Network Communication- The double-edged sword drug marketing_8101

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Network Communication- The double-edged sword drug marketing_8101

Network Communication: The double-edged sword drug marketing




     With the advent of globalization and information age, increased competition in the domestic pharmaceutical market, the brand cause of the crisis is becoming more "diversity."

    Promote the Internet's rapid dissemination of information, but also to pharmaceutical companies unprecedented crisis hidden! More and more frequent crises impact on the brand, have made the business from the "network information to facilitate" the

    vision of a rude awakening! Popularity of the Web as a mass media, the grassroots power of supervision of unprecedented power, due to high degree of freedom, spreading at an alarming rate, interactive, make it difficult to control the dissemination of information, the network has become a brand crisis, amplifiers, also contributed to information asymmetry, making it a double-edged sword pharmaceutical marketing!

     "To build an image takes 20 years to destroy it as long as 5 minutes." CHONG, vice president of China International

    Relations that "zero risk does not exist, the biggest risk in today's society and the crisis is the lack of awareness of risk and crisis. "

     Water can carry a boat, can also capsize! When the era of globalization of brand marketing information that experienced high-speed rail line, our traditional marketing ideas, public relations model must change!

     Vice President and Deputy Chief Editor of Xinhua Wei Zichuan said: "The world is fast developing world of new media, dissemination of information more quickly than any other time and transparent, so we caught up with the era of business, we must learn to This time environment to survive. "

     Crisis management is a systematic project, which includes a crisis before, during, and afterwards all aspects of

    management, the purpose of warning the crisis is how to do a good job, good public relations crisis, the crisis effectively

control the spread of crises into opportunities.

     "In this Internet age, 'say' is not the most important,

    important is 'how to say, to whom, when and where to say', the brand is the core of the crisis public relations and effective communication between the right information!" Sandy Principal Consultant Official Jiming said.

     No personal sense of crisis, will always face difficulties,

    there is no sense of crisis in the enterprise, will be ready to face business difficulties. Is because hard work, walking on thin ice, only the achievements of today's Haier, because of "temporary period of eighteen months insolvency" concept ,

    before Microsoft created a huge electronic empire.

     Brand building in a day, if the "small" events can not effectively prevent, it could have a "big" crisis. Not handled properly, it could be caused by an instant of destruction. But

    there is no sense of crisis and crisis management there is no corresponding plan, in the post-crisis treatment of errors or

    passive crisis ... ... luck, righteousness, ostrich, shirk responsibility, conceal the fact that self-treatment ... ... -

    This is the performance brand of immature sense of crisis will bring to the enterprise catastrophic blow! But how turning crises into opportunities is the latest business issues faced by ... ...

     In this context, the value of the 65th National Yaojiao Hui held, information dissemination by the Chinese Medical Association, jointly sponsored by China Pharmaceutical News, "the first Medical high-end brand crisis early warning and PR Forum - Network Communication: The double-edged drug marketing

    Sword "and the" elite club of Chinese Medicine 11th boutique salon "will be held the afternoon of April 20 was held in Chengdu. then, well-known crisis management expert of China, China's vice president of international relations will CHONG Qinshou <" Crisis management and public relations of the dao

    ">, the Chinese People's University of Economics and Management Ph.D., vice president and deputy editor in chief of Xinhua Wei Zichuan will teach <<Internet marketing and brand communications>>, China's reform and opening up 30 years of

    planning marks characters, Sandy Advisory Group Chief Advisory Officer Jiming will lead to <<Pharmaceutical brand and network of public relations crisis rally>> the latest view. hundreds of pharmaceutical company CEOs will attend the venue to listen

to the brand crisis management and communication network and

other important public relations point of view, and face to

face to discuss the incident hot spots.

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