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Corporate Services ...

    Appendix A

    Corporate Services

    Performance Report as at 31 December 2008

    Status of Priorities in Strategic Service Statement

     Priority RAG Comments

    a Effectively manage new legislation on Planning, Port G New legislation now implemented. Processes bedded in.

    Health, Housing, Liquor Licensing, Marches & Parades members familiar with new procedure. and Gambling.

    b Support the Irvine Bay Urban Regeneration Company A (1) Irvine Bay URC and develop and implement a new regeneration The Single Outcome Agreement calls for continued

    programme using the “Fairer Scotland Fund”. sustained support for URC. In 2008/09 there is ?6.7m

     available in funding from all sources. Targets affected by the

     downturn in financial markets. URC has adjusted

     programmes to give priority to projects least affected and to

     prepare area for market recovery. Town Plan Presentations

     made to Area Committees in October 2008. Progress report

     made to CPP Board on 11 December 2008

    G (2) Fairer Scotland Fund

    Most initiatives delivering on or close to target. The first

    Fairer North Ayrshire (FNA) Lead Officers Meeting, held in

    December 2008, was well attended and well received. A

    meeting was held with the Scottish Government in

    November 2008, with positive feedback being received

    about the delivery of the Fairer Scotland Fund within North

    Ayrshire. Development work has begun on a new Fairer

    North Ayrshire initiative focusing on early years/ early

    intervention, to run from April 2009. This will be funded in

    part by carry forward budget from 2008/9.

    c Direct and deliver the Business Gateway and implement G New business support (start-ups, high growth, skills Scottish Enterprise’s local regeneration projects. development and training) now being implemented and

    supported by EU funding. Programmes delivering

    satisfactory against targets. Business gateway support now

    fully integrated with NAC core business support. Baseline

    business new starts set at April 2008 and will meet first year

    target. Further introduction of BG Highlands and Islands in

    April 2009 will increase Council support across the whole of

    the Council area.

    d Drive the implementation of the Customer Service G (1) Customer Service Action Plan strategy. An action plan will be presented to the Corporate

     Management Team in March. The action plan is based on

     developing telephone, face-to-face and on-line contact;

     improved performance management; skills development and

     knowledge sharing.

    G (2) Access Point Pilot Project

     The Pilot in Kilwinning Library has been completed. The

     draft findings report has been reviewed by all parties. The

    final version of the report has been distributed for sign-off.

    A (3) Brooksby Medical and Resource Centre

     The build of the new Brooksby Medical and Resource

     Centre in Largs is completed and renovation of Brooksby

     House will be completed in March 2009. Council staff

     should be able to move in early April.

    A (4) National Customer First Programme

    Compatibility issues with Library systems have led to a delay

    in the National Entitlement Card ('smartcard') roll-out to


    e Plan and prepare for European Parliamentary elections G Project planning up to date. Chief Executive and General

    and possibly UK Parliamentary elections. Manager attended briefing event held by Regional Returning

    Officer for Scotland / Electoral Commission on 18 November


    f Put in place business continuity plans across all A All services have submitted draft business continuity plans.

    services. These will now be the subject of a critical review by our

    external consultants, with subsequent high level testing of


    g Further develop performance monitoring to support G Format of Service Performance Reports reviewed and

    continuous improvement of services across the Council. revised in response to comments from Scrutiny Committee.

    Earlier proposals for development of a "North Ayrshire

    Performs" web-based performance reporting system were

    not cost viable and a reduced functionality alternative is

    being developed in-house as a stop-gap. This system will be

    live by 31 March 2009. The Council's Corporate

    Performance Management Group agreed in principle to

    procurement of a proprietary performance management

    system with much greater functionality. This is expected to

    go live in the second half of 2009.

    h Drive the implementation, monitoring and updating of G The first North Ayrshire Single Outcome Agreement (SOA),

    the Single Outcome Agreement (SOA), Council Plan covering 2008/9, was between North Ayrshire Council (NAC) and Community Plan, with a particular focus on their and the Scottish Government. From April 2009, this will be

    impacts on poverty and deprivation. replaced by a Single Outcome Agreement between North

    Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership (CPP) and the

    Scottish Government (CPP SOA). An initial consultation on

    the Consultation Draft SOA was held between 31 October

    and 25 November, including all CPP groups, other

    partnerships and Elected Members. the CPP Board

    subsequently approved a Formal Consultation Draft SOA at

    its meeting on 11 December 2008. A period of formal

    consultation is now underway with the statutory CPP

    partners, who are represented on the CPP Board, including

    North Ayrshire Council. The Board will meet in mid-February

    2009 to agree any final changes, before submission to the

    Scottish Government by 28 February 2009. The SOA will be

    jointly agreed by the end of May 2009. The CPP SOA will

    update and replace the current Community Plan and the

    North Ayrshire Council Plan. An integrated SOA Action Plan

    is being developed.

    i Work towards the development of a fully fledged G See h above Community Planning Partnership Single Outcome

    Agreement beyond 2009.

    j Further develop the Council’s performance management G PSIF Assessments were undertaken in 2008 by Protective

    capacity and culture by implementing the Public Service Services, IT & Customer Services and Financial Services.

    Improvement Framework (PSIF) method of self-Most assessments have been completed with Assessment

    assessment across all services. Teams now developing improvement plans. Assessments

    proposed for 2009 include Chief Executive’s Services

    (February), Best Value Assessment of all Services (April

    June), Legal Services (April), Infrastructure and Design

    Services (April), Housing Services (Provisionally March),

    Social Services (Provisionally April).

    k Prepare for the Audit of Best Value and Community G See j above. Planning in 2009/10.

    l Review the Council’s governance and political G At its meeting on 12 November 2008, the Council approved

    management arrangements by June 2008. revised corporate governance arrangements in relation to

    the Standing Orders relating to Meetings and Proceedings of

    the Council and Committees and the Scheme of

    Administration. This followed earlier reports to the Council

    on 25 June and 10 September, and a members’ seminar on

    18 August.

    The decision to increase the frequency of Scrutiny

    Committee meetings from 3-weekly to fortnightly was


    Completed a six-month governance review of the

    Community Planning Partnership, including the approval of

    CPP Terms of Reference. This includes a revised structure

    for the CPP, and the inclusion of Elected Members on the

    new Strategic Partnerships.

    m Introduce efficiency and cost reduction programmes G The gathering of data is now complete and reports have

    throughout the Council and to maximise income through been discussed in detail with Corporate Directors and the

    improved collection performance. Chief Executive. Four distinct work areas have been

     identified to be taken forward, HR, Procurement, Agile

     Working and Administration. An approach to taking each of

     these areas forward will involve Services and the Business

     Change Team and will be discussed by the Corporate

     Management Team in January 2009.

     Processes are continually improved to ensure income is G maximised. The use and performance of sheriff officer

    contracts is continually reviewed to ensure debt is recovered

    where possible. While collection figures to end December

    2008 compare favourably to the same position last year, we

    must acknowledge the worsening economic situation and

    the effect this may have on future collection levels.

    n Deliver outcomes associated with the Efficient A Efficiencies outlined as part of the 2008/09 budget setting

    Government Plan by identifying opportunities for process are being implemented by services. The annual

    delivering services in a more effective / efficient way efficiency statement for 2008/09 will identify cashable and

    through joint working with other public sector agencies non-cashable efficiencies accordingly. (e.g. procurement).

    Changes in culture to embed efficiency across the Council

    are taking time to take effect.

    o Drive the implementation of a human resource strategy G A programme has been developed in partnership with that ensures the Council has the workforce skills it Glasgow Caledonian University. Delegates have been

    requires. nominated and briefed with first 2 cohorts commencing

    January and February 2009.

    Work is underway in the Services to progress their

    succession plans.

    Work continuing to ensure 100% completion of PDRs by 31

    March 2009.

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