Needles up and down on 42 cases of mainly treating tennis elbow_32106

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Needles up and down on 42 cases of mainly treating tennis elbow_32106

    Needles up and down on 42 cases of mainly treating tennis elbow




     [Keywords:] up and down on the needling tennis elbow

     The author used in clinical work up and down on the spines of local treatment of the elbow, tennis elbow, a significant

    effect, are as follows.

     1 Clinical data

     1.1 General Information

     The 42 cases were in December 1997 -2009 in patients

    admitted in December. Including 32 males and 10 females, aged 25 to 45 years; course of 1 year 7 cases, 23 cases 1 to 3

    years, 3 years more than 12 cases.

     1.2 Treatment

     Patient was sitting, palm to the inside of the elbow limb 90 ??, forearm 2 / 3 placed in the bed, elbows vacant, with 0.4mm ?? 40mm elbow liao piercing needle point, may air later, the right elbow with the needle straight lower thorn small sea cave, lifting and thrusting needle twisted sense of transferred patients complained of a sense of up and down through, and then outside the customs points and acupuncture, are used reinforcing-reducing method, 10min Twist 1 in order

    to increase acupuncture, needle retention 30min, day 1 times, 10 times as a course of treatment.

     1.3 Treatment Results

     The cases are all effective, 32 cases were cured, elbow pain disappeared, normal activities; effective 10 cases, elbow pain

    disappeared, but the clenched fist ulnar deviation action to do a little sore. Followed up for 3 months, no recurrence.

     2 understand the disease is a Chinese medicine

     "Injured ribs", the more fatigue because of the elbow, cold accumulation, damage blood, tendons and caused disharmony. Gas main bone, blood, Zhu Jin, Qi and blood stagnation are Spasm pain. Up and down on the spines can transport up and down by the elbow gas, enhanced through the meridians, tune up the role of blood, with the intersection points of acupuncture Bamai external relations to yang meridians. Wangle Ting old man summed up the "second hole through the side" in a song through a small pool to ease the soft sea Treatment of elbow joint lubrication Lee Elbow, but the one consistent point of

    penetration by the spines of two methods of operation is difficult, not easy to master, and in the process of needle retention, the patient prone position to maintain properly curved needle, Needle, local hematoma situation, using up and

    down through the hole on the spines can achieve therapeutic effects, but also reduce the occurrence of unusual circumstances. <<Lingshu Twelve of the original nine-pin>>:

    "thorn of the gas not to, no question of their number; spines of the gas to, is to go to the ... ... thorn, gas to and effective. "using elbow liao, small sea cave and down to the thorns, so that through acupuncture, hand and hand Yangming

    Sun small intestine by the large intestine by the gas blend the two, gas blood to flow, General does not hurt, so a significant effect, this method is less selection of points, is easy and simple, a significant effect.

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