Network Expo heat transfer in the history of the most beautiful sister_5040

By Katherine Ramos,2014-11-02 09:51
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Network Expo heat transfer in the history of the most beautiful sister_5040

    Network Expo heat transfer in the history of the most beautiful sister




     Research Papers Download information: Network Expo heat

    transfer in the history of the most beautiful sister

     Recently a group of heat transfer on the network picture

    post <<good is beautiful! Capture the history of the most beautiful sister Expo>> The story is about a User during a visit to the Shanghai World Expo suddenly encountered heavy rain, accidentally photographed a girl to a yellow umbrella

    about the absence of shelter for the elderly dinner comes the reckoning, and to help open the Mazar of the elderly scene. poster said, the girl touched him good move, and its named "Expo sister."

     This post came out, immediately causing the users who's hot,

    a lot of people say that this girl is very pretty very good, she made things very people moving, but a user pointed out, the quote is too fake, certainly is a web promoter speculation, there are people that even speculation, but respect their spirit is worthy of publicity, would be a

    passive spiritual propaganda. "society now needs such a speculation, stronger than those that did my heart!" in netizens hot under the posts quickly boarded the major mainstream forums and portal home page, click reply tens of

    thousands, as of press time the author "the most beautiful Expo sister" Baidu has reached 860,000 as many relevant search. Expo has become the most beautiful sister, star of the new network.

     Coincidentally, in my search for Expo-related news, the

    amazing discovery, shortly before the World Expo designated electric vehicle supplier new electric car held the new day Expo Baby activities, the users selected the 12 New Day Expo baby girl in the yellow impressively that figure. it really is a show it? I linked to the new baby on Expo activities Mr. Chen would like to find out.

     Mr. Chen replied that he himself is in line to see this post, this is indeed the most beautiful sister Expo Baby Expo is a new day, one day, they organized the Expo at the Expo for

    the kids low carbon campaign, during which indeed the next rain, activities disrupted for a while, but did not know who this is taken, users should be photographed the shoot-off


     Mr. Chen also assured the author, said the new baby on Expo main activity is to promote the concept of low-carbon

    environment, promote people to be green and healthy life, each baby by the National Expo of millions of online users voted, the selection criteria in addition to requirements players to focus on low carbon life, but also the beauty of the soul, the sun healthy, so the Expo to make such a small baby charity, is entirely understandable and should be promoted, just to respond to the baby's healthy image Expo , this girl is absolutely spontaneous behavior.

     New Baby Day Expo activities Introduction

     To promote the Expo, Expo Services, dissemination of environmental protection and the concept of carbon, so that more than 10 million new electric vehicles to consumers to better participate in Shanghai World Expo, the Expo feel the

    quality of the electric car, March 26, 2010, by the new electric car's "new baby on Expo" Award Competition was officially launched the event in the country among 282 cities by the online voting to determine the final winner. During the

    event, all participants of the "Expo Baby" and the majority of players users share their daily lives with the environmental story, really, "low carbon", "green", as the majority of users and consider selection of the important criteria.

     Users to capture the most beautiful in the Expo Expo sister to the two old dinner comes the reckoning.

     Expo opens to help the elderly sister Mao Zhaoyu Mazar.

     Expo sister of charity and smile conquered many users.

     New kids on the Expo Expo promotion in low-carbon green,

    left the Expo is to be best friends called her sister's girl.

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