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ABC Radio

    Jim Green is an announcer(播音员?for the program. Most of the girls___1____

    boys like the program. They ___2___like Jim Green. Some of them often make phone calls to him and thank him ___3___ his work. There are lots of ___4___ to him every day,too.

    Jim Green gets up at 6:00 every morning. He has bread and a glass of milk ___5___ breakfast. He leaves home at 6:30 and ___6___ his office at 7:15. The program ___7____ at 7:30.He plays the new records (唱片?of the pop

    songs and modern music for his listeners. At 8:00 it's time ____8____ the news.

    Jim finishes work at 10:30. He goes home ____9____ his car. His ___10___ newspaper and listens to music after supper.

    He thinks his life is very interesting.

    ( )1.A and B with C but D about ( )2.A too B to C also D so ( )3.A to B for C of D and ( )4.A letter B letters C friends D words

    ( )5.A at B with C for D to ( )6.A goes B gets C gets to D gets up

    ( )7.A begins B finishes C over D start ( )8.A to B for C of D in ( )9.A by B in C on D takes ( )10.A looks B reads C sees D watches

    二、You\'all see a new _1_at a hospital near London if you go there. He is very clever,_2_he never speaks. He can work 24 hours a day and never gets _3_.He is one meter tall and has a face_4_a TV screen. He is Dr.Robot. Doctors often need to ask their patients a lot of questions._5_ doctors can only spend a few minutes with such patient. But Dr.Robot,a human doctor can_8_a lot of useful information(信息)when he meets his patient.

    How can Dr.Robot do this? A computer \"tell\" him what to do.Dr.Robot can do a lot of things people can do, though he can\'t completely_9_the place of _10_ doctors.

    ( )1.A.sick person B.nurse C.chemist ( ) B.if C.but D.because

    ( )3.A.tired C.up D.woounded ( ) B.on

    ( )5.A.Kind B.Busy Coffee Detail ( )6.A.late B.impossibleC.necessary D.interesting

    ( )7.A.With B.For C.Behind Dundee ( )8.A.spend Behave Cased D.speak

    ( )9.A.bring Bogie Stake Doled ( )10.A.robot Cowwomen Thurman

    三、Mike is an Englishman. He lives in a __1___ building in the __2___ London. There are eighteen floors in the building and he lives on the fifteenth floor. He__3___ a lift (电梯)to go up and down. He works very hard. He__4___ to

    work early. Every day he leaves his__5__and walks to the lift. He gets into the lift. It __6___him down to the first floor. He gets out of the lift. Then he walks to __7___bus stop. The bus stop is in front of a station. It is about two hundred meters from ___8___home. Usually, he catches the number 11 bus to work, but sometimes he goes__9___. He works in a factory about ten__10___ from his home. His work starts at half past eight, and finishes at a quarter to five. He gets back home at half past5.

     1. A. Tall B. shot C. small D. large 2. A. country B. town C. city

    D. village

     3. A. makes B. uses C. does D. mends 4. A. begins B. wants C.

    runs D. goes

     5. A. home B. building C. office D. room 6. A. costs B. spend C.

    takes D. brings

     7. A. a Boa C. the D. / 8. A. his B. he C. him


     9. A. by plane B. by train C. on foot D. by air ( ) 10. A. meters B. kilometers C. minutes D. hours’

    四、A Diary Great weather! It was _1__ and hot all day. We __2__ to a beautiful beach. We had great fun __3__ in the water. In the afternoon, we went __4__. On the way, I found a little boy __5__ in the corner. He was __6__. I helped __7__ find his father. That made me __8__ very happy. I didn’t have __9__ money __10__ a taxi. So I walked back to the hotel.

     1.A. Wind B. cloud C. sunny 2. A. go B. got C. went

     3. A. play B. played C. playing 4. A. shop C.shopped

     5. A. cries B. cried C. crying 6. A. loses B. lost C. crying

     7. A. he B. his C. him 8. A. feel B. feeling C. felt

     9. A. some B. any Can few 10. A. with B. on C. for

    五、Dear Dr Know,

    I’m not happy. I have too __1_ rules in my family. I have to __2___ at 6:00 every morning. I can’t __3__ my friends after school __4__I have to __5__my dog for a walk. I can’t watch TV on school nights. And I have to __6_ in bed by ten o’clock. _7__ weekends, I have to clean my room and wash my clothes. Then I have to help my mother __8__ dinner. Later I have to go to the

Children’s Palace __9__ the piano. I never have any fun. __10__ can I do?

