why Gatsby insisted on inviting

    Daisy to his delicate house and showed her around? Because he was showing his wealth and social status to attract Daisy and to recall the love, later it was proved that Daisy was indeed moved.

     She was selfish because she loved herself the most, compared to Gatsby or Tom. Daisy felt hard to make a choice between the old lover and her husband. However, the accident would help to see what a woman Daisy was. She dared not to plead guilty and kept silence; she just fled away without a piece of message. Even she didnt appear on Gatsbys

    funeral. Such a selfish and hard-hearted woman!

     It is because of the selfishness of human nature that pushed daisy become what she was, which served as a foil of Gatsbys purity. Every

female shouldnt behave like her and at least we should have a clear


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