Curriculum Vitae

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Curriculum Vitae ...


Curriculum Vitae


Personal Details

    Name: Nicolai Kjaer

    City of residence: Copenhagen, Denmark

    Nationality: Danish

    Born: 1973

    Drivers license: No

    Languages: English (US), Danish, basic Dutch

Functions: Senior Developer

    Delphi, Visual Basic, ASP/xHTML, Tridion DialogServer,

    Scripting, MSI, MTS/COM+, MSMQ, XML/XSL, SQL,

    Windows/Web architect and senior developer.

    Education: 1989 1990 Business school

     1979 1989 Basic school (1-10th grade)

    Sector knowledge: Services, Publishing, Financial, Security, Transportation

    Solution skills: Internet and e-commerce solutions (B2B, B2C)

     Intranets and e-business automation

     Software Research & Development

     EFT solutions (Electronic Funds Transfer)

     WCM and CRM solution development

     Financial systems (sales tracking, portfolios, data mining)

    Operating systems: XP, Windows 2000, NT, 9x, 3.1x, MS-DOS.

    Middleware: COM+, MTS, MSMQ, SMS, MAPI, Office, Verity, Tridion

Software: MS Visual Studio / Source Safe, MS Office, MS Exchange, MS

    Help Workshop, MS Publisher, MS Project, Voice Xpress,

    Wise/MSI, Veritas, WMWare, Install Shield, NetObjects

    Fusion, Global Gateway, NetTransact, NatWest, InterPay,

    WorldPay, HomeSite, Tridion DialogServer

Hardware: Smart cards, Trace Mountain Loaders, Barcodes,

    x86/Pentium chipset and resources.

Programming in: Borland Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, Assembler, ASP,

    HTML/DHTML, Perl, JavaScript, VbScript, VBA, SQL, and

    some Java and C++.

Techniques: R&D, RAD, OOP, CBD, API, WID and MS DNA

    Documentation, profiling and optimisation, automation,

    accessibility, refactoring

Databases: MS SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Dbase/Paradox, DAO/ADO

Internet: IIS, Internet Explorer, Netscape, ASP, DHTML/CSS, XML,

    JavaScript, VBScript, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/IP



I was hired by Link Data Security (Denmark) at age 16, and worked there for 7 years in

    software research and development. In 1997 I moved to The Netherlands and started

    Spinner Software. Spinner Software develops and releases shareware products.

I’m not your average kind of software developer. Where most software developers are

    very good in specific technical areas, I have a broad experience in developing

    applications for small and large businesses. My interests are in new technologies,

    research and development, project design and architecture, and product management.

I have tried projects ranging from highly technical solutions to simple windows

    applications, but always with the firm belief that the customer is right, and never forget

    that the end-users are the ones to use the software. I never develop a solution simply

    because it was the best technical solution, but always chooses the user’s point of view.

I’m a real team player. I’m very good at learning new technology, and does not stop

    thinking about a problem simply because the clock turns 5.

I have a unique perspective on new technology, and the ability to quickly adjust to a

    given situation. I’m easy to interact with, and have the ability to explain technical issues

    to non-technical people.




Period: July 2002 April 2005

    Position: MSI Scripter / Developer / Troubleshooter Company: Siemens Nederland N.V.

    Operating systems: MS Windows 2000, NT4, 95/98

    Software: Veritas WinINSTALL, MSI SDK, Install Shield, Wise, WMWare Computer languages: Visual Basic, ASP, scripting technologies Databases: MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase Duties: Scripting of software for Win2K rollout through SMS

The primary task was to enable Siemens to roll out software on Windows 2000/XP

    through SMS. This included scripting of existing software packages (ISS/Wise), creating

    MSI and MST files, testing, documentation, and deployment. Any special handling was

    made either through scripting in VbScript, or batch scripting.

My tasks also included finding solutions for tricky software set-ups, Win2K non-compliant

    software, 16-bit software, resolving Office 97 -> 2000 changes, researching

    hardware/software problems, impact analysis, and automating the office. I also

    developed several software products and websites for internal use, using Visual Basic 6

    / .NET, ASP, ActiveX and MS Access databases. These tools were for the NT helpdesk and rd3 line support, and integrated with the AD and Exchange servers.


Period: May - June 2002

    Position: ASP/Tridion DialogServer Developer Company: PGGM

    Operating systems: MS Windows NT 4.0 / 2000

    Software: IE 5+, Netscape 6+, HomeSite

    Computer languages: ASP/DHTML, JavaScript, VbScript Databases: MS SQL Server 7/2000

    Duties: Construction of publications in Tridion DialogServer

I made updates to websites made with Tridion DialogServer 4.3. The primary task was

    the creation and development of the site in conjunction with designers and users. I also created and developed a secure intranet site for the PGGM

    board members. All development was done with ASP/DHTML and scripting technologies,

    using Tridion DialogServer 4.3.


Period: April - May 2002

    Position: ASP Developer

    Company: Digital Peppers

    Operating systems: MS Windows NT 4.0

    Software: ADO, IIS, IE 5+, Netscape 6+, HomeSite Computer languages: ASP/DHTML

    Databases: MS SQL Server 7/2000

    Duties: Construction of website

Created the portal section of, designed and implemented sharing of

    content across the portal and normal site, upgraded the search engine, and made minor

    enhancements to the overall site. I also created the backend for editing of agenda details

    and news articles. All development was done in ASP and DHTML.


    Period: April 2001 April 2002 Position: Senior Internet Product Developer Company: Tridion

    Operating systems: MS Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP Software: Verity VDK 2.6, Tridion DialogServer 4.3, 4.4, 5.0,

    MS Office, MTS, COM+, MSMQ, ADO, IIS, IE 5+.

    Computer languages: Visual Basic, C++, ASP/DHTML, XML, Wise/MSI

    Databases: MS SQL Server 7/2000, Oracle 8 Duties: Refactoring of search engine, build and test automation

I worked for the Core team at Tridion as a developer on the DialogServer components.

    Upgrading of from TDS 3.2 to TDS 4.4 SP2 upgrade of all items in existing database, layout of new structure and automatic creation of new website.

Purge and Publish tools for Tridion DialogServer 4.3, 4.4, and 5.0. Used to purge old

    content from the database, and to publish all content (for large customers such as KLM).

Refactoring of search engine for Tridion DialogServer 4.3, using Verity VDK 2.6.

    Documentation and samples, support, test scripts, and implementing additional search


Building an automated tool to build all software projects in preparation for both

    development, testing and release versions of TDS. Flexible, GUI/XML based


Automated functional testing using proprietary application and Rational Robot.

    Performance testing using proprietary software, automated restore of database test sets,

    and extensive server/client side measurements.

    Backup developer for the Build & Install team duties include building normal WISE / Microsoft Installer installations, service packs and vendor platform packs.