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By Barbara Parker,2014-11-02 09:52
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Network marketing segment analysis of the eight conditions_3847

Network marketing segment analysis of the eight conditions




     Research Papers Download News: With the continued intense competition in network Marketing, in order to reflect the professional and faster to open the market, many companies

    have chosen market segments. To segment the market then we need to know under what conditions the market segments. Generally believe that if faced with the following questions, you need to market segmentation.

     (1) product positioning has been very clear, but do not

    understand what kind of promotional mix to maximize attract target customers.

     In fact, Marketing tools and strategies of the organization is to organize the process, came out of a product, promotion is essential for the current user groups of many goods are

    unique, so do the promotions should take into account a combination of strategies to achieve These tactics not only target customer groups, all accepted, and when cost-effective

    and highest, of course, if you can do is the best, if not find

    a reasonable strategy for these combinations, then the time to conduct market subdivision. for different specific customer groups, the overall image and strategy, the use of different promotional strategies.

     (2) different consumers have different preferences for

    products, manufacturers want to know what is the vendor able to meet the preferences.

     For this condition is very common thing, many companies are faced with this problem, just like I am now in the south of Pitt students often see companies into different market

    segments do the publicity and satisfaction. For young people focus on weight loss Gongli, middle-aged and social occasions

    for major publicity and other factors make life easy cleaning gastrointestinal health, care for the elderly with functional

    constipation treatment effect for publicity, so when a company want to know what the target customer groups most in need of a

    service , or when the demand for different groups can be refined market segmentation.

     (3) if there is no change in sales, but manufacturers have already felt the composition of the customer base is changing, and want changes in the details.

     This condition refers to when a certain sales volume, customer base, manufacturers have been feeling the composition

    has undergone a qualitative change and social development at the demand of customers is undergoing changes, and also can not determine the exact requirements of this part of the market and share, to meet new market requirements and demand point to market segmentation.

     (4) companies ready to enter the market occupied by solid competitors, wish to get a small base.

     China has since ancient times "to point" argument, when a business to enter other people's fields or a new blank field, in order to occupy a place as soon as possible, reducing the field of strong direct competition, then the market can be segments, because in a market area of different groups or

    customers with different needs, so a company entered a new field, in conjunction with companies to identify the most

    suitable product features, the most receptive market for enterprise products into the this area, and quickly occupied a place in this area.

     (5) manufacturers of their products dominate the market, but competitors began to erode the territory.

     The fourth point we said, if want to grab something to eat other people's sites, in order to grab things faster and more accurate, our market segments. The same to snatch away the lead in their profession or field, in order to snatch away are

    eroded by competitors of the territory, but also for market segmentation.

     (6) While vendors have good products, but the market data Marketing plan suffered a major setback.

     I think this is a lot of companies have come across, in the enterprise-wide net of Marketing plan implementation process, there is no gain to good effect on the market, a good product

    can only be placed in storage when fully occupied in a business Marketing implementation process was not as effective, you should consider market segments, starting with the company's products and Marketing strategies most likely to cut into market groups, point to an area.

     (7) coverage is not good Marketing strategy, but the Bureau of cloth into the market price and a high success rate.

     This is actually needless to say, when your business can not afford to swallow a field of market, market segments should be

    gradually wiped out.

     (8) as the new market makers need to reconsider the company's Marketing plan (text / Zhao

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