National ugly, who is really behind the network promoter_5192

By Carmen Ortiz,2014-11-02 09:50
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National ugly, who is really behind the network promoter_5192

National ugly, who is really behind the network promoter




     World Cup fierce battle going on, always four people chasing

    the attention of the network of natural red eyes will not let a good opportunity. Xifeng, although television was banned, or to comment on a video Web site in the ball, and Sister Furong also appear in S shape fans in the carnival activities.

    depends on the appearance of this type must attack, Feng, Sister Furong, virtuous brother, sister dress red these networks of people, although the strange words and deeds, was able to maintain the public heat, the mainstream media frequently reported, but also constantly stir controversy, for

aesthetic or ugly fight to the bee.

     Today, people fall into fatigued, the ugly will fire up in full swing by the network show to become Internet and media celebrities, from the grassroots to become stars, some of the

    popularity of Internet and media celebrities, from fame to Feng Furong sister appeared, and then brother sharp rise to a "crowd", to be consumed. network star, turned out to meet some impetuous, silly, novelty of mind, in a sense, to meet the

    public demand Ugly, "impetuous" led to the proliferation of aesthetic that lights up in this era of bizarre, behind the blitz is a disease. in the end who makes these Reds, or spectators to promote their hype?

     Why is the public interest in why such ugly thick? A

    network, said promoter, promoter of most of the time to provoke controversy, and whether to follow up, but also the interest of users, so spectators are the real driving force. I think, today China's "ugly" phenomenon, not only the formation of a deformity of the profit model, but also the best times of impulsive entertainment irony, of course, the driving force behind this and not unrelated, also blame the media and the public can be said , Internet and media celebrities, Behind the scenes, the public, the media, in this together to build a massive "Ugly" campaign, of course, there is both naked interest demands, and also about the spiritual demands of some deformity, is a multi-party conspiracy starred in the drama.

     I think the media innovation can, but must keep in mind the

    social responsibility borne by the network media should not be an exception, the blind pursuit of ratings, hits, took the opportunity to hype, is the lack of social responsibility performance, whether it is sexy text known Muzi United States,

    a rogue off the famous swallow, extreme narcissism of Sister Furong, or from washing into the cup with a sharp brother, popular Feng, and Behind the scenes, they brazenly break the traditional concepts, naked surface Darrell's " alternative

    "values, and core values we are advocating is not appropriate

    to the community, the public mind is the" poison ", so the irresponsible media, must be standardized, the vulgar, to be firmly put an end style spoof. It seems to improve network PR line regulation are also imminent.

     A responsible media should establish the correct guidance of public opinion, advocate mainstream values, rather than to

blindly pursue business interests to stimulate a few days ago,

the State Administration of Radio, telling of some love and

marriage norms, emotional type of program, is a wake-up call.

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