Network Marketing in 2010 popular paint brands_2645

By Joshua Cox,2014-11-02 09:52
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Network Marketing in 2010 popular paint brands_2645

Network Marketing in 2010 popular paint brands




     Research Papers Download information: In 1994, China's accession to the Internet, when only a small Research network. With the Development and advancement of technology, the sudden

    emergence of the Internet in China, into the exponential growth of Internet users, according to <<25th China Internet Development Statistics Report>> data show that China's netizens reached 384 million, Internet penetration and further improved, reaching 28.9%, as the world's largest number of Internet users in the country, to become an Internet powerhouse. paint brand marketing strategy to grasp the opportunities of China's Internet users in the network to young people as the main force, the large number of this

    group, great purchasing power, while the young Internet users It is also China's real estate industry, end customer as renovation projects in the face of the "paint", naturally, and this group has a close relationship.

     In recent years, China's paint industry, mainly in sales

    channels, dealer-based, coating business through distribution channels to promote brands and products, along with the increasing number of Chinese Internet users, network marketing has become the paint companies must pay attention to the

    promotion of way in 2008. endorsement of China's paint market set off a boom, the paint companies have open play "endorsement war," "advertising campaign." in such a way to narrow the distance with consumers, but consumers can only understand the meaning of the brand through advertising, but can not really understand production paint the true performance of the product face of a large number of Internet users to consumers, businesses of network marketing has become the new marketing direction.

     First, the paint company news via the Web, search engines, to allow consumers access to the corporate brand, understand the paint brand recommended way: search engine promotion, online advertising again, through the network, paint companies

    will own the various features of the product details to the consumer, different product types have different properties, and can provide pricing. Recommended method: blog, forums, news, product review article. Finally, consumers can introduce the network and their own needs, through contrast, can go directly to resellers or direct online shopping.

     In fact, the paint companies advertising through the network, the network event marketing, network marketing, and so many ways to promote business and paint products in this

    fast-paced society, businesses can not rigidly adhere to a single form of promotion to attract different levels of consumer group. HC coating network known as the paint industry, the media, for the paint industry to build

    information platform to lead the rapid Development of China's paint healthy. HC coating network in recent years and many paint brands of network marketing cooperative, the brand of paint promotion to jumpstart role.

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