Zachary Community School System

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Zachary Community School System

    Zachary Community School Board

    Position Description

JOB TITLE: Payroll Clerk Main Office

REPORTS TO: Business Manager


    The payroll clerk is responsible for all tasks necessary to complete payroll processing and maintain the payroll system. The position performs accounting, clerical and secretarial work in the routine performance of responsibilities.


    ; The payroll clerk must be able to follow generally accepted accounting policies and

    procedures as instructed

    ; Must be able to comply with state and local regulations

    ; Process payroll for assigned full-time and part-time employees, including the

    collection, review and input of all source documents.

    ; Evaluates data submitted and makes necessary inputs/corrections into the payroll


    ; Competence with Microsoft Word and Excel is required

    ; Works with payroll reporting locations to resolve problems; provides information on

    payroll policy and procedures; and assists with the training of personnel to input

    payroll information at the payroll sites

    ; Maintains accurate, current written records; complete payroll documentation in an

    efficient and orderly manner

    ; Assists employees with payroll problems and determines action to be taken ; Calculates and prepares manual checks when necessary

    ; Assists with the maintenance of payroll system data to ensure accuracy in payroll


    ; Prepares time reports, checks and deposit advices for issue to payroll locations and


    ; Performs other duties as assigned

    ; Processes bi-weekly payroll for all employees

    Payroll Clerk

    Main Office

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    Individual is required to work in an office setting with a climate-controlled environment subject to School Board energy policy guidelines. The length of the workday consists of hours assigned by the superintendent and could vary as the result of day/evening activities or emergencies. In addition, job responsibilities may require work on weekends or holidays and attendance at meetings other than the location of the work site.


    ; Must be able to effectively communicate in English both orally and in writing. ; Must be able to accurately compile and interpret data, summarize information, and

    provide reports to the appropriate supervisor.

    ; Must have ability to accurately give and receive information via telecommunication

    system and must be able to communicate successfully with employees, retirees,

    school personnel, all levels of supervision/administration and outside agencies.


    Telephone, computer, 10 key adding machine by touch, audio-visual aids, copy machine, facsimile machine, calculator, any other appropriate business machines and office equipment.


    ; Standing, sitting, walking, reaching, bending, lifting up to 20 pounds is oftentimes


    ; Must be able to travel to various locations and move freely within work sites. ; Must have sufficient visual acuity to be able to work with computer monitors, read an

    interpret hand written documents.


; Must understand and interpret written and verbal instructions.

    ; Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision; able to plan and

    schedule work requirements to meet strict deadlines.

    ; Must be able to utilize effective office techniques for filing and processing data. ; Must possess sufficient interpersonal skills to function compatibly with others.

    Payroll Clerk

    Main Office

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    ; Must have the ability to work under the pressure of deadlines, interruptions, and the

    ability to deal with other employees in such a way as to maintain their goodwill. ; Must be able to respond appropriately to supervision and accept commendations and


    ; Must demonstrate sensitivity/understanding in interpersonal relations with persons of

    diverse cultures/backgrounds.


    Graduation from high school with at least two years of secretarial or bookkeeping experience. Must have the ability to perform routine mathematical operations and follow precise instructions. Must be able to exercise judgment in making decisions in accordance with policies and practices of the School Board. Must exhibit a positive attitude when dealing with internal and external customers.


12 month employee


    Shall be evaluated in accordance with the Zachary Community School Board Personnel Accountability Plan.

    NOTE: This job description is a summary of the primary duties and responsibilities of

     the position. It is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all duties and

     responsibilities. The Zachary Community School Board reserves the right to

     change this description at its discretion.


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