Network Jingxian delete posts Emperor- delete negative posts from 300_5905

By Brent Robinson,2014-11-02 09:51
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Network Jingxian delete posts Emperor- delete negative posts from 300_5905

    Network Jingxian delete posts Emperor: delete negative posts from 300




     A friends that can help individuals and units to delete negative posts, delete posts different prices in different websites

     Help remove personal negative posts, each charge 300-700

    yuan, delete unit negative posts, each charging 1,300 yuan. Thessalonians delete individual posts first money, then pay the deposit unit posts first delete posts in the Baidu Post Bar, a bit users can delete their own ads, said the major site

    of negative information, commitment to remove post-paid, win,

    no money, and left his mobile phone, fixed phone and QQ number. Is it really the friends said it? yesterday, Reporters conducted a survey on the matter.

     Delete posts from 300 years can offer monthly packages

     Yesterday, the reporter through the Baidu Post Bar provides a QQ number, plus the name of "defamatory delete" friends. He, delete individual posts charges 300 yuan -700 yuan, 1300

    yuan unit posts, personal posts deleted after the payment,

    post-processing unit to pay a deposit posts.

     Reporters try to send a negative of a school principal asked if he could delete posts. The user said: "Yes, minimum charge of 300 yuan." The friends said, generally need to delete posts

    one day, if urgent, then, within a few hours get, but the charges at least 1000 and if long-term relationship with them,

    can delete posts in the implementation of monthly or package.

     In Baidu Post Bar to delete posts, monthly prices 4000, including the price of 12 000 years. "How to do that if you delete can not afford." "No charges, a full refund." Vowed that the users, not the customer on the excessive In order to prove their ability, he said he could be sent to reporters

that the negative posts deleted.

     Delete individual posts to provide identity cards to better address the negative

     10 minutes later, the negative post really be deleted. "We now believe that the strength of it." The friends called to say, different prices in different websites to delete posts,

    in the End of the World Forum, Sina forum, Tencent delete a blog post charges 600 in Xinhua, People delete posts about fees in 1000-3000 at the local site around 1500 charges to delete posts, delete posts in the Phoenix online at least

    3000, sometimes not necessarily be able to do so.

     The friends said, remove the personal negative posts, if they can provide their identity card, they are much like handling, but also cheaper, he told reporters, in large sites with better personal negative information processing, the most difficult is a small site, but fees are high, "Great site to worry about business, but small sites with limited resources, your money on."

     Subsequently, the reporter asked in Changsha, Hunan delete negative posts on the website how much money. The friends said, if it is a famous site of 1,500 yuan, not known need more money, depending on the situation.

     After the introduction, the man will be a username of "Zhaoqing Guang," the ABC account sent over, and told reporters later to remove negative information can contact him, the money will hit delete on this account can be.

     Deleted posts charge there blind spot monitoring

     An industry source said they had received several telephone calls to delete posts, and promised to give some benefit, but

    on their website, only the requirement to delete posts or units actually been framed and slander in order to delete posts. He can help delete posts of people behind the public relations firm, with some sites closely linked.

     It is understood that remove negative information generally three ways: First, the extrusion process. When negative information appears on the search engine immediately when the

    positive news writing and publishing online, the negative information squeezed into the first 10 pages of search results other than to reduce its exposure in the search engine; second is the public relations process, the use of network contacts , handling public relations and website to reach agreement; third is the extreme approach, the use of hacking techniques to deal with negative information.

     Shaoyang Liu, a source said the business sector, due to network information flow and relatively large geographical span, regulatory jurisdiction is not clear, there are still blind spot monitoring, he suggested, was slander individuals or units may be required by law the major sites that post deleted, but also to the people's court (Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News Author: Zhao Bo correspondent)

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