Animal Farm Essay Assignment Sheet

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Animal Farm Essay Assignment Sheet

     World Literature

     Mr. Sylvester

    Animal Farm Essay Assignment Sheet

     This writing assignment may be a bit different from essays you’ve written in the past. For this assignment, you will be imagining you are writing in a realistic yet imagined situation. This assignment sheet will instruct you on the point of view from which you will write, your writing purpose, and your intended audience.

    Context: You will be writing this essay from perspective of one member of a group of successful farmers who are also firm believers in animal rights. You all are in favor of the equal treatment of animals and wish to grant your animals independence; however, you all have heard about what has happened on Animal Farm and wish to avoid the mistakes they have made.

    Purpose: You have been assigned the special task of analyzing the events and characters from Animal Farm and answering this question for your fellow farmers: Was it possible for Animal Farm to reach Utopia? Your response will vary depending on whether you answer yes or no. If your stance is that it was possible for them to reach Utopia, you must then explain what mistakes Animal Farm made that prevented them from reaching it. If your stance is that it was

    impossible to reach Utopia, you must then explain what about the animals and events from Animal Farm made it impossible. Your conclusion will then provide insight on what changes future farms could make to improve an animal-led farm chances at establishing prosperity.

Audience: Your “audience” for this written analysis on Animal Farm is your group of fellow

    farmers. Your fellow farmers are relying on your expertise to help them determine how they should proceed, what changes should be made, and how exactly they will allow their animals to be independent.

Requirements: Minimum Length: 2 ? pages Maximum Length: 4 pages

     ; All papers must be typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins.

     ; Only standard fonts will be accepted. (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica)

     ; Papers must have a title, introduction and clear thesis statement, refer to specific

    examples from the novel, and have a conclusion that not only restates your main

    points but also makes suggestions on changes that should be made to avoid failure

    on the farms.

     thDates: Peer Workshop: In Class on Monday, January 14. A rough draft is due in class. th Final Draft Due: Friday, January 18.

     Extra Credit Opportunity: I will offer 2 points of extra credit if you turn in your essays th one day early, on Thursday, January 17.


    1) Start brainstorming and organizing your essay immediately. We will go over writing a thesis and introduction, providing and analyzing evidence, and writing a conclusion in class. On Friday, January th11, we will all fill out a an outline that will help you better organize and develop your ideas for the rough thdraft due Monday the 14.

    2) Don’t use the idea “The perfect place (Utopia) doesn’t exist” to support your answer. Focus your efforts on analyzing characters or events from the novel.

    3) This is a persuasive essay! Your job here is to sound convincing and to prove your points. This means you need to use precise language and explain and analyze everything from the book that you want to use as evidence. (It’s not all about finding the evidence—that’s all written by Orwell already—it’s

    about coming up with your ideas which are the commentary and analysis.

    4) You’ll receive a rubric this week that will explain exactly how your essay will be graded.

     Animal Farm Essay Rubric

     Excellent Pretty Good Needs Work o Thesis takes a strong stance o Contains a thesis that o Lacks clear thesis Thesis and and is written clearly addresses the prompt o Intro is vague/does Introduction o Intro previews the ideas in o Intro previews the ideas not give a preview (25 Points) body paragraphs in the in body paragraphs of the ideas to come order they appear o Voice and tone match the o Voice and tone do o Written in a convincing context for the not match the manner that builds interest assignment context for the o Voice and tone match the (18-21) assignment context for the assignment (17 & below) (22-25)

    o Paragraphs contain clear o Paragraphs contain topic o Missing topic Body topic sentences sentences sentences Paragraphs o Paragraphs are focused and o Paragraphs are focused o Paragraphs are not (40 Points) all help to prove the thesis most of the time focused o Quotes/refers to well-o Quotes/refers to evidence o Lacks sufficient chosen evidence and from the novel and also commentary supplies at least two supplies some o Lacks transitions sentences of commentary commentary (27 & below) for each concrete detail o Uses some transitions in o Good variety in main ideas and between paragraphs

    o Shows sophisticated (28-34)

    thinking in commentary o Uses transitions in and

    between paragraphs


    o Restates thesis o Restates thesis and main o Few to no Conclusion o Demonstrates the logical ideas suggestions (15 Points) progression of main ideas o Provides suggestions for o Conclusion does not o Provides creative and well-changes for future farms match thesis developed suggestions for o Gives the essay a closed (10 & below) changes for future farms feeling

    o Gives the essay a closed o Voice and tone match the feeling context of the assignment

    o Voice and tone match the (11-13)

    context of the assignment


    o No spelling errors o A few spelling errors o Frequent spelling Grammar and o Few to no punctuation o Some punctuation errors errors Style errors o A few subject-verb o Many punctuation (15 Points) o No subject-verb agreement agreement errors errors

    errors o 1-3 their/they’re/there o 3+ subject-verb o Proper sentence structure and other usage errors agreement errors o No their/they’re/there and (11-13) o 4+

    other usage errors their/they’re/there (14-15) and other usage

    errors (10 & below) o Fits within the length Comes close to the Does not meet o o Manuscript requirement length requirement length requirement Requirements o One inch margins o One inch margins o Incorrect Font/size (5 Points) o Font is 12 pt. in Times o Font is 12 pt. in Times o Not Double-spaced New Roman, Arial, or New Roman, Arial, or (0)

    Helvetica Helvetica

    o Double spaced o Double spaced

     (5) (3-4)

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