Network marketing polarized pattern of development of new media_3290

By Jill Stone,2014-11-02 09:52
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Network marketing polarized pattern of development of new media_3290

    Network marketing polarized pattern of development of new media




     Research Papers Download information: reporters from the China Mobile and other carriers understand that the regulation of SP business is still very harsh and punitive measures, and

    no signs of loosening, which allows wireless value-added

    services as the main media companies are facing new dilemma.

     It is reported that the air network, such as SP Hurray manufacturers are subject to the policy implications, as the

    fourth quarter of 2009, Hurray wireless value-added services

    over the same period in 2008 decreased $ 9.2 million, and a direct result of its 6th consecutive quarter of operating losses.

     Sina president and CEO Charles Chao said, now plans to discuss cooperation with China Mobile, and the development of the game business, mobile value-added services to make up for

    the uncertainty.

     Wireless value-added services in an awkward position while online advertising business preached steady growth. Sina latest financial results, as of December 31, 2009 fourth quarter, as Sina Sina Locke split in to get listed disposable income of the book, the fourth quarter of 2009 net profit of $ 372.1 million Sina, with advertising revenues to $ 63.2 million, compared with the same period in 2008, up 12%

    followed by Morgan Stanley Research report released last year, said fourth-quarter earnings Sina in the online advertising market shows leadership enhancement.

     Chao said the first quarter of this year, our advertising

    business will show a trend of overall growth, in view of the second quarter of the Shanghai World Expo and the World Cup in South Africa, is expected to increase Sina's advertising revenues for the second quarter, but from past experience, such large activities are only part of the overall advertising

revenue does not account for the majority.

     But the experts also pointed out that with the development of network marketing, how to enhance the effect of online advertising, online media and advertising has become the main

    focus in recent years, use of ad clicks quietly devices, machines and other undesirable web scraper means, are often exposed to newspapers, the gray marketing activities to bring the crisis to online advertising.

     As the first company to third parties in the form of

    advertising effectiveness analysis system provider CNZZ CEO, said Zhang Zhiqiang, the network is just a communication tool, when it developed to a certain stage, the chain on the urgent need for a role in its development and can growth monitoring

    and monitoring to an independent "third party" perspective to assist it more benign development.

     An advertising executive, said Meng Hui, CNZZ advertising analysis system for delivery of content on the Internet display advertising, search engine keyword advertising, email advertising, branding and other forms of Internet advertising effective advertising to provide accurate statistical data analysis results Let advertisers to grasp the effect of advertising and advertising revenue, ad spending compared with

    the effect of the depth of such valuable data, Internet advertising has become the basis for decisions. (Source: Communication Digital Weekly, Wen / Jin Li

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