     1. A. Many B. much C. a few 2. A. goes to bed B. get up Cage home

     3. A. watch B. look C. meet 4. A. so B. then C. because

     5. A. brings B. take C. carry 6. A. be B. is C. am

     7. A. In B. On C. At 8. A. Make B. making C. do

     9. A. learns B. to learn C. learning 10. A. Why B. What C. How

    六、On Christmas Eve a few days ago, an English couple, the Hardens, got a very special call. It was only a 20-second call but it was very ____11____. The Hardens’ 15-year-old daughter has gone ___12____ six months before. On Christmas Eve she rang them. “I’m phoning to wish you a happy Christmas,”she said, “I love you.”

    Ronal’s and DeWine Harden were so ______13_____ that they started a special telephone service ;服务?called” Alive and Well”. The service helps

    ______14______ to get in touch with children who have run away from home. Young people can phone” Alive and Well” and leave a message for their parents. The telephone is answered by answering machines. So ______15_____ can speak to the child or make him return home. Parents of runaway children who are _______16_______ eighteen can ask the police to bring their children home. So children do not want to tell their parents where they are. Through “Alive and Well” they can telephone their parents and they

    do not ______17______ about this or giving out their addresses. The Hardens and their helpers ______18______ the telephone messages and connect;联系?the addresses given. About 30,000 British teenagers have left home and many of them are probably in _______19_______. For only two pence;便士?they can go into a telephone coin box and call their parents. They can dial 5675339 and ______20______ a parent worry: Is he dead or alive? 11. A. interesting B.important C. difficult D. exciting 12. A. away Bout C. back D. along

    13. A. angry B. happy C. sad D. kind 14. A. teachers B. people C. parents D. friends

    15. A. someone B. anyone C. everyone D. no one 16. A. at B. above C. over D. under

    17. A. think B. worry C. talk D. hear 18. A. asks for B. listen to C. look up D. write down

    19. A. Pairs B. Tokyo C. London D. New York 20. A. stop B. make C. feel D. leave

    一、 1 A 在肯定句中表示并列 2 C also""的意思,A是太……的意思

    3 B thank sb. for sty. 为了什么感谢某人 4 B 每天他都有很多的来信

5 C 作为他的早饭 6 C 到达 A是走 B是得到 D是起床

    7 A 开始 D的时态不对?应该是第三人称单数 8 B 该是新闻时间了?Atime

    to do sty.

    9 B in one's car ,A B by car 10 B 看报纸是 read newspaper


    四、1-5CCCBC 6-10BCABC

    五、1-5ABCBB 6-10ABBBB

    六、11. B 12. A 13. B 14. C 15. 16. D 17. B 18. D 19. C 20. A Fashion not only in Clothes

     For most people, the word” fashion" means"clothes".But people may ask the question, "What_1_are in fast hion?"And they use the adjective” fashionable" in the same way:"She was wearing a_2_coat." "His shirt was really a fashionable


     But of course there are fashions_3_many things, not only in clothes. there are fashions in holidays, in rest rants, in films and books. There are_4_fashions in school subjects, jobs…and in languages.

    Fashions_5_as time goes._6_you look at pictures of people or things from the past, you will see that fashions have always changed. An English house of 1750 was different_7_one of 1650. A fashionable man in 1780 looked very different from his grandson in 1850.

     Today fashions change very quickly. We hear about things_8_more quickly than in the past. Newspapers, radios, telephones and televisions send information from one country_9_another in a few hours. Newspapers, radios, telephones and televisions send information from one country_9_another in a few hours. New fashions mean that people will_10_new things, so you see there is money in fashion.

    1A. color B.clothes Cofound Demine

    2A. nice B.beautiful Coextensive D.fashionable

    3A. at Baby Cain Dewitt

    4A. even Bijous Conley D.already

    5A. change Bacchantes Care changed Duchene

    6A. Where Bowen Coif Dias

    7A. on Before Swath Deform

    8Avery B.much Cato Adequate

    9A. in Baby Cato Dewitt

10A. Buy Basel .NET Duse


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