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By Phillip Stewart,2014-06-10 20:41
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    ? Portfolio Manager Data Collection Worksheet ENERGY STAR

This worksheet was designed to help building owners and managers collect data to benchmark

    buildings using EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The information in this worksheet will be

    used to establish your building’s profile in Portfolio Manager, which is critical to calculate benchmarks

    of key metrics such as energy intensity and costs, water use, and carbon emissions. All building

    types can be entered into Portfolio Manager and receive energy and water benchmarks, as

    well as a comparison of performance against a national average for buildings of a similar type.

Some buildings will also receive an ENERGY STAR score. The ENERGY STAR score is a benchmark that indicates how

    efficiently buildings use energy on a 1-100 scale. A score of 50 indicates that energy performance is average compared to similar buildings, while a score of 75 or better indicates top performance, and means your building may be eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR label. To receive an ENERGY STAR score, the gross floor area of the building must be comprised of more than 50% of one of the following space types: bank/financial institution, courthouse, data center, hospital (general medical and surgical), hotel, house of worship, K-12 school, medical office, office, residence hall/dormitory, retail store, senior care facility, supermarket/grocery store, warehouse (refrigerated and unrefrigerated), and wastewater treatment plant.

Use this worksheet to collect the data for all space types applicable to your facility.

    Required Data for ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

    ; Portfolio Manager username and password.

    ; The building street address, year built, and contact information.

    ; The building gross floor area and key operating characteristics for each major space type. Use this worksheet to

    collect this information before logging in to Portfolio Manager.

    ; 12 consecutive months of utility bills for all fuel types used in the building. If you don’t have this information

    readily available, contact your utility provider(s) as most will be able to easily supply this historical information.

General Building Information

    Facility name _______________________________________________________________ Year built______________

    Building address ___________________________________________________________________________________

    City ____________________________________________________ State ____________ZIP ____________________

Space Use Attributes

    Before compiling the information noted in the boxes below, review the following important information:

    ; Specific definitions and instructions for each of the data fields listed in the boxes below can be viewed by

    navigating to Portfolio Manager Help, selecting “Space Type Definitions,” choosing the appropriate building type,

    and selecting “Space Use Information.”

    ; Some buildings may contain multiple space types within a single building (e.g. office, data center, and parking OR

    K-12 school and swimming pool). Complete the fields below for each applicable major space types within the


    ; For buildings with multiple tenants with the same space type, these spaces should be entered separately only

    when the number of weekly operating hours among tenants differs by more than 10 hours. For example, in a

    100,000 square foot (SF) office building where 75,000 SF operates 60 hours a week and 25,000 SF operates 80

    hours a week, please list as two separate spaces one 75,000 SF space and one 25,000 SF space. As this is

    most common in office buildings, multiple office space fields are provided below to capture data for multiple

    tenants if necessary.

    ; Default values supplied by Portfolio Manager can be used for all space use characteristics with the exception of

    gross floor area. Using default values will result in an approximate energy performance score which can be a

    beneficial metric for estimating energy performance. If defaults are used for an initial score, it is recommended

    that actual data be added later to more accurately measure a facility’s energy performance. Facilities using

    default values are not eligible to apply for the ENERGY STAR label. Leave any of the requested information

    below blank (except gross floor area) to use a default value for the field.


Bank/Financial Institution: Data Center:

    Required: Required:

    _______ Gross floor area (SF) _______ Gross floor area (SF)

    _______ Weekly operating hours _______ IT Energy Configuration Select one from: _______ # of workers on main shift 1. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Meter supports

    only IT Equipment. (Preferred) _______ # of personal computers 2. UPS Meter includes non-IT load of 10% or less. _______ Percent of floor area that is air conditioned 3. UPS Meter includes non-IT load greater than 10%. (>=50%, <50%, or none) Non-IT load is sub-metered. _______ Percent of floor area that is heated 4. UPS Meter includes non-IT load greater than 10%. (>=50%, <50%, or none) Non-IT load is not sub-metered. Courthouse: 5. Facility has no UPS Meter.

    6. IT Energy is not current metered at this facility Required: Apply Estimates. _______ Gross floor area (SF)

    _______ Weekly operating hours _______ IT Energy Data 12 months of measured energy

    consumption data is required from either the UPS or PDU _______ # of workers on main shift Meter, depending on IT Energy Configuration _______ # of personal computers Meter Type (select 1): UPS Output or PDU Input _______ Percent of floor area that is air conditioned (>=50%, Energy <50%, or none) Month Start Date End Date Consumption _______ Percent of floor area that is heated (kWh) (>=50%, <50%, or none) 1













    _______ UPS System Redundancy (N, N+1, N+2, 2N, greater than

    2N, none of the above)

    _______ Cooling System Redundancy (N, N+1, N+2, 2N, greater

    than 2N, none of the above)


Hospital (General Medical and Surgical): House of Worship:

    Required: Required:

    _______ Gross floor area (>20,000 SF) _______ Gross floor area (SF) _______ # of staffed beds _______ Maximum seating capacity _______ # of MRI machines _______ Weekdays of operation _______ # FTE workers _______ Hours of operation per week Optional: _______ # of personal computers _______ Laboratory on-site yes or no _______ Presence of cooking facilities - yes or no _______ Laundry facilities on site yes or no _______ # of commercial refrigeration/freezer units _______ Number of Buildings

    _______ Maximum # of floors

    _______ Tertiary care facility yes or no

    _______ Ownership Status (drop down of options)

Hotel: K-12 School