Network management of institutions of higher learning files_59482

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Network management of institutions of higher learning files_59482

Network management of institutions of higher learning files




     Links to Research Papers Download http:// Second, strengthen file management measures network Records management in higher education institutions to develop archives network

    management depArtments of planning, they need to seek truth from facts, step by step, and also taking into account existing human, financial situation. In terms of computer software and hardware equipment purchase, or in the staffing, venues facility arrangements, etc., should make the computer network system can not only meet the current requirements of the initial phase of network, but also for future high-

    quality, high demand for network management of student records to lay the necessary foundation. 1, emancipate the mind, concepts, development of management systems Implementation of network management, extensive use of computer and network technology, to the work of University Archives newer and higher requirements, university archivists must emancipate our

    minds, new ideas, establish and strengthen the knowledge economy compatible with the ideas and ideologies ?? . One is to establish a sense of resource sharing. In order to solve the dispersion of archival Information resources and use those

    Information needs of a comprehensive file conflicts, colleges and universities must establish a records management services for the entire community awareness and division of labor, the new resource sharing concept. To meet the various industries,

    demand for various levels of republication, the file system to promote and encourage interaction between the internal and external Information exchange and cooperation, and gradually make the whole of the Information Service. Second, enhance service awareness, develop management system. College Archives Management is a file for the custody and the provision of social services work closely around the college if the school development and student development services, social services, the theme for the work, while establishing a sound records

    management system , clear job responsibilities, to determine individual responsibility and clear the file management system

    in place. 2, the use of new technology to handle electronic filing and disclosure issues Increasing

    electronic documents, electronic documents and paper files archived issues that can not be ignored. <"Electronic Document Management Interim Measures the amount of files>> Article VII provides that:" the value of permanent and long-term

    preservation of electronic documents, made of paper documents and the original carrier of electronic document storage with archiving. "electronic documents in order to prevent distortion, clear security risks, such as illegal to add, delete, modify, etc., electronic documents and paper documents should be filed when, in time to print on important documents. Electronic File transient life and determine their dependence on the environment can not easily replace the paper files. important electronic documents require the same amount of

    paper saved the backup file. Meanwhile, after the network should pay attention to issues of confidentiality of electronic documents. traditional paper file in the fixed access is provided by the user, the person responsible for the reception, more appropriate to be confidential. electronic documents due to space and technical areas, we should not be kept confidential. When the electronic documents on-line

    operation, the contents of the file is easily the third to understand, third pArties may be found in a short time. To do this, run-time college archives on the Internet easy to leak. This requires us to strengthen Information technology to increase investment in prevention, and constantly improve the technical support. 3, the culture-specific file

    operations and computer management personnel In addition to university records management practitioners have a strong sense of dedication and sense of history, but also continue to explore the theory and practice, to become a thinker and file

    operations, but also understands the new scientific and technological knowledge of modern records management staff. To completely reform the work of student records procedures, risk-taking, innovation, accelerate the realization of student records the process of network management to meet the needs of university development. Note: [1] Tao Hongyu: <<computer network technology and file management >>,<< Xiangtan Normal University (Social Science>>, 2005 the third period. [2] Deng Shaoxing, Chen Zhi is: <"File

    Management>>, China Renmin University Press, 2001 edition. Links http:// Research Papers Download

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