My winter vocation

By Clifford Lopez,2014-07-12 22:02
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My winter vocation

    My winter vocation

    In my winter vocation , I want to say my work experience.

    The second day in my vocation , I went to work in a supermarkt . As a salesclerk , I sell sweetmeats . In this supermarkt , I worked sixteen days . Although this days was filled with hard , I studied many thing that can’t learn in school.

    As a college student , I use my passion and responsibility to treat my work . At the beganing of my work , I was full of curiosity any time . There are many things that I didn’t understand , so I had

    to ask my workmates . In this process , I leaned how to communicate with customer.

    I wen to work at seven o’clock in the morning , and got off work at nine o’clock in the evening . As the new year is approching , many

    customer in supermakt everyday , for me the safty of sweets is very important . If the manager found that customer eat our commodity , she would criticize us .

    In this sixteen days , it is full filled everyday . When I got my salary , I was so excited . Although this money is little , it came from my work . In the deepth of my haert I feel happy .

     Winter vocation is a good opportunity for us to get close to society . In society this big class we can learn many thing that better for us than knowledge in book . So I hope more college

students can hold this opportunity . We should improve ourselves

though society . In this days I understand make money is a very

hard thing . Work experence is my fortune .

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